Swansea v Arsenal review – Defeat after leading tells the same old story

Arsenal were given a boost for this Premier League away game with Swansea City before the game had even kicked off. Because the home side had lost one of their first choice centre backs as well as both of their pacy wide men Nathan Dyer and Wayne Routledge, while the Gunners had just one change from Tuesday and that was Flamini for the injured Arteta.

Even so, Arsene Wenger set his Arsenal side up to be a bit cautious and beware of the quick counter attack. So both teams were fairly tentative at the start, passing the ball around well without creating too much. But it was the home side that started to come out of their shells aftyer about 20 minutes and they started to cause us problems, winning a string of corners and getting crosses in from the flanks.

SWansea wanted a penalty after Chambers was a bit clumsy banging in to the back of Bony but it would have been harsh. But Arsenal did respond and started to get threaten more ourselves, with Ramsey’s fierce shot being deflected a bit unluckily. But the danger of getting fowards was clear as we nearly conceded on the counter with both full backs caught up the pitch.

Welbeck nearly broke the deadlock just before the break after some intricate play around the box by Cazorla and Alexis but former Gunner Fabianski was well positioned to block his shot. And then Ramsey put a volley just wide. And Mertesacker had a free header from a corner on the stroke of halftime but was well off target.

Apart from that though, we had not created much and for once had enjoyed less possession. Maybe playing Alexis and Welbeck almost as a front two left us a bit light in midfield. But we started the second half as we had ended the first, a bit more on the front foot.

But with an hour gone and still no goal, the onus was on the Gunners. With rain sheeting down, Cazorla’s low drive was a good idea but again Fabianski was up to it. And the weather made a slick passing game harder and direct running more dangerous. So it seemed to be crying out for Walcott.

It was our pace that got the opener, Chamberlain picking the ball up and driving foward, finding Welbeck on the right who showed great awareness to cut back and find Alexis who smashed it in. Great goal. But Swansea made a good fightback and pressed forward and pressed us hard, forcing a few mistakes in possession.

One of those led to the breakaway that Gibbs stopped with a foul and from the free kick Sigurdsson produced a stunning equaliser with 15 minutes to go. THere is not much you can do when someone scores a cracker but it was us giving the ball away that put us in that position.

And just as we have done all season, Arsenal’s defence went missing and allowed Montero to cross and Gomis to score again from a free header. On came Walcott and Wilshere with 10 minutes left, but was it too late? Swansea frustrated us and apart from Walcott failing to control a great ball from Wilshere we did not look like scoring.

It was our season so far in miniature and if Wenger does not get us defending better, there are plenty more disappointing days like this ahead.

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  1. Even more funny is whats on Arsenal.com right now in the ‘club news’ section. Here I’ll tell you so you don’t have to see his face.

    ‘Ivan Gazidis has been named fcbusiness Premier League CEO of the Year in the 2014 Football Business Awards’.

    The award is voted for by chief executives across the league.

    1. didnt gazidis said that wenger have money to sped, he just didnt, its not gazidis work to change formation and train players, arsenal have more than 150 mil in bank, why its not spent ask Wenger not gazidis !!!

        1. yes, but you are forgetting something, Wenger is much stronger than Gazidis, thats reason why Dein is not in Team, cuz he had more power than Wenger

          1. That should never happen in any team. Every manager needs to be under some kind of pressure to deliver season after season. Wenger knows he can do whatever he wants and no one will ever tell him to do better.

            Being an Arsenal fan is so painful. I can’t believe the board let wenger come in the season without at least another center back

          2. Wrong. Wenger wanted to leave when Dein left. It was Dein who told Wenger that he must stay. Check your facts.

              1. @Budd why dont you show us a single piece of info that backs it up. I have no idea if Wenger wanted to leave or stay when Dein left. I would be curious to see if you can back your bs for a change.


      1. @AlmiR

        Yeah, but it just shows where the clubs priority is. Praising Gazidis for his work instead of demanding answers for an embarrassing sounds exactly like something Arsenal.com would do. —— “uh oh. we just lost to swansea. hmm what should we put on the website?” let’s not blame wenger he’s a SAINT. no it wasn’t his fault it was the weather. Let’s just put up some bullsh*t about Gazidis to cover up this mistake.”

    2. Guys, guys guys… Never forget to always give the middle finger to Arsene, he deserves your support.

      By the way, the only reason I can never be an AKB is becuz my brain is still fine. Some of you, my friends should really try to know when one is being sarcastic, like when I said: “We love you Arsene, we really do.”

      Good night, folks!!! Congrats to @Twig who predicted we will lose, I think he even got the scoreline correct (with Wenger in charge, u always see it coming)

  2. A fellow gooner who went today just text to say he spoke with an itk gooner and the reason we did not buy a back up CB in the summer was Wenger wants it to be a first choice CB not a back up so they can partner kos ,with mert being the third choice.

    1. We just need Koscielny and Debuchy back and to push Chambers to midfield (even though he’ll probably pick up a couple of reds). January can’t come soon enough!

      1. chambers at DM would def better arteta,flam.
        I wish W had played bellerin at RB and chambers at CB today.

    2. welbeck may as well be invisible sometimes, I agree. At least the team can play off of Giroud and he has some presence in the box. I honestly wouldnt be surprised if Welbeck doesnt score again in 2014.

    3. and i must admit i do appreciate Giroud’s goals more now that he’s gone. We berate him for only scoring against midtable teams, but nobody else besides him seems able to do it now. (except Alexis of course)

        1. probs right now are in defence.
          we let in 3 on tue, 2 today.

          root cause: wenger didnt buy CB
          (and then kos injured: monreal at CB : didnt jump)

          another root cause: W believes players can play out of position

          1. It has come to this thanks to Wenger, missing out another above average player such as Giroud, we had hopes with Welbeck as he had a couple of good games, but don’t forget he is a REJECT from MANURE and he was the best that Wenger could find the stingy POS brought ARSENAL to this a midlevel team….

  3. Depleted sqaud argument? It’s depleted very year through injury data shows this. So what does wenger do? He worsened the situation by selling tv5, loaning jenks and coquelin. Tough times arsene for you and us fans. #per go home!

    1. @ronny331
      The depleted squad “argument” was not one at all. It’s started out as a rant about us losing to a depleted Swansea. The counter was, we are also a depleted squad…
      You guys need to stop reachin for bullsh*t to bolster your arguments.

  4. “We were not too much in trouble”, he told Sky Sports.

    “We had the best chances.

    “It’s a place where it is always tight. It was a very tactical game.

    “Just when we were 1-0 up we lacked some spark and killer instinct to take the game.

    “I worry that we concede the goals, yes”, Wenger concluded.
    there you go, boss explained perfectly LOL

    1. One of many faults of Wenger:

      Never takes the blame himself. Either it’s the referees, bad luck or the pitch.

  5. Wow I’m furious with wenger but hearing people on here calling him a c*nt and wishing him too die is too much,; be careful what you wish for he’s an old man now!

    1. he has already told that he does not care about criticism..least of it from an online forum…
      if the fans in london hold out “AW OUT” then may be something will change and he might actually start managing the team and use his head..

      look at newcastle…pressure makes you work harder…. same same old situation ..then nothing will change..it has not in the past 2/3 yrs..

  6. Do expect now from just Arsenal.com. 10 topic about the game and Arsene. Just to millk from fans attention and anger.

    Next topic. RELAX GUNNER’S. WE CAN DO THIS. or something like WE HAVE BEEN GOING THROUGH WORST. or. PATIENCE IS ALL WE NEED. or. KJ redicelious ratings, hahahaha. :PP

  7. @mrlean. If true sone good news at last, wenger realises that per needs to be replaced as a starting cb. So pay rhe money no excuses come jan.

  8. I can’t accept Wenger continuing playing Monreal as CB and Chambers as RB! Arsenal are conceding goals at Monreal position. Chambers playied marvellous for Arsenal as CB. Why Wenger doesn’t play Bellerin as RB and Chambers as CB. Or play a CB in this function? I love Wenger, but I hate the fact that he always put players to play at diferent positions, from their original ones!

  9. You see how things functining in City, Pelegrini cant deliver, he will be sacked, cuz they have ambition, this is sport, you play to win, not to earn money for owners, if this is happening in Real Madrid, Wenger couldnt stay 2 weeks not 18 years.

    1. RM is one of the richest Clubs in the World, they are there for the money but for crying out loud also there to Win and please their Fans, WTF is wrong with ARSENAL’s board is beyond me, WENGER be a man and quit, every day you spend you proof MAUREEN right Specialist in Failure….no other Club at any level would put up with this shat

  10. A measure of how bad things have got is that my Manu and Liverpool mates not taking the p#ss but feel sorry for Arsenal !

  11. We have got the BERLIN wall in Mertesacker, he just stand there dormant doing nothing but p”ss us off….

  12. Why is Isaac Harden overlooked for Monreal? Is a so-so left-back actually better than Isaac which we are supposedly told is one for the future?

  13. Alexis Sanchez ain’t gonna hang around when all his hard work keeps coming undone at the other end…

    Shame we didn’t sign him for last season, we probably would have won the league, now, we’ll be lucky to get 4th.

    We just look leggy and lacking in confidence. What the feck is going on? Beats me.

  14. I am ranting but I just can’t understand Mertesacker, wenger and Bould.. Gomis comes on and Monreal is the one picking him up, why wasn’t Mertesacker the one picking up Gomis? Wenger and Bouls could see it but they are just clueless they just did not try to tell Mertesacker to pick up Gomis..

    I am tired of Mertesacker, at least Monreal tried yo defend, but Mertesacker nowhere near when we need him to defend in each game..

  15. Anyone got the manual of ” how to be a middle table club fan”? I think we should start to learn how to support a middle table club.

  16. Let’s not knock Chambers for today, the lad has bags of talent and potential, he’s not slow by any means but he got rinsed by Montero today because frankly Ox was always too far up the pitch, when we were 1-0 up he should have dropped back to cover Chambers.

    1. Hey Chambers is new and young and has been dropped in the deep end – respect for him. Monreal is playing out of position so I accept he’s mistakes the problem is the manager putting us in this position. This isn’t unusual, it’s been the same situation for the last 9 years FFS!

    2. He is too slow to play at RB,he is a Chahill kind of player better suited for the middle,any fast winger will pass him easily.
      His games as RB for Arsenal and England were rather poor and he gonna struggle against ant fast winger.read and watch.

    3. Yeah Chambers is full of potential but I can’t see RB is the best position for him
      he impresses when he play as CB…he can be a new Gary Cahill
      as RB he can defend but not against pacey winger
      At Southampton also he being rotated with Clyne based on their opponent

      1. FFS: is this so hard?

        bellerin at RB
        chambers at CB

        play players in their F*ing proper positions mr wenger.

  17. You’re a disgrace mate and should be kicked out. We do need another manager but who the F would wish for that?

  18. I have to defend Wenger from those on here who say he has learnt nothing from Tuesdays defeat,he did he has learnt to shake hands at the end of the game !

  19. Wenger won’t go until his contract runs out, which is what I fear because that’s in 2 and a half years and by them, the good managerial replacements like the Guardiola’s, Simeone’s, Martinez’s and Klopp’s would have all gone and been headhunter by other clubs who are not afraid to sack failing managers.

  20. The Wenger out posters needs to start showing up at the emirate. this is the only way to put pressure on arsene

  21. Sanchez is just really out of place at the moment at arsenal. He is total different league with our current players. I am proud of him that he chose to be a gunner.

  22. November and the title is almost gone…brilliant plan so we can focus on…the ECL? Maybe not…the FA cup? We’d be lucky…4th place? That’s more like it.

    Shameful display again, the team is mismanaged, the starting lineup almost always the same bar injuries and there are clearly not tactics.

    1. Almost??? The title was gone during the transfer window. 2 first team central Defenders, one with a recurring well know heel problem, the other as slow as an tortoise. No cover.
      No DM except Flamini ( a Milan reject) and a well meaning Arteta – again title lost during the window.

      Last January Mourinho bought Matic, we loaned Kallstrom.

      End off..

  23. Threat from Montero was clear very early .One choice was for CB to close down space behind Chambers. Problem is our CB is already closed down because he can’t run. So next choice is to bring on Bellerin who is quicker than Montero and move Chambers to CB. Thus taking off you know who. What did Wenger do? Nothing, absolutely nothing!

  24. We all saw chambers struggling with pace against Montero and all I kept on shouting was to defend that wing or eventually pay d price . I don’t need to be a coach to see the outrageously obvious weakness before reacting but we have a proactive manager in wenger , even if he decided not to start bellerin but d weakness on chambers wing was calling for him to come on. This clueless man is sinking arsenal with himself

  25. There really is nothing to say when your Defense is Chambers-Per-Monreal-Gibbs with Flamini sitting as DM infront.

    Please tell me what other team is in this shape – except MANU where VG did a hell of a job not recruiting for the Defense. But even he has an excuse – its his first year – he was managing(not playing beachball) in the WC.

    Arsene has been here 4ever – how could he leave the Defense so exposed. What is his punishment? 8MM a year that’s what.

  26. And still our illustrious leader leaves the substitutions too late….reacting to rather than controlling the game.

    When will the hierarchy learn that Wenger is a spent force, outdated, out of touch, lacking ideas and basically ripe for retirement.

    It’s not that he is a bad manager, just not GOOD enough for us. End of.

  27. My gripe isn’t with our players as such. It’s Wenger. Put Mourinho or any half decent manager in charge of our players and you’ll see where the real problem truly lies.

  28. At this moment is better don’t watch arsenal game but to wait for another two weeks than got game that is killing me.

  29. Title hopes already over by early November, everyone looking forward to January transfer window already lol. It all sounds SO SO FCUKING FAMILIAR!!!!! Fuming.Com

  30. I think the title of this article should read Arsenal Woes As Le Prof’s Football Science Trumped By Young Ambitious Manager With Nothing To Lose.

    Firstly I totally accept the quality strike of the Swansea equalizing goal but beyond that I watched in horror as our ‘Plan B’ consisted of Wenger throwing on attackers in a sort of desperate hit and hope fashion.

    Chambers was clearly uncomfortable against Montero on the right and it clearly seemed obvious to all for him to be brought in at CB and perhaps shift Gibbs or Monreal out right (perhaps even sacrifice one of them for Bellerin a natural RB with pace to match Montero)

    Instead we conceded the needless 2nd goal which sinks us further away from the top

    Its only a matter of time before the likes of the amazing sanchez begins to drop his head then the goals dry up. WENGER OUT NOW!!!!


    1. We started the summer full of hope and optimism but three months in after a poor transfer window (defensively) ,too many injuries (again ) and poor tactics it’s all faded away.we need something to change and soon so it’s now or never.over to you board/wenger

      1. Evening mate

        We both mentioned it in the week that this game would be a test but many mentioned we would easily win..
        Anyway we know what we believe..(getting predictable now) What I can’t understand is that these players are international players with vast experience in world cups CL’s etc and yet the first half was a typical,lacklustre performance with neither passion desire determination cohesion call it what you want but the first half was pathetic!!!
        When Wenger failed To buy any defenders or DM in the summer then for me the writing was on the wall.. I’m saying it after every game now but WENGER just step down..!

        What else can we say about the game other than the ox Is by far better than ozil, and the only one in my opinion with a desire for the cause and if it wasn’t for Sanchez we would be propping up the
        I can’t believe Ramsey is the same player kept us at the top of the prem early last season but he has been useless in every game and looks as average as arteta..!
        WENGER is a useless old man that if he felt anything for the club instead of his £8m salary then he should step down now.

        We are being outplayed by average teams and made to look shite by the decent teams.. The international break will either revitalise us or end our season because when I think of manures front 5 against our snails and shite defenders – I can only see one outcome when they visit us in a couple of weeks..

        1. Good evening to you phil,
          The writing has been on the wall for a long time and it’s just the cup final win that means Wenger still has a job.already our new fitness coach and youth coach have question the way wenger is ruining I’m mean running the club.
          We have been in decline on the field since david dein left and Wenger took full control.off the field we are making more and more money yet the product gets weaker rather than stronger every year.wait untill the summer when we face no champions league football and see if our CEO can win another award !

          As it’s been said many times for our now a business and not a sports clubs and we are here to benefit one person rather than the thousands who have supported this club and continue to do so.

          Get rid of the organ grinder (stan) and his monkey (Arsene )

          1. Couldn’t agree more

            I sense the players have lost faith in him..? Could be wrong but if he’s lost the dressing room – only time will tell, but he will have to (hopefully) go!!!

            Along with the yank kroenke who in my opinion and many others is purely in this club for PROFIT!


  31. Gary Neville, Tony Adams, Graeme Souness, Jamie Redknapp, Glenn Hoddle, Jamie Carragher, Craig Bellamy, Robbie Savage, Ian Wright, Steve McMannamam, Paul Scholes, Paul Merson, Dennis Bergkamp, Alan Shearer, Gary Lineker, Martin Keown.

    They have all said the exact same thing about Arsenal’s problems and the problems with Wenger

    Please, to all the AKB’s. Can all of those professionals be wrong? Naaaa


    1. Yep, and add a whole list of fans to that too. Everyone knows what is wrong except one man and he, sadly, is in charge of Arsenal!!

      1. he’s happy collecting his 8M and making stan happy.

        fans need to stay away or at least put up our WENGER OUT signs.

  32. dear Santa……

    All I want for Xmas is a world class centre back and a world class defensive midfielder.

    P.s please arsene wenger to pull his head out of his arse

  33. Sanchez is the only light we see from the dark arsenal tunnel but who will be his light when all around him is dark. Amen.

  34. @untold
    Am I the only one who doesn’t think that putting our heads in the sand is a solution? Oh no, there’s tens of thousands of supporters who inject cash into this club who think the same way. Come on let’s rally around the team and put pressure on the board to find a new leader that can actually support the team rather than leave them floundering on the pitch with no support!

  35. U wish someone death and u still get thumbs up?What kinds of retards do we have on this forum.A bunch of good for nothing internet freaks who only manage the Arsenal team behind desktops.

    1. Agree bad taste. Must admit though some of the ‘desktop managers’ couldn’t do a worse job!

  36. Our next games are harder than the ones we have played and you all know what we gonna get.all we are asking for is bellerin to play rb and chambers cb.per is sh*t that does not even deserve bench

  37. Good news though folks. Ozil and Giroud will be back soon. Ozil can make those killer passes to our stationary striker while he himself holds the ball up for nobody in particular. It’s ace being an Arsenal fan. I really am in chelp mode at the moment.

  38. I`m no football expert and I don`t have a crystal ball but I`ve been able to predict the last four Arsenal results without difficulty. Moreover I had a fair idea of how Arsenal would fail. Sanchez, like Ozil and Chambers made a career mistake in joining Wenger (not Arsenal) and I feel truly sorry for them. Don`t buy anymore high profile players Mr. Wenger just resign and leave it to someone else to put the confidence back in the Gunners and smile on the faces of the supporters.

  39. Where are the AKB’S?
    where are those who blame the players and not the manager?
    show yourself this is getting boring.

  40. Let’s bring back George Graham – He delivered nearly all the trophies available unlike Arsene!

      1. @5th gen gooner
        We know how to get our point across using less words. Only the ignorant and deluded have to keep repeating themselves…

        1. Hahaha.
          @nygunner: whatever makes you think that everyone is repeating, when it is in reality a lot of people sharing similar opinions.

          1. @adienl
            The same people, saying the same thing, over and over is called “repetition”
            Regardless if they share the same opinion or not…
            I don’t make the rules. Just puttin em out there…

        2. NY_Gunner

          You are an idiot! Be honest, do you seriously think Wenger is the best man to take Arsenal forward for the forseeable future?

          1. NY_Gunner

            Go and play baseball. You clearly know nothing about football. Your quite similar to Wenger actually.

          2. Have you notcied, every single one of your comments you have made on every single article you have more thumb downs than anyone else?

            Does not tell you something? Because it tells me that you are a retard, and nobody agrees with anything you say. I would now go to sleep if i was you

            1. @rwrw
              The difference between me and you lot is, you knuckleheads play to the thumbs. Using it to bolster your feeble self worth. I just put my opinion out there and could care less if it’s thumbed or not. As long as you get my point…

  41. To those who want actions to be taken plz guys the stadium needs to be empty(we must not attend home games not even a single arsenal fan) for these following games and believe me the board will act.it about time they learn to respect fans

    1. @thando
      99.9% of you impotent bastids can’t even afford tickets. Much less the bus/train fare to get there. Stay on the net and CAPS LOCK yaselves silly. lmfao…

      1. NY g

        Good to see you show your face in defeat.. Just like all the supporters that want WENGER out should when we have a positive result

        Shame about today- was always on the cards though…!

        1. @P-t-n
          I’m an AFC supporter dude. Win, lose or draw. I have my concerns about them at the moment, just as any Gooner does. But no matter what, I will not wish that ill will come to the Club or any of it’s members. There are players that are not to my liking also, but as long as they are wearing RED&WHITE I will back them to 100.
          I stand by my convictions. And do not jump on “bandwagons” due to my disappointment at the moment. And I am definitely not steered by the opinions of others.
          Yeah, I disagree with our form and direction at the moment. But I’m gong to let the last match/s tell the tale. Until then, I’m loyal to 100…

          1. Blind faith.. No excuses for that.. Win lose or draw I’m with the club- but the attitude, manner and persistent failure to address the same issues are unforgivable ..!

            I’m not supporting the owner who has zero interest in our football club – his attitude and agreement that keeps faith with a manager that has ‘lost his way’ in the last few years is nothing short of blasphemy.
            Whether you support arsenal or not- you clearly don’t want the best for the club otherwise you would want change at the top..!

  42. I really miss Koscielny and Ozil. I also miss Giroud. He scores goals and is useful on the bench when Welbeck is off. Ozil would play in the middle now that Walcott is back and produce his killer passes. Koscielny is our best defender.

  43. Wenger on making changes earlier…

    “I feel that it’s always difficult at 1-0 because we were quite solid defensively and we didn’t look in the need to change. We were struggling a bit on the right side but I have no experienced players on the bench. It was unfortunate and I didn’t think there was a need to change.”

    You could pull that last sentence quote out as the story of our season.

    1. That last comment from Wenger is literally the only example we need for him to be sacked with immediate effect. WENGER OUT!!

      Give the man his statue and let him come away from Arsenal for good.

  44. Wenger said after the game” Alexis didn’t have his best game”
    How would you feel if you were Sanchez
    Wenger will ruin this lad and he will leave

    1. Are you serious? He actually said that?

      What on earth does he think the likes of Mert, Cazorla, Ramsay even Szczesny since the start of the season have been playing?

  45. Wenger is old now, come on. It’s obvious that his brains don’t function the same way as it used to long back. He needs to retire on his own or shown the way out.
    It’s not his fault, it’s just how nature works. We will all decay. I guess he’s trying to go out with a title or a cup, but he’s asking too much from himself.
    Since Wenger isn’t realising that his brain has aged, it’s up to others concerned to do so. But it needs to be respectful. We have to appreciate his desire to keep working even at this stage( even though the 8 million).

    Wenger you have to step down for your own good.
    All my mates, let’s stop abusing Wenger and let’s try to help him out.
    He needs help.


  47. Arsene Wenger is like Walter White from Breaking Bad… At first innovative, genius, exciting and has admiration from viewers. Then over time he’s getting found out, he’s making bigger and bigger mistakes and has everyone hating his ass by the end of it. I sense we’re around the end of Wenger’s finale, hope so.

    How the f*** can subs make a difference in 10 minutes?? Bring on Walcott and Wilshere after 60 to keep Swansea pegged back or punish them on the counter. Ramsey and Cazorla were average enough to be taken off. I’m fed up Wenger, take note of the f****** glaring imbalances and address them. Ox help out Chambers.. Arghhhhhh, I’m turning into Walt myself, must control my anger.

  48. Past glory does not count in the game of football anymore. AW seems to be living in the past and the past is gone. The line up to start with was horrible. Welback needs to rest and read game from the bench. Give the likes of cambel, Podoski, Sanogo some time. Flamini for me is finished. Give others time to prove something.

  49. I have just popped on to comment on our lose today but everything has been said. I hope you all have a good week.

  50. @ny gunner you are one of the best AKB around here and it looks like wenger can use you in his backline,because you defend better than monreal and per

  51. Just one thing I want to say I have my views which some like and other do not I also agree with other views and not others but we need to remember we are all fans of Arsenal FC so with that in mind please be respectfull and no personnel abuse.

  52. While Monk changed his players and kept Swansea in the game to get the win, Wenger was as usual sitting static no changes were made till it was too late and the final insult, brings Sanogo instead of Campbell Playing under todays weather conditions, this POS needed to rotate the sqad and made changes earlier, the TV commentators were since the first half warning the goal would come from Chambers side as he was being outrun the whole game, truth to be told we were forgiven of a penalty given by Chambers to Bony, you could tell the lad was getting frustrated by the minute, everyone saw it but the Prof……QUIT and avoid further embarrassment to you and the FANS.

  53. With Wenger in charge we are all going through torture..
    Psychological torture.. He and kroenke have turned us from invincible premier league juggernauts and champions league finalists – to the laughing stock of Europe and fast becoming cannon fodder for the rest of the premiership!!

    As a betting man.. There’s money to be made when we play..we are as predictable .. Boring, useless and average as the spuds!!

    1. @phil-thompsons-nose
      How are you. There is only one difference between us and the spuds. We are not 5 points away from the drop zone. Now thats got to make someone smile 🙂

      1. Andrew
        Just remind me how many points we are above the spuds..?
        And above the relegation zone..?? Ha ha
        Only winding you up.. But agree it could be worse… The spuds predicament is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment..

    1. Whats the difference between Admin the board and Wenger. Nothing they both would rather take money over performance 🙂 🙂 🙂

  54. Today was very eye opening. Not so much as if it was the first time we’d failed in this way, but because it wasn’t. It’s been the same story all season but there has been no change. Today was a chance to set the record straight and send a message. It didn’t happen. It’s more than just a managerial failure, it’s a fundamental failure by the team as well.

    What’s really strange is that it’s not just Arsenal suffering this. Manchester City also seem to be suffering from the same thing, as are Liverpool. Just look at their performances recently, their players are out of form, their managers make very strange decisions and results haven’t gone their way.. At this rate, Chelsea will win the league quicker than Bayern.

  55. For crying loud some pundits are right,most fans are right.our decline has been the negligence from the manager to stop being stubborn and get an imposing DM who give us solidity and confidence lost.the cbs are always exposed and lack of physical presence that other teams beat us in midfield.5 years now and still we cant get one just playing players out of position or sticking to players who have not passed the grade such us jack,ramesy,arteta so get some money and do us a favor..get khedira or carvallho but buy a dm please otherwise you must go.

  56. Wenger tells fans who want to win the PL “they have to be more realistic”

    So there you have it finally the truth

  57. It`s interesting to see Southampton (regarded by some as a feeder club for Arsenal) firmly entrenched in second spot after letting some of their most promising players leave. There has to be a message here somewhere! When they leave they just produce more and yet Wenger is credited with being the genius of youth football and the best Academy in the league so where are the likes of Gnabry, Coquelin, Afobe, Bellerin Zelaman, Wellington and Campbell? These are names that should be in the first team line-up now replacing Carzola, Arteta, Mertesacker , Flamini, and the likes who are not as effective as they used to be. Maybe we should be the feeder club to Southampton, not that they need us.

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