Switzerland FA issue Granit Xhaka statement after clash with Arsenal fans

There’s still no sign of a statement from Arsenal following Granit Xhaka’s shocking outburst towards fans after he was brought off against Crystal Palace. The Swiss FA have responded.

Mirror Football have revealed that Switzerland’s FA have issued a statement to confirm that Granit Xhaka will remain as the national team’s captain following his outburst towards Arsenal fans in his club’s 2-2 draw against Crystal Palace on Sunday.

The 27-year-old looked furious with fans after he was booed whilst walking off the pitch. The midfielder angrily ripped off his Gunners shirt, whilst also telling fans to “f*** off”.

Switzerland’s FA have been in contact with the ace since the incident and have released the following statement:

“We are in contract with Granit. We appreciate the qualities and the importance he possess for the national team. As a result, his standing will not change,”

Should Xhaka play for Arsenal ever again after the outburst?

Xhaka’s future at the Emirates is in serious doubt following the incident.

Given how much the star’s reaction has taken the football world by storm, it wouldn’t be a wise move for Unai Emery to involve the star in Arsenal’s Carabao Cup clash with Liverpool tomorrow night.

Ex-Arsenal star Charlie Nicholas slammed Xhaka for his ‘atrocious’ actions.

This drama is the last thing that the Gunners need given the side’s recent shaky form. At a time where results on the pitch are becoming crucial, off-the-pitch incidents are taking over.


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  1. Each and every time Emery is sinking he tries to pull Ozil down with him. Mr Emery please don’t allow Ozil to ever represent arsenal until you leave. Show us the fans you actually have…. in your pants.

  2. I implore anyone to watch this player play for Switzerland national team.I am sure you will appreciate his qualities. xhaka is a player who should play the Henderson role at Arsenal.

    1. I watched him play in World Cup matches and he was the same, nothing special

      Mediocre in attacking, defending and playmaking, so he should at least help us with his set-piece abilities. But his dead ball skill level is way below the likes of Pernambucano’s and Beckham’s

  3. Emery has already stated that Xhaka is sad and devastated

    Legendary Gunners like Henry, Pires, Overmars, Kanu and Seaman are dying to play for Arsenal again, but that boy tossed his jersey like a garbage

    The fans have paid a lot of money to come to the Emirates just to boo a Gunner, so it must be a clear message for Arsenal

  4. Of course this should never affect his national team events. It’s not that it’s much of a disciplinary issue or image damaging.

    If Emery needs to ask his players to take a decision about Xhaka, it shows what a coward he is while taking decisions.
    Ozil decision is the board’s decision. Xhaka captaincy the players’ decision. Might as well tell the players to select the line up. We will get top 4 easily.
    Again, Emery is a poor decision maker. Look at his five captains
    Koscielny- Left in bad blood
    Cezh- signed a contract with Chelsea still as our player
    Monreal- Left
    Ozil- frozen out of the team
    Xhaka- ??!
    In the meanwhile, despite all the pressure on Ozil and all what is going on, Emery plans to bring him straight back away at Anfield and captain him. Again exposing his players. Poor management for sure.

  5. Good for the Swiss FA.
    I am tired of people demanding he apologises when they were the instigator in tge first place.
    If you can’t take the heat then don’t give it in the first place.

    If xhaka has to apologise then our petulant cry babies of fans that have been on a negative campaign against him since being made captain by his peers. Bullying him online and his family. Booing and humiliating him on live Tv.

    But then turn around and ask for apologies.

    Double standards.

    And if he apologises to make our spoilt brat cry babies feel good about themselves then they too should apologise. After that he should ask for a mive away from Arsenal in January. Because It’s too toxic right now.

    Let bygones be bygones.

    We need to move on.

    1. U are not an arsenal fan because if u are ,u will not blame the fans for their reaction, the fans spend so much to watch good football and support their team, what the players own fans is loyalty and xsaka has been playing rubbish for a while now, Madrid fans has done more than us ,even as far as mocking Ronaldo

  6. if xhaka apologises, then the fans should do likewise!!!..you can’t say because you pay gate fees money and abuse people, it is wrong!!. That said emery should leave!

  7. Xhaka has to apologize to the fans because he is paid with their money and his level of indiscipline has become unacceptable.

  8. Loads of comments and opinuioins, as one would expect, on this subject but surely what actually should MATTER to us Gooners is the fact that Xkaka is a poor player and we need him gone from Arsenal sooner, not later. Emery too!

  9. He’s been poor for 3 years with 2 managers with vastly different approaches to the game.

    Doesn’t excuse online abuse of Xhaka that’s never acceptable towards him or his family.

    Getting booed by crowd is fine. It’s their right to boo or cheer based on the performance of the player. He makes millions of dollars, poor on the pitch, and fans voice their displeasure and their perception of poor transfer.

    Threats to family unacceptable, booing a garbage player is acceptable.

    Don’t expect people to be lemmings or sheep. Arsenal legends have given their take, I think it’s worth considering, after all they have been there and dealt with their share of boos.

  10. Ever since Granit turn up in an Arsenal shirt I have asked the question,”what does Xhaka bring to the team? what’s his job,like what does he do or what does he need to be doing?
    I honestly hope this incident results in his leaving the club.Almost 4years and I still can’t tell what Granit does on the pitch, it’s enough.. he can leave now.

  11. Swiss are nothing special, not ever going to win anything, not even a good international team. Xhaka suits them perfectly.

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