Sweet start in Singapore for Arsenal and Akpom

It was only the first game of pre-season for Arsenal today and playing against a Singapore select XI was never going to be the toughest test for the Gunners. However, it was a great start for us and could hardly have gone better, especially for the young English striker Chuba Akpom who completed the full 90 minutes and capped an impressive performance with a well taken hat-trick.

Arsene Wenger gave a few of our young Gunners a chance to show what they can do, as expected, but only Alex Iwobi on the left and Akpom in the centre forward role started the game and they both did well against a well organised and energetic opposition.

Although Arsenal were the better team from the start, our fitness levels combined with the hot and humid conditions in Asia provided a test. So until we got our noses in front it was quite a tight game and we were not exactly carving them apart. The opener came after half an hour and just like his next two goals, Akpom was involved in the build up as well as finishing them off, dummying a cross and then smashing in when Wilshere was tackled.

The pick of the bunch was the third; a bullet header after some great work on the right and a lovely cross from Hector Bellerin. His second was from the spot but again he took it very well and showed no nerves whatsoever. The other goal was also a penalty, scored by Wilshere who looked sharp and incisive during his 63 minutes.

No one looked too rusty and there was also some good stuff from the likes of Crowley and Toral who came on in the second half. All in all a very good start to pre-season for the Gunners and now we face Everton in the final on Saturday, when the test is likely to be tougher and the names on the Arsenal team sheet are likely to be bigger.

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  1. Congrats to Akpom on his hatrick. He will be definitely a great player for Arsenal in future. I hope Wenger doesn’t get overwhelmed by his today’s performance and stop looking for WC striker. Akpom is one for future, Wenger should send him on loan to get more play time.

    1. NOOO!!! no loan…if wenger ‘refuses’ to buy a top class cf, then replace the log-“giroud” with akpom…i don’t see the need to keep relying on an old,slow person while we could do something better by giving the much needed experience to a player who is obviously better than giroud in all fronts..just needs experience…way way better than “THE LOG”

      1. He scored against Singapore for gods sake. Giroud is definitely the best choice we have right now.akpom would probably be our fourth choice striker after giroud, Theo,welbeck

    2. sanogo scored 4 against benfica…in preseason game
      wenger knows better…

      is lewandowski really available?
      i would literally table a 45 million bid an hound him- target number 1

      he is younger an BETTER than benzema. if agent is being sincere (i know lol agent being sincere)
      we need to make sure we get him

          1. I think he has a huge point, akpom only scored against Singapore while yaya scored a whopping 4 goals against a much much better benfica side. You can never judge players from pre season matches. The truth is we need a top striker big time. It’s the one part we need to upgrade plus we for damn sure need a DM to cover lecoq. But I guess none of these are on Wenger’s list!!!

            1. It looks as if you are the only one making judgements on pre-season games – no-one above you has suggested Akpom has become a solution – people just giving him a “well done mate”.

      1. seriously, there are just two strikers i could consider this summer…… Lewy and The cazzette

        1. How on earth are we going to sign lewy????to be honest I see IBRA as the only available striker right now he still has lots to offer and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a spell at the bpl…getting IBRA would be doable, true he’s 33 but he has at least 3 more top draw years lefleft in him. He could be our solution till players like yaya and akpom come good.

          1. @seancali
            I just can’t see Ibra being a prolific striker in the BPL. Defenders here are are tough on CF’s, especially big ones. Olivier takes an azz whoopin everytime he gets the ball. Zlatan ain’t used to that kind of physicality.

      2. Lacazette drops massive hint on his Twitter account.

        “Wenger plans to take advantage of negotiations between Lyon & Lacazette”.

        Tweet was removed swiftly but people made screenshots.

    3. seems like we’ve solved our striking problem except a top class striker like Benzema or Lewamdoski becomes available. will only settle for the two… o o forgot Lacazette.

        1. muffdiver I know that’s why I say either those two first or Lacazette or nothing. I don’t want Higuian or Vargas or llorente

          1. Lliorente would be a smart move for us, I rate the guy. He is still good and his style of play suites premiere league. I wouldn’t mind him at all

        2. Agreed – don’t think anyone could argue otherwise. Trouble is, the fans are demanding an off the shelf instant-fix and Wenger will be wondering how good this Lacazette guy can be in 2,3,4,5 etc years time.

          I would love Lewandoski, better technically, less ego and a good 2 or 3 years younger than the standard list people bang on about ie: Benzema, Higuain, Cavani. Failing that I would prefer the AL option – a different risk/reward profile from the above, better squad integration/fit – but still a gamble.

    4. Let’s not get carried away with the akpom hattrick not taking anything away from him and good job to him really. Singapore are not even close to the teams we have to play in a month or so. We still need a big name striker. We better make this signing asap, we need the new players to gel with the team. Hope that we get both a DM and a striker, keeping my fingers crossed and staying positive. I hope Wenger will deliver

    5. No,Akpom should be being phased into the first team. Bring him on as a sub in games we are leading or against weaker teams. Iwobi should be loaned and maybe Crowley. I would like to see Akpom and Zelalem get some game time

    6. Good to see Akpom for whole match,looks like a great find.As for Wilshire what a miserable guy. Gives impression he doesn’t want to be there other players laughing about but him, well I bet he won’t be with us soon unless Wenger gets rid of a couple of midfielders. He won’t want to play wide just to get game time as to many already there . Wenger has something up his bag that is gonna surprise us all CB

    1. ffs…even akpom has an arsenal hat trick…God, even welbeck has an arsenal hat trick…but to some, hold-up-play > goals….i guess people have different sources of excitement

  2. flamini wants to challenge Coquelin for the 1st team spot…… Laughable! ….. What the hell is wrong with ya Bastia…. C’mon submit a bid! *face-twist*

    1. its his wages..they were like ..look broseph…we can offer u what ur worth currently…
      err what? but all ur offering me is a baguette and a buss pass…
      yeah so?
      err ok..i go home now

      1. Bastia better find a way to sort things out……….. Cuz me tired of the choirister?

      2. does this mean we getting the cassette?……….i’m in a DVD shop right now……. Wanna buy one

      3. @Budd…….. does this mean we getting the cassette?……….i’m in a DVD shop right now……. Wanna buy one

    1. You didn’t need to add the last three words. The meaning is already implicit in the phrase.

  3. Akpom was just awesome today! His speed strength and skill was just great! He will definitely be knocking on the door soon for first team selection! Coyg!

    1. Akpom needs two more years before starting for arsenal first team. Don’t forget yaya got 4 goals against a much better benfica

  4. seriously before the season begins, we should consider what to do to the extra paid Liabilities on the team

  5. then Wenger is the man to polish him and at a team that consist Ozil, Wilshere, Cazorla Sanchez and Ramsey. He should stay and challenge Giroud. apart from today I’ve always rated him high.

  6. Akpom much,much better than Sanogo, all those opportunities Wenger gave to Sanogo should have gone to Akpom, hope this season is a role reversal.

    1. @chenrob2
      All of those opportunities AW gave to Sanogo, should have contributed to us keeping Afobe. We should have kept him instead of buying Welbeck…

      1. @NY Gunner
        I agree with that completely. Sanogo got many chances playing up top. He looked underwater and struggled, but kept getting another chance. Afobe never got a decent sniff which always truly surprised me. 4th choice at palace says it all. Too bad no mulligans in transfer window

  7. Finally FOOTBALL After a long time! Good game from Akpom.If he continues to showcase is talent then I Would not be surprised to see him gaining more 1st team Opportunities.

  8. Akpom is definitely a star for the future but unfortunately, we are done waiting on “stars for the future”, we have done enough of that in the past 10 years without much to show for it. Now we need a top WC striker who can give us 25-30 goals from the very first season. Akpom can be our third choice striker, i think that should be enough to encourage him.

  9. Good Job Akpom. Keep up the good work. That said, we need a World-class Striker! Wenger had better be up & doing. I want the BPL, i’ve missed it so much. Been a long time… Wenger plssssss!!!!!

  10. guys an Observation please,Most of the guys you mentioned here like lacazette,lewandowski and the likes where given Opportunity to play and they excelled.
    not all the times players go out on loan,some develop from within.
    I remember Raul was 17 when he started for real madrid,proper opportunity for Akpom might suprise all of us.
    Lewandowski was bought for 3mil from poland yet he turned out good,give Akpom a chance in the 1st team we might be blessed with it.

    1. I think that guy down at WHL with the 1930s hairdo has given hope to all young strikers in the league – no-one, not even the Spuds saw that one coming. Having said that, I will go on record and guarantee next season will be very different for him.

  11. Even Messi was tried and He turned to Gold. Won’t be surprised if Akpom turn out to be what we’ve been missing. Just a chance but still we need a proven Striker.

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