Swapping Aubameyang for Icardi is a no-brainer for Arsenal

Icardi For Auba Is A No Brainer by Dan Smith

It’s no longer a case of what Arsenal’s preference is regarding Aubameyang, it’s more now what’s our best outcome from a horrible situation? You’re not going to be offered a better outcome then being offered Mauro Icardi in a straight swap.

Some gooners talk about the Argentine’s controversial behaviour which has made him not popular with the Italian or his homeland’s media. Yet we are not in a position where we can be picky, we have to be creative in the transfer market. Icardi has proven in Paris if man managed well, he will deliver for you.

We could lose out top scorer for as little as 30 million, a sum which will make it hard to buy a top-level replacement. The other option is force our captain to stay for 12 more months and lose him for free, but hope at that point he’s fired us back into the Champions League (worth a lot more than 30 million).

This is what happens when you allow a contract to run down, something we were promised wouldn’t happen ever again.

Even before this pandemic began, Stan Kroenke was not an owner who will sanction the money it would take to bring in a World class striker, so this would be the only way we be able to get someone of the calibre of 20 goals in 28 games for PSG. We won’t get a better offer then this, it ticks all the boxes.

It would soften the blow of losing Auba with someone three years younger who knows where the goal is. We can then say: ‘Yes, we lost our star man but not to an English rival.’

In truth it’s a better deal for us than Inter, as they had a 60 million price tag with the French Champions having first option. If any club could still find that money despite the games economy taking a hit, it would be the French club (especially with Cavani due to leave) yet the latest talk is even they would rather find players to exchange with.

If we have an advantage it would be that Conte wants Aubameyang. So why take money from France just to haggle with us, when you can get your top target by handing over someone you don’t want anymore?

The biggest hurdle is ‘why would Icardi pick us over staying in Ligue 1?’. Listening to some gooners, though, they think we can be picky. They talk about how he can be temperamental, his wife can be demanding, etc. He’s not perfect, but we are not in a situation where we can get perfect.

Lose Auba for 30 million to Chelsea or Man United, or just send him abroad and get Icardi at the Emirates?

That’s taking an ugly painting and making something beautiful out of it.

Dan Smith


  1. We better sell him out side EPL other wise we are bound to face the MAN-U saga again.

  2. Icardi is a very good player

    but his off the pitch, discipline and fam issues may cause a lot of problems

    1. We should be concerned what the players do on the pitch – to win games and trophies. Take the case of Mesut, gentleman and gem off the pitch, not a great performer on the pitch. We are a football club first, charity second. If I am right, Auba had issues at Dortmund, is fantastic for us. If Icardi takes us to the next level, why not? What is our ultimate goal? EPL and UCL glory.

  3. If we’ll man managed?he is having the same problems at PSG that he had at Inter,the reason they are not buying him, coincidence?I don’t think so, like I commented earlier his wife/agent is a nightmare to deal with and he does what she tells him to do ,much worse than Rabot and his mother/agent!

  4. we need to show ambition by signing quality players. it is best to keep Aubameyang and add more quality players to the squad. he is our best player we should keep him and sign top players. Thomas Partey and one of Thomas Lemar and Nabil Fekir

  5. Ambition in football today is just about how shrewd a club is, and its budget sizes.

  6. Icardi is a very good player forget any issue about him,there is know man that walks with his head and it will not shake

  7. Icardi? Mauro Icardi?? At the Arsenal? No, please. He comes with too much baggage and is his wife-agent’s puppet. Those saying his off-field issues don’t matter have clearly not learnt from the Auba episode. Auba is a great player, but very impulsive.. Icardi is worse.
    If Wanda says she doesn’t like the weather in London, he’ll be off in the summer.

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