Surprise! Aaron Ramsey suffers injury setback!

Bad news has been released today in that Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has suffered a setback in his progressive return from injury. The Welshman picked up a knock in Arsenal’s opening Premier League fixture against Liverpool and despite it not looking like an injury of too much concern, Ramsey has been told he is likely to miss at least another three weeks.

There had been rumours that Ramsey actually had intentions of returning to training earlier than the original set date, after his injury showed quicker progress than expected. He however did not partake in training due to fear of aggravating the injury, only for him to suffer a setback anyway. Ahead of the Gunners’ fixture against Chelsea, Arsene Wenger said the following regarding Ramsey’s progress: “Aaron Ramsey is still struggling with his hamstring and I don’t think that he will be available for our next game against Basel or at Burnley, so before the break he will not be available.

He is not completely free in his mind yet to push completely, so we stop him every time when he has a little pain. He is in the last days of his rehab and as long as he is not completely comfortable, we do not push him. We had a few disappointments because he was close to joining again and every time he is not completely ready. Not far, but we have to be cautious with him.”

There will always be questions raised about what an earth goes on behind the closed doors of the Arsenal medical team. In almost every injury case, we see a setback of some sort, regardless of the injury aggravation likelihood, the player or the injury itself. With Aaron Ramsey, he was arguably rushed back from the Euro’s to play in a side when he wasn’t entirely fit for the intensity and demand of the Premier League. Ramsey got injured in the league opener, alongside Alex Iwobi and it was expected that the Welshman would return within three weeks. A month down the line and it seems that it will now be another three weeks before the club’s number eight, next makes an appearance on the pitch.

If you were to find any positives out of this story, I suppose with another international break coming up, Ramsey’s set back could be seen as slightly positive from Arsenal’s perspective. It means that he can recover and slowly be eased back into training whilst other stars are away on international duty. Arsenal then don’t have to worry about him returning from injury, only to then aggravate the problem whilst on international duty.

Aaron Ramsey has become a key man in this Arsenal midfield, despite some indifferent performances. That spectacular season he had a few years back seems to be some time ago now, but his performances during the summer at the European Championships with Wales, reminded Arsenal fans exactly what Ramsey is capable of. Arsenal need some more of that energy, creativity and fight in their midfield from Aaron, so when he returns to the team, hopefully he can get some form under his wing and have a season similar to that of 2013-14.



  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Get well soon Aaron

  2. mall-gooner says:

    He should not rush back. Get fully fit then only start training.
    Also, I want Wenger to select team based on performance not on reputation.

    We are performing good in MF so I don’t see him starting there. He might be pushed to RW but if Walcott/Iwobi performs well then they should start and not Ramsey.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    Between Ramsey Ozil and Giroud, it was Ramsey that should’ve gotten the most time off. Look at the energy and distances he puts into each game. Ozil covers distance but never over doing it on his energy spent. Giroud puts a decent amount of effort into his performances but again he has a tipping point that he never over extends. How Arsene of all people doesn’t take this into consideration is beyond me, I don’t think this is a case of, oh, what do you expect, sure he’s injury prone isn’t. He was clearly in the red zone if you ask me, and with the new players to contend with it was going to make him play through any pain, that’s probably reason for set back too. Wenger said the reason why Ozil came in a week later and Giroud not back yet was because Wales went out before their respected countries had. That’s fine other than the fact that some players and some positions push themselves allot more often than others do, like with a CB for a top nation, it’s going to be allot less work than a midfielder playing in an average nation. You have to take the players into consideration, injury history should also be on your mind, positions too, and I’m sure there’s more another could bring to mind. We do have issues with the handling of our medical affairs. We need strong opinionated doctors who aren’t afraid to over-ride the boss’s theories.

    1. mkgooner says:

      Ramsey missed the semi final so he had rest then

  4. mkgooner says:

    Bellerin Mustafi. Koscielny. Monreal
    Cazorla Coquelin
    Walcott. Ozil. Iwobi

    1. goonerzone69 says:

      same old same old !

  5. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Hope he fully recovers as soon as possible possible but in the meantime we have a strong Central midfield with Cazorla, Xhaka, Coquelin, Eleney, Bielik and Ox can play cm too

    Thankfully it’s not a huge loss like last season when we lost both Cazorla and Coquelin. That 1 of the two things that cost us the pl. The other was Giroud and Theo not scoring enough

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