Surprise! Ramsey’s Arsenal return set to be delayed!

Do not fear Gooners, the title may suggest that Aaron Ramsey has had a setback in his return from injury and of course that would likely mean that he’s out for a ‘number of months’ if the usual Arsenal procedure was to take place. However instead of that, many will see this news as being positive rather than a reason to complain!

Aaron Ramsey picked up a thigh injury in the opening fixture of the Premier League, back in that dreadful 4-3 loss against Liverpool. After Ramsey had an exciting European Chamoionships with Wales, many were disappointed, yet not surprised, that upon returning to Arsenal that Ramsey looked like a different player than the Ramsey from the Euros. During the opening match the Welshman picked up an injury and was subsequently ruled out for around a month until he was set to return to full first team training.

Well almost a month has flown by since then and Ramsey was set to possibly make a return in this weekend’s fixture against Southampton. However the Daily Telegraph understands that Wenger may not wish to risk Ramsey this weekend in fear of aggravating the injury. It would also seem unnecessary to risk Ramsey with a starter or bench role this weekend, solely based upon the fact that we already have a number of quality midfielders available at our feet, meaning there is no need to see Ramsey rush back.

Xhaka and Cazorla will no doubt be favourites to line up in central midfield in Ramsey’s absence, however with Arsenal also set to come up against both PSG and Chelsea in the coming weeks, Wenger may feel it’s important not to risk Ramsey and instead ensure he is ready for the tougher and arguably ‘more important’ fixtures. The likes of Elneny and Coquelin will also be available for the Gunners as regular first team options.

Ramsey is expected to play a big role for the Gunners this season after being handed the number 8 shirt. Wenger is a big fan of Ramsey’s talents and has stood by the midfielder during his darker days at Arsenal, so it’s hoped that if he manages to stay fit, that Ramsey may be able to rediscover that form he found a few seasons back, when the Welshman was scoring for fun at Arsenal.



  1. Break-on-through says:

    Allot of people are not too happy with Ramsey, probably to say the least. But I think most of them do realise that he’s a very talented lad, and if he could get his act together he would be a superb all round player. This is why I’m very interested in seeing how himself and Xhaka might get along. Xhaka as we all know is tipped to be that tough leader we’re crying out for, well one of them anyway. One of his tests in leading will be Ramsey, if he can sort out Ramsey then he’s our man. It wont be easy, with Aaron having seniority, and being with the club a long time. I seen Xhaka shout some instruction in his last game with us, not sure who he shouted at but he made himself heard. He’s going to need to be tough with Ramsey, also I think it would be a good idea to become good friends with him off the field. We’ll have to wait a little longer but I don’t think people will mind that too much with Cazola looking scintillating in midfield.

  2. Mo Owais says:

    Rambo no doubt always gives his all for us when on the field. I think the fact that he has played in many different positions for us has always held him back! I mean, come on- he is no right winger! Anyone can see that!
    Just let the lad play in his best position and do his thing. We saw how good he can be in the Euros for Wales.

  3. lupe says:

    Just saw that xhaka got sent off for his country in yesterday’s match. He needs to improve his discipline because the epl is fast paced and its easy to commit fouls if you are not up to par. Giroud also had a bad game like all of his team mates yesterday. Lets hope they all pick form quickly as we will need them to catch up especially with the manchester derby this weekend. As for ramsey, i am not even suprised, Injuries will always be one of our downfalls untill we deal with it.

  4. Soweto_Gooner says:

    As much as this is not good for Arsenal, I feel that Wenger might have dodged a ‘team selection headache’. Everyone knows that Wenger always starts with Ramsey, irrespective of his form. Wenger always looking to slot Ramsey somewhere in the team.

  5. atid says:

    Hope he doesn’t risk iwobi either. Fair enough if he or any other player (mustafi??) returning from injury is 100% fit then they should be under consideration. But with seemingly a decent sized squad already of 100% fit players I expect to see this team take the field on Saturday

    Bellerin holding koscielny Monreal
    Xhaka cazorla
    Walcott ozil alexis

    Ospina gibbs mustafi coquelin elneny Chamberlain perez

  6. Uzi Ozil says:

    I also think Wenger will go with the same team that defeated Watford. The only changes will be Giroud in for Ox. Then Sanchez moved to his preferred position on the flank while Giroud up top.

    Perez and Mustafi will start the game from the bench I guess…

  7. when you say a player is talented what do you what he is good at shooting passing heading controlling dribbling hold up is head change the play what all the Icelandic players can play for arsenal because they have a good euro.this is how i judge players what ever situation they find them self in on the field the best play to be made how offten they do if more or lightly on i can’t say that for Ramsey Wolcott Chamberlain they are not good enough you have to make the game appear to look simple

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Ball control, passing, tackling, intercepting, stamina, link play, doesn’t hide, he is a high standard with all of these. His concentration needs to improve. He’s shown he has shooting abilities but needs to improve. Positional awareness he needs to improve. Those improvements that he needs to make can be worked on, the shooting is something he has shown before so that too can be worked on for him. He’s obviously got talent.

  8. jib says:

    Thinking about our midfield options I can’t help but worry about who will fill the void when santi moves on, we don’t have a single player like him. I think a lot of eyebrows were raised (mine included) when he was fielded in the CM position. I thought he was to small to hold on to the ball, and that his creativity would be wasted so far down the pitch. I was so wrong. His creativity and vision has helped start numerous moves from deeper on the pitch. He’s a small guy, so he can’t use his size to maintain the ball. But he uses his quick feet, dribbling, and of course that santi turn he constantly does. Wenger gets a lot of flack sometimes, but santi is one of his finest purchases at Arsenal. Top 3 in the Emirate years. What a player.

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