Swansea and Fabianski looking to extend winning run against Arsenal

It seems strange to think that Swansea did the impossible last season by winning both fixtures against Arsenal, but the fact is that they have been a bit of a bogey team for the Gunners ever since they first won promotion in 2011. They won their first ever home Premier League game against us, and have actually won half of our meetings (four out of eight).

The Polish keeper Lukasz Fabianski moved to the Swans last year and also has a 100% record against us and will be keen to keep up that run against his old club. He certainly played out of his skin against us last season. And another quirky little stat is that Gary Monk has faced Arsenal three times and has two wins and a draw to his name!

Monks team have not been so impressive this season though, and last week’s win over Aston Villa was their first after six winless games, and Monk is hoping that their slump has now been arrested. “We know that when we are at our best we can give anyone a game in this league and we’ll need to be at that level on Saturday,” he said.

“If we do that we are in with a chance of getting the result we want.

“Each team will have a period where they will suffer and it’s about how you deal with that. Winning games obviously breeds confidence but this group is very strong.

“Our effort and commitment is always there and it’s about continuing to do the right things and working hard on the training ground.

“It won’t define our season but it will help create belief which is key at this time.”

It is always dodgy meeting a supposed bogey team, but Arsene Wenger will just be looking for a composed performance without too much drama OR INJURIES, as we are getting short of bodies ahead of the midweek trip to Munich.

Surely lightening can’t strike three times in a row!

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  1. Sorry Fabianski but you gonna kiss that 100% clean sheet record against us, goodbye…This Arsenal team is the duck breaker this year.We’ve already broken Leicester’s and Bayern’s unbeaten record and Watford’s and Man U’s momentum of not conceding more than 2 this season…

    1. And we broke Chelsea/mour record, also we hold record of chances created. Bellerin and Ozil have their individual records, Cazorla too am sure. Our manager has record over all the other managers time put in, and we have record of least amount of new arrivals ..am sure there are plenty more if we went looking but for now I just want us to record a win against swa.

  2. All i hope is for 3 point at the end of the day with no injury to any of our players, fingers across.


  3. Not this time. He will pick at least 4 from his net. Sanchez- 2. Ozil- 1 and OG (whether the real Oliver or our friend Own goal) – 1. Not with the motivation of staying top. He will see a different Arsenal team.

  4. Not this season will Fabianski and his Swasea club get another wins over Arsenal again. Not even at their Liberty Stadium will the Swans get a draw but a big defeat will they get at the feet & heads of the Gunners. If the Swans like, let them rain ducks at their Liberty Stadium on Saturday evening. Arsenal will be fully home and dry. Those wins the Swans had over the Gunners last season was an error. And the Gunners have now made a vow, never will they allow the Swans to take them for granted and ride on their backs again this season, as Lukasz Fabianski had licked all the Gunners’ game playing secrets to the Swans last season that led to those 2 wins for the Swans over Arsenal. But the Gunners are now at diffirent game playing secret level this season that is unknown to Fabianski. Therefore, any attempt by Lukasz Fabianski to subvert and undermine the Gunners in their game against the Swans at the Liberty Stadium tomorrow has been rendered null & void.

    1. Hope we pick up three more injuries to our no33 our no5 and no17 then I will be happy, did I forget to mention how they get injured from celebrating goals and it was the supporters shirt numbers.

      Always wondered, how come number is spelled number but we go with no before the 1. Might google it later on. I’m guessing the no are for two different words ..sorry if that bothered anyone it’s just I like crosswords and it seems like something that might crop up.

  5. Swansea are a solid unit and a very good counter attacking team, that’s there not so secret formula. A little like Chelsea except that if given a chance they will try to keep possession and play some decent ball. Also Swansea are a hard working but fair and honest side though I can not say the same for Chelsea.

  6. My grievance
    with wenger is
    to have a
    temporary fix
    or solution as
    to having an immediate impact.
    The striking department needs a
    short term striker to input
    another dimension in wenger’s
    tactical acumen because I’m not
    comfortable with a slow Giroud
    against a formidable team like
    bayern munich and even against
    swansea a small but giant slayer
    Hernandez chicharito would been
    a good throw of the dice and he
    would’ve added grease as to
    giving a cushion effect to our
    injurious elbow and fragile
    striking department.
    Wenger is overly deft adamant on
    long term program in all his
    decision making.

  7. As soon as we picked up injuries to walcott and chamberlain i straight away feared the worse for this fixture we have a poor record against swansea and have a sick feeling we will get turned over and that could have knock on effect for the next few games if we have bad spell now it could ruin any chance we had of challenging for premier league we cant let city go clear otherwise this time there be no way back!

  8. I can understand Walcott and Ox being fragile. Honestly I nevere thought Walcott will be so crucial for Arsenal this season in the middle. What I don’t understand, still asking myself, why Wenger called Ox in the 1st eleven for the game against Sheffs. Does anyone have seen at the end of the game with Everton Ox checking his hamstring and limping a bit or it was just me?
    I really don’t get it unless Ox expressed his desire to play (there was even an article here calling this as a last chance for Ox to which I said that he does not have to). But when you are a pro, you know that if you don’t feel right then you don’t risk it. I think Wenger made a mistake by listening to the player instead of the physio. I also think that in general Wenger listens to the players more than he does to the staff but this is just my opinion and it can be totally wrong. Secondly, I have thrown my bottle in disgust when I have seen Walcott being picked to play. WHY? Just why? Wenger said C1C is just a competition used to foster new talents. Nothing more. Why then? In my opinion if we don’t buckle up from here and if we won’t clean the rust off Debuchy, Gibbs, Flamini or Arteta when he’s fit then we are in big $hit. So far the tactics for not changing the squad in the summer worked but the lack of rotation where possible is the reason we are biting our nails now.
    I want three points at Swansea but we have such a poor record against them that I will probably be happy only with a draw and no injuries. I just want the interlul to resume so that our players get some rest because if we can lose the game against Bayern we can’t afford to lose against Spuds.

    1. I agree that he listens to the player’s opinion more but I think it’s because in this case he doesn’t want to hamper their confidence, Ox desperately needs his and this was the perfect opportunity for him to regain it. And regarding Walcott, he was showing ambition when he selected him which is what many of the whiny fans had been crying for in the past. Theo’s injury was unlucky but Ox’s could’ve been avoided.

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