Surely Vardy is not Arsenal’s ONLY striking target?

Do we have a Vardy back up plan if it fails?‏ by KM

Hello fine ladies and gentlemen! So Arsenal looked close to sealing the deal with Jamie Vardy, but as ever until it’s on you can never be too sure. The big problem? The Euros of course. A tournament that features half of Europe to put more games and more TV money on the table, which is an absolute killer for the players. This will disrupt the contract talks and it will skyrocket prices of players that played a few good matches in a team that has trained a few times together throughout the year!

Back to the main point of the English striker that will turn 30 in January. The move has stalled and Leicester will do whatever they can to stop their talismanic striker from leaving. What I fear is the wait. We will now wait and see what happens, while instead we should be going to the agents of Morata or whoever else is on our list.

We need a new striker and if we have to wait a whole month to understand whether we’d get Vardy, we’re just wasting our time. Man United will get Ibrahimovic and City are close to singing Aubameyang, who is a gem of a player! If City can rip Dortmund, why can’t we? We need to play hardball in the transfer window sometimes just like Real and Barca do.

I will be excited if Vardy comes over, but if he doesn’t I won’t cry me a river too. He got his incredible goalscoring record playing a completely different system and at soon to be 30 with one great season behind him I don’t feel it would be the greatest pain if we miss on him. But the main point here is we need to be building according to our plan, not the players.

If we need a new striker, CB, DM and a winger go and get them. Put at least 3 names in each bracket, prioritise and start hunting them down. A few years back we tried to sign Higuain and it didn’t work and we didn’t sign another striker. We cannot afford the same mistake over and over again.

Hopefully we will learn a lesson.


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  1. Arsenal may in fact have a last of two or three candidates for striker. we just don’t know who they are. The issue for AW is he doesn’t like to negotiate in public, so you never know what is in their plans. i can’t believe a billion dollar company like arsenal would not have contingency plans for things like this. So i think we will just have to wait and see what happens in another month. I know it will be frustrating, but that’s Arsenal.

  2. Dear Arsenal,

    I understand how much u guys want me on ur team. But right now i’m off to france for the Euros. This is my prime focus for now, and if u so much as want me badly, u would have to wait till the Euros are over.
    But this must not deter me from saying i’m happy at kingpower and my superiors are willing to double up my wages. U can keep waiting on me to make a decision tho (if u can). But i’d really hope u’d wait until deadline day…thanks in anticipation

    your’s partially,
    Jamie Vardy

    1. lol,

      i think its a game plan by Leicester pretend to sell Vardy until the dead line day then say no so Leicesters main rival Arsenal is without a striker again, just like what Chelsea did to us few years back with Demba Ba

  3. Even Paul Merson suggested that Vardy is the wrong striker for Arsenal, Infact his exact words were ” I’m Flabbergasted” ?

    Talking of lessons, I get the gut feeling that Jansenn will be teaching Wenger one, for ignoring him and no doubt Wenger will respond with the usal ” I nearly signed him” Bull?!!
    Sold for £12 million ffs! ?

    Jansenn and Kane … Has a ring to it, that will cause plenty of pain!

    1. @Fatboy…….. What we see in vardy, I never know

      cuz he had this fabulous season at Leicester suddenly he’s worldclass in their eyes?…… Are they even looking Long term?

      One of vardy’s biggest asset is pace and that is so easy to lose with age!

      Sign him and we’d be back looking for another top striker two seasons from now

      1. The funny thing is, Vardy will be played on the left wing if we sign him.

        As Merson stated, Arsenal take to long to get the ball forward and that won’t suit Vardy’s style of play, up against our 10 men behind the ball, opponents.

        Would anyone be surprised?
        What a great! Time wasting tactic!
        Wenger blaggs some average and overhyped striker, whilst that player plays along with his game and gets double his wages at his present club! Where he will be plying his trade again, next season and in the meantime, every other club is snapping up all our fantasy targets and supposedly linked strikers! …And by the end of the Euro’s! Vardy will say “I’m staying put” ? Whilst he gets his hero’s welcome from the Leicester fan’s and an extra £70,000 on top of his weekly wages… Wenger pulls a face and says ” look… I tried” ? followed by the usal ” There was no one available ,by the time Vardy gave us his answer” ? Job done! …. And so were we! ??

    2. Typical of Wenger ! he bought a donkey as our main striker for the past 4 years , and now he’s chasing after a monkey who thought himself too good for Arsenal ! what a joke !

    3. Yes Merson doesn’t think he’ll fit ,Ian Wright does! Which opinion would be best to take I wonder ?

      1. Merson works for the reliable Sky sports!
        And Errrrr!!.. Ian Wright, does a two bobs worth for The Sun!! ?.. I hope that helps! ?

  4. If we are to learn anything from history its possible that we have put all our eggs in one basket again.

    Its so hard for Wenger to sign a ST plus I doubt he is looking for someone to kick out OG in the stating 11. His comments on Vardy yesterday didn’t sound like a manager desperate to signing a player.

    What the heck has the new Lei scouts brought on the table? We being linked to the same old players minus any strong indication of getting them.

    We also need to ship out more players on our books and replace them with up grades. With City, Man U, Lpool and Chelsea looking to spend big this summer, Wenger and his team better stop these games and get what we need. The man’s excuse for signing an injured Kim K was that had he had 3 more days he wouldn’t have signed him, well the window is open and you have enough time so work on securing the deals now.

  5. I am even surprise and shocked, if city with Aguero still finds a way to convince Aubameyang then why not us?? Aren’t we a bigger club than them anymore??? Is it about wages?? We have a better stadium, better city, most creative players to play with, %100 sure of starting XI, we have the money too. I will understand if he opt to go to Madrid, bayern or barca but not city.

    1. @Muda….

      Do we have a better coach than Pep?????
      Do we have the kind of money City have eventhough we have money?????
      Yes,it might be about the wages..
      See,we can’t expect that Wenger and Arsenal’s charm will work on all players…

      We can NEVER compete with Man City financially,infact nobody in England can UNLESS they don’t want the player OR the player just favours another club….

      In this crazy time in football market, only good players decide where they wanna go..
      E.g..If we also wanna sign Auba and City want him too he can decide to join us…like Sanchez said he wanted Arsenal and eventhough Pool offered more money,Barca had no choice as they have to respect his decision..

      The question is..Are we even interested in Aubameyang in the first place??? Before we start asking why he chose City…

      1. If Arsenal pays 70m for just one player, I will go crazy, I don’t think Wenger and Arsenal will ever do that…

        They must have thought Auba will cost 70m+ so they steer clear of him…hence,the interest in Vardy…

        What if we spend that money on Auba and still not win the league??
        we thought we would win the league with Ozil, we didn’t,
        We believed we would win with Sanchez,It wasn’t to be…
        Maybe it doesn’t have to do with the players….
        You know what I mean…..

        1. Yes, as Liam Gallagher would love to say! And sing! ? ?

          As For Aubameyang, it seems as if he bares a grudge against Arsenal, maybe it has something to do with wenger not signing him whilst he was still playing in the French league?
          If I remember correctly, he was keen to come to Arsenal back then.

      2. Yeah, whether we are after him or not is something to think about, but considering what his brother said then I assume we are (were) after him, ‘there’s no smoke without fire.

    2. The Pep effect my friend.

      Even without UCL football, Man U with Mou is capable of attracting players than Arsene even if we tabled similar contracts. This is just the beginning I’m afraid, top players want to associate with top managers and ofcourse big spenders.

      1. Yeah, but how many times have we heard players praising Wenger and stating that he is the main reason why they came to Arsenal?

        What with the Spuds snapping up Jansenn for £12 million,
        I’m starting to wonder, is Wenger up to his usal?
        And if that is the case then we have already seen our main transfer target signed for this window! ?

        1. Wenger is past it Fatboy and everyone knows that.

          Yes players praise him but that’s because of his past achievements, its now the era of Pep, Mou, Zidani, Simeone, the Spurs guy, Kloop, etc. We moan so much about him and now he world see for themselves. The man should have left 2 years ago.

  6. Yes…we have other targets on our list:
    Nikola Zigic
    Duvan Zapata..

    These are world class strikers that will help us win the league…
    They are better than the likes of Higuain,Auba,Benz Lewa…

      1. Hahaha ? and dont forget the injury prone, Verminator!
        Thats One Striker and a CB, With the main signing being Xhaka…… A great effort from Wenger, as some fan’s were saying on here, last week.

  7. We won’t get Vardy, it’s a load of old cobblers!

    Gutted the spuds getting the Dutch fella Jansen…hope that don’t bite us on the backside.

    Lacazette perhaps? Might be worth a punt.

  8. Arsenal 2016/17 season hinges on signing a striker and in case you all haven’t noticed, Vardy is the one dictating if we sign a striker or not..
    Vardy is dictating our 2016/17 season.
    oh to be a gooner!.
    what says Arsenal shouldn’t have other targets that they are closing in on, targets even better than Vardy so we wnt be stranded or help to ransom by Jamie.
    or why not add the 10k or 20k extra to the proposed 120k offered to Vardy and get this over with… we have two wastes that share 240k per week (Giroud and Walcott).. sell one or both of them.
    all it takes to wrap up Vardy is 20k extra for 3years.. thatz a micely 60k.
    60,000 pounds is why we might end not sign a striker, 60,000 pound is why we ll end d season trophyless and again celebrate making top4 and finishing above Spurs.

    1. You’re so good at maths!
      20k PER WEEK, means, 20*52=£1.04M per year, so £3.12M for 3 years.
      Sometimes, it is just better to refrain from writing non sense…

      1. yea I made a mistake in d calc… but 2m pounds still amounts to lil in the transfer market when strikers are scarce.

  9. Jannsen? what is that? it’s a Jansen from a mediocre eredivise that saw Depay that cnt even lace Oxlade Chamberlain as their Cristiano Ronaldo.
    an eredivise that their best team (Ajax) celebrate signing Sanogo on loan..
    it’s that Jannsen we wanna use to compete against City(Pep), United (mou), chelsea(conte), liverpool(klopp), Ranieri and pochettino for the title?.
    Spurs are only signing him to be backup for harryKane and we wanna hinge our season on that?.. thatz the person we ll get past d Round of 16 in UCL with?
    Arsene and in fact many gooners are not serious yet.

    1. That’s a stupid way of judging a player’s ability!
      And don’t worry if you don’t know much about Jansenn!

      If the rumours are true, about the Spuds signing him, then
      I’m sure that you will end up on here, asking! Why wenger didn’t sign this player.

  10. I hate to always be having a go at Wenger I wish he would just get it right but spending £20 mil on Vardy looks just plain dumb to me. He’s too old and not technical enough for us, surely we can do better than this. Not only that while he spends the next month mulling it over we will miss out on other targets as they sign for our rivals. We should just ditch the Vardy move right now and move on. He had his chance he didn’t take it so let’s give it to someone whose more deserving and who actually wants to play for us.

    1. To be honey i would agree. Seems bizarre Arsenal are waiting in a decision from Vardy but there you go.

      Perhaps more to it than that and he has already been signed but it’s being kept on the low?

      1. That word should of said “honest” and not “honey” by the way! Damn predictive text! I like Arsenal fans for the most part…but not that much 😉

  11. to be honest i wouldn,t be too worried if we didn,t get vardy,the fact that we made a bid for him shows that wenger realised that we needed at least a new striker so if not vardy someone else(i wish for the latter)on top of that giroud said that wenger was looking to get 1 or 2 strikers in during this transfer window!!

  12. we also made bids for Higuain n Suarez remmber but that summer when both players turned us down we ended up signing No striker…

  13. Do we have a back up plan should Vardy fail? Sure do…..Giroud ( and Welbeck on one leg).

  14. Bit early but, just for fun. Next year City for the title, United second, third and fourth between Liverpool and Arsenal. As I said, just for fun (but I`m serious haha!)

  15. @ Admin

    Have I been chucked back into time? ?
    Or was this Article sooooo Nice.. It got posted, twice? ?

    This is the latest Article, according to my phone… Do I need a new phone ? ? Or should I ask Siri? ?

  16. I have never been a Vardy fan but look @ Aubamayang what is wrong with him nothing but trust Arsenal coach, always going for the cheapest of the cheapest. If you want to get the best of results, you have to go for the best but a situation where by you go for anything and expect the best well it does work like that. It is always the same old stories and woes typical Arsene Wenger do expect less from him.

  17. I agree with the gist of your article.

    It seems foolish to bet on Vardy and if history is any indication it is not unthinkable that if Vardy turns us down we will be left empty handed.

    A cheap alternative I could see Wenger sign is Janssen but the Dutch press (who tend to be more accurate in their speculation) have reported he is in discussions with Spurs. Not surprisingly.

    The problem with waiting is that you risk your options being bought by other teams.

    Personally I think we should be willing to pay the large tickets required to get the likes of Aubamayang or Higauin or Lewndowski. But I believe is unrealistic to expect Wenger to pay the kind of money and I think it even more unrealistic to expect those type of players to want to sign for us. As mentioned above Wenger and Arsenal no longer have the type of appeal that Per and City or Moureen and Man U have.

    I would not wait on Vardy, if that is what we are doing and I would definitely but a central striker not a striker like Vardy and play him out wide as has been suggested.

    At all cost replace Giroud with a striker with a more balanced game.

  18. To be sincere, Arsenal fans are the most pessimistic set of people I have ever known.
    Let’s say Wenger really does spend huge money on players like:
    Benz etc, and one of these fellas flop like Sheva and Torres did at Chelsea, Falcao at Man U, Carroll at L,pool.
    I guess you guys will be like, Wenger is lost of ideas, spending huge sums of money on players who contribute nothing to the team; yeah! that how most of you would sound like.
    Leicester city won the league by discovering gems for next to nothing.

    Getting value for money is what Wenger always desire as part of his transfer policy, a bit of what u guys call stingyness

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