Surprise Arsenal fans! – Wilshere reportedly has scan after injury scare!

Why am I not surprised to read such a headline? Although reports remain unconfirmed, it is understood that Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere has had to go for a scan on his ankle after playing just one official match for Bournemouth.

Wilshere moved to the south coast this summer in the final hours of transfer deadline day, in a season long loan move from Arsenal to Bournemouth. The loan move to Bournemouth meant that Arsenal managed to get an injury proven player off their books, as well as giving Wilshere the chance to regain his fitness and physically rehabilitation elsewhere. Although many were surprised to see him go, I think the majority of fans have since warmed to the move and understand that it is a win win situation for all parties involved.

Things had been going very well for Wilshere, with Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe stating how Wilshere had a specialist fitness plan at Bournemouth to improve his fitness, as well as the fact they would carefully manage his training sessions to ensure that he is not pushed too far. Such strain on Wilshere’s body is unfortunately more often than not the cause behind his extensive injures. Now however it seems that it may have all been too good to be true, with the Express reporting that Wilshere has had to attend a medical institute to have a scan completed on his ankle. The report or results as of this moment remain unconfirmed.

If it is the case that Wilshere has only lasted a single game before his ankles have come under strain then it remains to be seen as if the Englishman will continue with his loan spell at Bournemouth. If it is likely that he will be out for a number of months, it’s quite possible that Bournemouth will not wish to keep the player on the treatment table and subsequently he may be sent back to Arsenal.

Fingers crossed that the report is just rumours and that even if it does turn out to be true, then at least with some luck the results can come back as being nothing serious. Wilshere desperately needs to do well during his loan move away and this is the greatest current opportunity he will get to impress everyone involved at Arsenal.



  1. Tax and death used to be the only certainties in life.. now you can add a daily dose of jack wilshere to that.

  2. supersublimation says:

    The guy has Diaby syndrome, there is no hope. He was one of the most talanted at Arsenal in recent years, most talented british (white) player…

  3. Onochie says:

    So,much talk about Jack,but you hardly hear about joel campbell,even an article about his improvement seems like a taboo here.

  4. Incarnate says:

    Is it possible that part of his fitness plan is to check on his ankles as often as possible as a precautionary measure?

  5. Vlad says:

    I think it’s time to put all this Wilshere “comeback” talk in a drawer, and never ever take it out of there again. To me, he’s as good as dead, and it’s been like that for quite a while now. Not only he’s been occupying one of the starting spots for years for no good reason, but he’s been eating up our wages as well. 90k /week or whatever it is that he’s on could pay for 2 decent players who could actually play more than just 5 games a season. I believe his contract runs until 2018, so perhaps it’s gonna be for the best if we try and sell him in the summer. And throw Ox into the same mix for good measure. Another “English talent” whose actual talent apparently only consists of running like a headless chicken at 3 defenders at a time. If he learned/bothered how to track back and defend sometimes, he’d be at least half useful. But as it stands, he’s just another parasite who gets paid for doing nothing at the club.

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