Surely the players won’t accept not playing in the Euros and the World Cup?

Joining this league will mean players consider their options! (opinion)

Players are human and growing up they have a dream to make it big.

One main dream is they cannot wait for the day they get to wear their national team colours, in qualifying, friendlies and international competitions like this year’s Euros.

Playing on the streets or in football cages growing up, it is every players dream to play in the biggest of leagues and teams in the world, but the one thing every player says the first time they put on their national team strips is “it has been a dream of mine, and I am so proud to wear this jersey.”

Yet that pride and dream they have could be taken away by the selfish, greedy, disrespectful board owners who want nothing but more money to line their pockets!

Reports from FIFA suggest that if these clubs confirm and completely sign on the dotted line to join this league that all leagues including UEFA and FIFA have condemned, the players of these teams will be banned from wearing their international jersey’s and representing the countries in which they have chosen to play or are born into from birth!

A statement from UEFA in light of this disgraceful movement to get this breakaway European Super League up and running states;

“As previously announced by FIFA and the six Confederations, the clubs concerned will be banned from playing in any other competition at domestic, European or world level, and their players could be denied the opportunity to represent their national teams.”

So the question that needs to be asked is; is this league really worth those players losing the chance to represent their national teams for the sake of £3.5b going into the pocket of the owners of the club? And for the sake of playing the other big top teams in La Liga and Serie A week in week out? Of course, it bloody isn’t!! Nothing is worth losing the ability to represent your national team, with pride and passion. Nothing is worth losing the ability to play for the top teams all around Europe, that many players dream of doing when they were younger.

Yet for the owners of these clubs, £3.5b is worth every penny if it helps make them even richer that what they are. Clearly taking no consideration into how the fans, or indeed the players, feel when they have the control of where and who they play for taken out of their hands which is utterly disrespectful and degrading!

Shenel Osman


  1. In my native language, there is a saying which roughly translates to “nothing can soar higher than money, not even an eagle”. Most of the players have already played a lot for their national teams and wont be willing to sacrifice millions of pounds in wages every year for a few more national games.

    1. This super league is all about money who cares about England etc. If you can make twice as much money by playing in this league. Anyway who cares if we finish 20 th out 20 for the next 5 seasons but you make billions stan doesn’t this league will be come boring playing the same teams over and over again anyway good luck with it I will opt out

  2. Tomorrow’s headline: “Founders of Super League announce break-away international competitions”

    1. FIFA are not going to hurt their own cash cow for principles .
      If SL clubs called their bluff and said ‘ kick us out then ‘ F A, FIFA would back down

      1. Agreed, there will be a compromise and a new normal will emerge as it always does. FIFA and UEFA need the revenues as much as the clubs and the leagues.

        I know a lot of the angst is from long time supporters but EPL and football hasn’t been about fans in seats for a long time – it is about TV viewership and commercial revenue.

        Don’t hold collective breath on the political level riding in to save the day. Boris has felt the wind from fans (also known as voters) so has responded accordingly. That was such an easy move for him.

        How Germany goes will be interesting as their clubs are 51% fan-owned. PSG interests me greatly as they have a lot of cash. Maybe the same fan ownership issues apply there.

        1. Both Real Madrid and Barcelona are 100% owned by their fans, yet all decisions are taken by the board/president.

          I don’t know about Germany or France but I doubt fans will be asked in a referendum.

          As for PSG not joining (yet) follow the links between their owner being EUFA vicepresident, the next world cup being held in Qatar and Beinsport being the official Champions league broadcaster.

          It’s all about the money

  3. just think back to the cricket establishment and Kerry Packer – in the end he won. What is so brilliant about the corrupt FIFA and UEFA anyway ? The super league would most likely put far more into grass roots football around the world than the establishment bureaucrats

    1. Isn’t it totally unfair competition? God, the same old, same old, week after week. Not Real Madrid… again! Too much inbreeding

    2. Wirral Gooner, you are talking about a much smaller sample size with the cricket playing nations versus football playing nations.
      With respect to Kerry Packer, he did not win ultimately as there was a compromise. The players did win though with larger remuneration packages, allowing them to become full time professionals. At least in Australia prior to that, many test and Sheffield Shield (State) cricketers had to retire from representative cricket to pursue careers.
      One of the looming problems in cricket is the non viability of Test Cricket, due to tours losing money on gate receipts except in England and Australia. Many Indians for example have been priced out of attending home Test matches.
      TV coverage isn’t the same with half full grounds.

  4. Money is the main priority for some footballers, if you see the ones who played in Chinese league

  5. Pretty unlikely FIFA will be able to sanction the players tbh.
    The courts will never allow them to keep hold of their monopoly when we have ‘competition’ laws in place.

  6. You sure about that? Who gonna watch Germany, Portugal, England, Spain without their star players? UEFA is fighting a losing battle and people don’t realize it yet. Have you seen the teams that would qualify for next years UCL if the Super League teams were kicked out?

    1. Sponsors are going to flock to Superleague if that is where the money is. If this isn’t a bluff, UCL would be dead in a few seasons if teams like West Ham, Leeds, Aston Villa are the highlights, competing against a competition with actual stars people want to see. Modern Football is a game of money. Arsenal are getting massive, massive amounts of money for being a founding member btw. how many people here constantly complain about Arsenal’s transfer fundings now too. Things change all the time, and now we have a clear path to being able to compete with teams that we have slowly been falling behind. If Arsenal play this right then it’s actually possible for the promises we were told when we moved to the Emirates to actually be fulfilled. If Superleague is a bluff I’m fine with that too, but i’m not sticking my nose up at it either.

      1. Do you think we will compete? Ha! For Madrid, City, barca etc Is the dame, because they allways compete for the league title AND for winning the UCL. For arsenal, this league Is a shame, the short cut to qualify to an elite where we dont belong anymore from own merit. We will not have to compete for 4th place throphy, and we Will not compete for the cup either. I hope every arsenal fan go to Streets (twitter) and demand for kroenkes head and arsenal to go out from this shame

        1. Again, have you seen the figures we would be getting? The rest comes down to how the club is run. But the excuse of Arsenal not having the funds would be laughable.

          1. “WE WOULD BE GETTING”?
            THAT IS A VAIN HOPE !

          2. jon, show me where Kroenke is taking money out of Arsenal to enrich himself. You guys always swear he is doing it, yet never have any proof.

          3. RSH Kroenke doesn’t need to take money out his money is accumulating from value of his club and its all his

          4. RSH naivety extreme! WHY do yout think, assuming you do think, which seems doubtful, that he took A F C private? No book inspection and KSE total secrecy over all monies in and out. Where did all the CL qual money for all those Wenger years go?


          5. RSH, the figures are BS if this league say does start and billions are pushed into it, fans will pay more to watch it, pay more fo merchandice, players wages will go up even more, tranfers will go stupid and clubs will get even bigger debt. The club owners have wasted and blown all the obscene sky money, all this will do is make it uncountable and things will just balloon even higher without limits. Thats what these clubs like Real and Barca dont like, having to run their ships within parameters set for all and they, although in massive debt want more money to spend on their galacticos.

          6. Kroenke owns Arsenal 100% to do with as he pleases, within the laws of the UK and FA rules. If you want to see how competitive Arsenal is and will be under KS&E, just look at the Club’s present position and investigate the trophy cabinets of their US sporting franchises.

        2. @Jon fox
          No book inspection? KSE secrecy? Those are some misleading statements right there given that the club still publishes audited financial statements on the Arsenal official website.

      2. exactly.

        only Uefa, Fa and the tv companies are unhappy due to monetary loss

        fans on the other hand can witness top level football and competition

        like the fans always say move with times

        Euro super league is the future

    2. So they are going to play Champions League and Super League in the same season? They are going to need bigger squads.

      1. No, UCL is going to die either way it seems whether they kick out the Superleague teams or not. The clubs have the power. Idk if a club will still compete in UCL if they are allowed to. It would be a fixture overload like you said. This really may be the final season of the competition of Superleague gets their way. I dont see the point in continuing with only Bayern as the sole elite club. (and there are rumors they will join superleague too)

        1. I think that ESL becomes Champions League or some variation.

          I could see the compromise giving the founders a five-year get-out-of-jail-free card and then having to stay up on merit.

          Wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with the proposed CL modification with guarantees and new revenue sharing. Europa and the new league would continue.

          The problem will be, and it is real, is that there will be a handful of teams with all of the best players because they have the money. It will take exceptional work for an outsider to become an insider.

          If this is what is going to happen, and it will in some variation, I would rather see Arsenal inside the tent as opposed to holding the “moral high ground” outside. That is called pragmatism.

          1. Agree, it will enhance the problem of money being hoarded for just the top teams. Transfer prices will get even more insane than they already are as well. Also agree about the moral high ground too. Arsenal paid close attention to meet FFP regulations while many other teams did NOT and were never punished for it. Arsenal tried to play by UEFA’s rules. I’d rather be in than out at this point.

  7. The next 12 hours are going to be interesting. Liverpool play Leeds. It will be interesting in what Klopp has to say. He after all laughed at suggestions of a break away league. Some players at Barcelona and Real Madrid have spoken out against this you beaut super league. Interesting days ahead. The plot thickens. I don’t think it will go ahead. Would be funny if the so called big 6 in England were to be banned for 3 years for thinking about it. That won’t happen, but it would be funny. Surely that would get that Mongrel Bred Kronke Family out of Arsenal Football Club once and for all

  8. The Super League would simply have their own world cup. There would be the top Brazilian Argentine English Spanish Italian Netherland Belgium players to form their own National teams.
    No need for pointless qualifiers.
    They would then give wild cards to other big especially rich nations like Russia China Japan South Korea paying them financial incentives to participate.
    Oil rich states would be able to buy a Franchise so finance would be no object.⁸
    Teams would play matches all round the world attracting new audiences.
    Rules could be modified to have more goals scored rolling subs 4 quarters, golden goal.
    It actually sounds new fresh and exciting.
    So why all the moaning?
    The big clubs Arsenal included have been raping the rest of the league for a hundred years or more.
    This would just be a more open and honest system.
    Sounds great and I can’t wait for it to kick off.
    No doubt there will be an amicable compromise with a mix of old and new and all sides will claim victory and everyone will live happily ever after.

    1. I would gladly except Arsenal to be punished and demoted if this ESL goes ahead,

      No disrespect to American public but it’s their business model which is driven by “MAXIMUM PROFIT ABOVE ALL ELS” is what’s happening here, it’s forcing the rest of the world to follow or die approach is ruining established business through out the world and now they are messing with our beautiful game it’s not on, I say this because I have witnessed this for the past four decades in business

      If Football clubs wants to make more money they should find a way of wage caping, it’s ridiculous how much players are getting paid for something we would love to do for free (weekends)


      1. This is actually hilarious to read. Because football is the one with the totally free, unrelgated market with basically no rules, while many American sports have wage caps, and many other transfer & budget restrictions. But keep complaining about how Americans ruined football, even though it was heading it that direction for a long long time before the American tycoons came.

        1. RSH I get where your coming from but don’t forget US stops live games multiple times for advertising to make revenues to be able to pay those extortionate wages and sooner or later it will be the same in Europe, they already have been toying with the idea of copying US for years now in Europe, yes it’s good business but at what cost and that’s my worry

          1. TV in NA is coming to terms with MLS and bombards the commercials at beginning, half time and end, sort of like everywhere else.

            Salary caps would level the field, and I don’t mean Financial Fair Play, but real caps. But if only one European League adopted the rules they would be at a real disadvantage in cup competitions.

    2. Wyoming A believer in fairy tales now I see , from your last line. You would not recognise truth if it slapped you on the head and said “here I am, why can’t you see me” ! I give up with you, No more point talking to a dull wit!

  9. Let’s break it down

    – ELS has been carefully and thoroughly planned for about 10 years plus so it will take a Barbarossa like campaign to stop it.

    – UEFA needs to firstly explore every legal loophole that gives them an advantage against its members and any other association.

    – All ESL members should be banned from all European competitions.

    – All ESL members should be banned from domestic league competitions.

    – All ESL members should be banned from all domestic cup competitions.

    – All European titles of ESL members should be revoked with immediate effect.

    – All domestic league titles of ESL members should be revoked with immediate effect.

    – All domestic cup titles of ESL members should be revoked with immediate effect.

    – Transfer sanctions: No ESL team can buy players within UEFA or the different Leagues not in support of it.

    – Where transfer sanctions not possible then: 1) All players of ESL teams will be banned from international duties.
    2) Only players who were players of ESL teams before the formation of the ESL will be exempted from the internal ban i.e representing their countries. But this will only be for the duration of their existing contract as at the time of breakaway. Any contract renewal then the player will be banned. Only exemption is where said player’s contract gives an additional year extension in favour of the ESL team to trigger.

    – Implementation of the 50+1 rule as mandatory

    – Reformation of the FIFA Club World Cup

    -Reformation of the Champions League

    -Reformation of the Europa League

    – Formation of a 3rd Their European League (Conference League)

    – Formation of “Second Division Champions League” : All top 5 teams of each league’s second divisions will compete together in a “Second Division Champions League”.

    1. As long as they have players, viewers, and sponsors it’s a done deal if the Americans have anything to do with it

      1. When it comes to Americans and business then forget it. Their capitalism is second to none. If all the measures I listed above can be applied the ESL will choke. As it stands, I am of the opinion that it can’t be stopped. But it can be choked. The goal is not to stop it, but to frustrate it enough to make it less relevant than it wants to be. Let it exist but with these measures then the UEFA european competitions will still be top. UEFA though corrupt and gave birth to this, is still way more competitive and fan involving than this recently announced ESL. UEFA needed a reality check and ESL is UEFA’s reality check. I am of the opinion that if the above measures are followed strictly then ESL members will voluntarily back down within a short period of time.

    2. @Chapo.
      Remind me again how successful Barbarossa was 😀.
      Unfortunately all of your ‘sanctions’ will be water off a ducks back. Legally UEFA can do nothing about the formation of a rival league.
      UEFA is riddled with corruption itself allowing oil barons to buy up big clubs and allowing Qatar to buy the world cup by buying off top officials.
      Fans supporting clubs drowning in oil money for years now throwing up their hands in dismay saying the true spirit of football is dead. Hypocrisy is alive and well that’s for sure. Is not Emirates stadium and the FA Cup sponsored by an oil conglomerate?
      Ah yes but that’s different say the fans.

      1. It’s INSANE to see people so pro FIFA/UEFA!! Slave labor has built the stadiums the next world cup is going to be hosted in, which was a COURRUPT vote, that everyone knew about! Why do people think FIFA is football? FIFA is probably the most corrupt sporting body to ever even exisist. It’s pretty amazing how they have made ppl think football is dead without the Champions League. More power in the clubs hands could possibly give more power to the players as well. More control over the schedule, more of an input in the direction of European football. As things stand, it is whatever UEFA says goes and nobody can really challenge them. I’m not going to act like Superleague is a netpositive thing, it will still be a bunch of billonaires being ridiculous, but the fact people think it is the end of football or will no longer support Arsenal (hilarious but keep saying that) really shows the strangle-hold UEFA has on people.

        1. It’s not the idea of a breakaway league that I object to, not do I think that either FIFA or UEFA are the epitome of football probity. It is the fact the the proposed breakaway league would be a perpetual closed shop that fills me with dread.

          Without a system of promotion from, and relegation to, lower leagues, a large amount of the competitive nature is gone, and along with that, the romance of football.

          If they come to some arrangements with existing leagues for promotion and relegation, then I would welcome thus attempt to challenge the hegemony of FIFA and UEFA. As it is, this proposal is no more than a money grabbing move to turn clubs into franchises.

        2. RSH Wrongheaded conclusion, even though your analysis is correct. FIAF AND UEFA ARE CORRUPT. BUT LIKE IT OR NOT-and I do not- they have the power to govern football world andEurope wide. Under this vile and selfish plan only the owners, NOT the clubs, would have power , exactly as now.
          Kroenke is intent only on makinhg HIMSELF richer and will no more give us any of theproposed new money than he has this last 14 years of ownership, where he has not spent a single dime of his money on our club If you seriously imagine this snake wil start funding new and top players for us, you are deluding yourself. Bigtime!

      2. @Wyoming
        Firstly, I wrote “Barbarossa like campaign”. I wasn’t referring to the success or failure of Barbarossa but rather the massive military aggression that was intended, the share brutality the campaign intended.

        Secondly, I’m pretty sure you are not a UEFA attorney so you can’t be so sure that legally there’s nothing UEFA can do. There are laws that guide sports both at country and continental level and at the heart of these laws seek to maintain competitiveness and eradicating unfair advantage and exploitation. There are also business laws too. And it is quite possible that the ESL might have broken a few along the line which UEFA can exploit. Why do you think it took about 10 years for ESL to materialize? Because they didn’t want leave any stone unturned. They knew and expected this massive rejection.

        There are bound to be loopholes in the creation of ESL, it is not a matter of “if” UEFA can do anything. But ESL caught UEFA totally off guard thereby unsettling UEFA which gives ESL the advantage.

        Unfortunately UEFA did nothing when Wenger predicted this and when rumours where flying around. Now its a scramble.

        UEFA shot themselves in the leg with their greed, yes. But this is an organization that has been there for years with high class infrastructures and personnel at every level. ESL won’t have this as easy as they think. Don’t write out UEFA just yet. Just grab a bowl of popcorn, sit, relax and enjoy the power tussle. Its the best we can make out of a sorrowful situation that arouse because of the greed of these two organizations.

        1. Sober minded mature and intelligent analysis. The only point on which I differ is that IMO it is CERTAIN that this new breakaway league will never come to fruition.

          It will indeed be a power struggle , with top lawyers involved. Any fool can see that is bound to happen, but your analysis is correct and this new idea has not a cat in hells chance of coming through. 15 grossly greedy owners versus the whole thinking football world leads to only one winner.

    3. FIFA doesn’t have the power to do half of this. These decisions would be held up in courts for a long time. Know what would be happening within that time? Superleague would be starting, sponsors would be shifting to them. The battle is already a losing one.

      1. RSH, Sponsors would be interested,EVEN with fans shunning it in droves, would they?
        I don’t think so! In fact I know they would not.

        SOME FANS WOULD WANT TO WATCH BUT MOST WOULD SHUN IT AND COMMERCIAL SPONSORS LIKE SKY,ETC RELY ON LARGE NUMBERS. They, Sky etc , would not get involved, as they know it would kill what they have already.

    4. These measures will not ALL be necessary, though the threat of them alone, as long as they are serious in doing so, IF their bluff is called(though, ultimately, it will not be called), will be enough to frighten the greed merchants into surrender. But it will not happen in a month, as much bluff and legal threats on both sides will be issued first.

      Ultimately the world of football , (the good guys) has more than enough weapons of extermination to blast the bad guys to smithereens( figuratively of course, not literally).

  10. If this nonsense called ESL happens and we are members of it, it is going to be a painful day for the club I supported since 1979 with unquestioning loyalty. I am going to stop supporting AFC and start supporting the local team in a local league or a local school team in NW London.

    1. @Indian Gunner London.
      Please no.
      If you stop supporting Arsenal the club will go broke overnight and be relegated to National League South in fact the Emirates will be turned into an Aldi discount store by 2025.

      1. @RSH and @Wyoming

        You need to stop this attitude with him. Now that’s his opinion and his decision not yours. Learn to respect other people’s views without having to ridicule or condemn.

        You think still being an Arsenal fan at this point is the moral thing to do? You can’t be certain because that’s down to how the individual sees it.

        There is a difference between supporting the name “The Arsenal” and supporting the club “The Arsenal”. What makes up The Arsenal; a lot of things actually do which includes some of these: fans, owner(s), staff, values of the club, players, image, trophies, reputation etc etc.

        The Arsenal as a club has always built its image on “values” and “morals”. Resisting the temptation of splashing the cash but to rather follow a more rational and morally sound self sustaining model to achieve greatness. Arsenal under Wenger advocated for the FFP rule. Aubameyang and Arsenal one of the pioneers of taking a knee in support of the fight against racism. Round the world Arsenal has always been regarded as a club of class and high moral values. We used to say “we are not Chelsea, we don’t sack managers anyhow”, “we are not City we don’t splash the cash anyhow”, so many phrases that reference morals and values. Even the way we used to play oozed class.

        “Victory Through Ammony” is all about Morals, Values and Standards. The decline of this club’s morals and values started with the introduction of Kroenke into Arsenal, gradually but surely our values and morals and disappeared over the years since his presence came in, the ESL being the icing on the cake.

        Arsenal fans used to be regarded as the most patient and classy for a reason.

        I want the two of you to know that a lot of Arsenal fans today, especially before Wenger and during Wenger’s early years actually became fans because of the moral standard, values and beautiful football we played. Morals, Values and Standards the key catches for a lot of fans. Now Arsenal is a shadow of everything it used to hold dear. We’ve broken almost all our principles. What then do you think will be the decision of such fans who became fans as a result of our Morals, Values and Standards? Definitely a lot of them on seeing the recent happenings in within the club will back out. Don’t also forget there are people who even though did not become fans during these periods, actually hate greed. There are people who naturally kick against greed and immorality. What do you think fans with such life principles will do? Obviously a lot will denounce the club.

        This is what you two have to understand before you go about replying comments such as his.

        1. Oh come off it. Arsenal sacked staff to pay for player wages just last summer. Yet THIS is the straw that is breaking the camels back for people? Nobody who supports any mega wealthy club, which Arsenal IS, can claim to be high and mighty about morals. If you cared about morals that much, you would’ve left the second Kroneke stepped through the door, and certainly wouldve once he took over the entire club a couple of years ago. This is all about people wanting to pat themselves on the back because FIFA has made people believe that clubs are the money hungry parsasites, and not them. It’s rich ppl vs rich ppl. Heck, EPL was charging ludicrious prices for ONE premier league match during a pandemic just a few months ago. Give it a rest! Every organization is out for money. It’s just tiring that people pretend they suddenly care now! It’s been this way for YEARS. If you want to watch your pub team and seriously end your support for a club you’ve been supporting for decades over this I’m going to laugh because it doesn’t even make logical sense.

          1. AFC have made mistakes in the past which I have not been happy with but put up with it.

            There is a line in the head for everybody.

            My attachment to the fans at JA will continue regardless of the disagreements. But the link to AFC would have to be severed when this happens.


          MOST FANS DO HAVE PROPER VALUES, even if those two do not. They are foolish enough to imagine most arelike them but they are not and that is where they are wrong.

          Covid has brought peoples goodness and courage in bad situations to the fore and starkly proves beyond doubt, how good the vast majoiry of ordinary fans actually are.

          These greedy 15 owners are the pits of humanity and most realise that extremely well. Some will never have the wit to do so, sadly for them personally

          1. @Jon Fox
            I admire the man you are, even though I may not agree with all of your views all the time, but you speak, you speak with wisdom and experience. The prism from which you view life is absolutely astounding. Really wish I could sit down with a man like you one day just to have conversations and gains more knowledge about life in general.

            @Jon Fox you have won my total respect

      2. HA HA. I may continue on JA just for the banter and the laughs because for me this a family which would be above the club’s vales. But will not entertain any discussions on the games as they would be irrelevant. Only human level discussions.

  11. I am hopeful that this leagues purpose is to get rid of corrupt UEFA competitions where apparently the money goes to UEFA rather than the clubs.

    Who knows, after sponsors have flogged foe SL and UEFA champions leagues die, they will revamp the SL to be similar with current competitions?

  12. No Premier League managers have spoken yet although Jose has been sacked for refusing to take training in protest against this monstrosity. Klopp will say something like ‘nothing to do with me, take it up with the owners.’
    Love to see Arteta come out against it though, but doubtful that he would put his job on the line in this way.

    1. Spurs claim he was sacked based on results while the rumours say he was sacked because of his actions of refusing to take the players on training to show he is not in support of the ESL. Guess we will know more about this in the coming hours/days.

      But Spurs claim that he was sacked based on result is what I don’t believe. Days before a final? Not just against any team, sack him days before a final against Man City and the tactical genuis Pep only to give the job to a caretaker coach?

      If Mourinho risked his job and lost it because of that decision and action and not actually the sack then he has won my everlasting respect.

      1. Arteta loves a talk, claims to be disciplined and a man of high moral standards who doesn’t tolerate. Well I will be anxiously awaiting the next Arsenal press conference, what a time to test Arteta’s character, discipline and moral values. I trust the English press to ask him the right questions concerning this, I will be eagerly awaiting his replies.

        1. He’ll fudge it for sure. Can’t blame him really, this is his chance to get Arsenal into the Champions League.

      2. Mourinho the sacked expert who has made more money getting sacked then actually working, his like some players who dive for a penalty Mourinho throws his players under the bus to get sacked, I know I’m being harsh on him and I’m hoping I’m wrong on this occasion

        I know I’m going to sound like a hypocrite but a small part of me was hoping for him to be our Manager before Arteta took the job, I thought only he can sort our defense out at that time.

      3. Chapo I humbly thank you for your above post about me. I am very willing to discuss life, Arsenal, and all things human and animal on the phone, if you wish.
        If you want, I will ask Admin Pat to let you have my private email adress and then we can both take it from there to contact personally.

        I have led an extremely varied life and been involved in many things, which may or may not surprise you. But I certainly have learned about life from street level to Parliamentary lobbying and being politically active and in the world of business and theatre/ music.

        My life views are those of a libertarian liberal and I abhor all human prejudice of all forms. I am also fierce in standing up for principled morals against those who would ignore them(not meaning sexual matters, which is everyones personal choice and not my business) though. I am, loosely speaking, a Christian but have none of the prejudices so many who call themselves Christian have.

        I live in London BTW, how about you?

        1. @Jon Fox

          Please do, I’ll appreciate it if you can ask Admin Pat. I live in Nigeria, a lot of people say I always sound older than my age. But I’m just a young man though and will love to share your wisdom and massive experience. No matter how smart and intelligent one may be, there are certain things that can only be achieved by old age and experience, things you can never find in the pages of a book. These and more I will like you to share with me.

    2. @jax.
      Jose has been sacked because he failed totally at Spurs.
      If Jose is truly against greed how come these past 30 years he never turned down his massive salary and never turned down his massive compensation package each time he was sacked?
      What a total hypocrite.
      And people believe him.
      Weird and weirder 😆

    3. Cmon guys – no way JM staged a demonstration – he’s far too self-centred for that. If it doesnt affect him personally he won’t say a word. No its the usual – poor results bad morale. Youre reading too much into it.
      Yes I can just see a rookie employee whistle blowing, especially as no other established, higher profile, “principled” managers said a word. You going to use this as a stick to beat him with, too? You really use any means you can, won’t you?

    4. Jax, you don’t speak out against your employer’s interest. So don’t expect Arteta to be critical of Arsenal’s decision to join the ESL.

  13. This super league of a thing is the best thing to ever happen to arsenal since the invincibles,a great opportunity to be competing against european best every season&no more being worried of finishing 9th or 10th in the league.bring it on,i love it

    1. What an idiot, so where do you see Arsenal finishing in a super league, that is biased to the elite clubs and we cant finish high up in a prem against west ham and villa, so use you loaf. You really dont see the reality of this do you. Plus our owner Mr Kronk is the king of sporting teams that aren’t competitive.

  14. THE KEY
    The only thing that can stop this happening is who holds their nerve in one particular poker hand –
    that is the threat of expulsion of teams from their own premier leagues. The stakes are huge for both sides – national leagues would to all intense and purposes collapse, but so would SL clubs as SL games alone can’t sustain them. Basically the top leagues in Europe would disappear.
    If SL clubs call that bluff then the EPL would have to back down or sign their own death warrant. Once you accept its an empty threat, then you know who wins.
    Uefa will cede the CL and become a less powerful administrative body with only the Europa as consolation.
    Players will not down tools as they want to play and also be well paid.
    FIFA will back down as not to do so waters down the value of their own competition.
    Traditionalists and people who care about the integrity of the game will complain but keep watching.
    Global fans will by and large be in favour. What does a 5 year fan in Beijing know or care about the home town of the team they watch? Arsenal will GAIN fans from this – but they wont come on this website, because we have nothing in common.
    The real almost bloodline bond between club and local fans, passed down through generations, will be gone forever, to be replaced by a kind of teenage boyband style following.
    Kroenke et al don’t care. They don’t like people, their sole allegiance is to money.
    I have never been a fan of American cash before people culture being adopted globally, but now we have the football franchise. Thanks Uncle Sam.

  15. this is simply a coup, a power grab from elite clubs against UEFA and FIFA. Exactly like what happened in basketball in early 2000 with Euro league against Fiba. Euroleague won. Is European basketball better since? i am not sure. one sure thing is that meritocracy is mostly gone with the same clubs hovering around Europe.

    It really disgusts me that some clubs can suddenly decide to change the rules and basically freeze the power ranking, thus stopping any club to emerge. Leicester, which has been growing will be shot dead. so unfair.

    1. How would Leicester be shot dead? Although details are scarce, Superleague invites clubs based on their domestic performances as well. The amount of money that is being floated around in Superleague is going to be MORE than what is in the current UEFA competitions. By the way, those competitions make BUCKETLOADS and the prize money for clubs does not reflect just how much UEFA & FIFA rake in, which is partly why this is happening. There is a clear issue with club owners being able to make rules that maximize their profits though since there would be no governing body as we know at the moment to oversee this, but it’s just not true that clubs like Leicester would be doomed. There are even statements from Superleague that has them putting MORE money into grassroots football than UEFA currently does from UCL money…

      1. And you believe that Superleague will be putting money into grassroots football! How gullible can anyone be!? Watch out for the tooth fairy, in that case!

        1. How much do American sporting franchises invest in junior development and leagues. Without the US college system, American Football, Baseball (do have minor leagues to be fair) and Basketball would be f#cked.

      2. The likes of Leicester would be dead
        At moment they know top 4 means CL
        Top 4 won’t mean Super League, they would have to see how 15 clubs feel., 6 of whom will have no intention of sharing money with anyone else in England
        That stops owner from bothering investing which makes team worse

      3. RSH, surely you do not believe what you are saying. Surely you can see what is trying to be done here. English clubs are rich, they get big TV revenues, Barca and Real have been taking the lions share of their leagues money and strangling the other teams in their league and now they cant compete with English teams as far as finance, they are both in huge debt, so they are concocting a spurious league that they can control and create wealth and greed together and i just dont see this being beneficial for anyone but the very few. It definitely will not be fair, they dont do fair. Ask you self why they dont like fair play rules, that are there to try and control spending in a fairer way.

  16. Ironic – I’m furious at my own club whilst having to be apologetic to other supporters who can’t believe that we aren’t as happy as Larry.
    I am sure eventually I will accept it but at this moment I wish I supported a club outside the Big 6

  17. Ok after I have read and digested every ones thought about this ESL. Even though I shared everyone anger and frustration, I love my club too much to not watch them play. I have been cursing all season about our performance and still I will be the first to get to view center to watch us play when I don’t want to watch it alone within the comfort of my house. As anyone give a thought to it that if our club is not on board with this, we will be replaced by another epl team which in turn get all those money and provide another competition for us in the league. See where we are now. Imagine if Wolves or Leicester have our spot. They will have more money to play with and we will be playing catch-up to them just like are doing with Chelsea and Man city. So let us calm and let’s up there is loopholed somewhere that won’t make it successful.

  18. I ain’t gonna lie, if I were a billionaire owner I’d have done the same thing the billionaires are doing. If you don’t like the rules, make your own rules 😂

  19. Don’t forget footballers have a very short career and they want to make most of it. Far gone are the times when loyalty and other things were above money. If they were so loyal to the profession than contract negotiations won’t be that tough after all if they wanted to make fans happy then they would just sign the dotted line and not hold club to ransom for more money. I don’t blame them either, its like this with every normal private company employee. If you get paid more and they offer you a better package not all of us but pretty certain 98% would jump on to the opportunity to earn more. It’s not like they are soldiers and by choosing money they are betraying the country. Football is a business and profession like others we have, so I don’t think we should label the players as bad people and stop abusing them if they sign to get more money…most of us would do the same if given the chance to earn more in your respective professions.

  20. I dont think FIFA or UEFA have the power to stop players from international tournaments for where they play their club football, or retire from club football. How about ESL declares they will allow players to go play international teams? Who will country FAs support?

  21. Just imagine Arsenal playing one of the 15 big clubs in Europe every Wednesday.
    Arsenal v Juve
    Man city v Arsenal
    Arsenal v Real Madrid
    AC Milan v Arsenal
    Arsenal v Barca.
    Can’t wait for this to happen.

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