Szczesny clearly says goodbye to Arsenal!

Szczesny looking likely to leave!

Whilst Arsenal are close to having one player joining the club in the form of Granit Xhaha, another player could instead soon be leaving the Gunners! Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has told the Italian media that he knows where he will be playing next season, and it looks increasingly likely that it will be away from North London.

Over the past few weeks there have been a couple of debates surrounding the rumours of Szczesny’s apparent departure from Arsenal football club. Whilst some reports have suggested that Szczesny will be coming back to play for the Gunners next season, the majority have instead been in favour of Szczesny leaving with Roma his most likely destination.

Speaking to the media, the Polish international goalkeeper stated: “I know where I will be playing next season, but I won’t tell. If I stay at Roma, it’ll be the opportunity to grow and improve even more. If I return to Arsenal, I’ll make use of my experience. I learned more in four months under Spalletti than in 10 years in England. I really get on with goalkeeping coach Nanni too – if I have made steps forward in my career, it is thanks to him.” Just that sentence alone makes it clear that he cannot be coming back to Arsenal..

The fact that Szczesny is refusing to shed any definite light on an impending move would suggest to me that any transfer deal in the making is being kept under raps by Arsenal as usual. If such a deal is being made, that of course means that Arsenal are looking to sell Wojciech Szczesny, but how much will the club get for their former number one? It was previously reported that Arsenal were looking to attract bids in the excess of €15 million, and if the club do receive such a bid, I have no doubt that they should grab the money and run.

Personally I do like Szczesny as a player both on and off the pitch. Although he has his inconsistencies and occasionally gets his name in the papers for all the wrong reasons, there is no doubt that he does have talent that is still waiting to be nurtured, not to mention he is of course a true Gooner! I think his messages for the Tottenham fans last Sunday certainly proved that.

If this latest report is to be true and Szczesny does truly know where he is heading next season then I guess the fans will have to wait just a little longer for confirmation, but can anyone see him returning to Wenger’s fold?


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  1. OT, manu have a new manager, Maureen. Lets hope he messes up manu like chelsea but without the championship wins before.

    Mata will be up for sale!

  2. If Wenger is smart he better buy ST/CB and maybe a proper LW so sanchez moves to the right.

    Mourinho is coming, pep, conte, Klopp and whoever Everton get. We could be in some trouble next year if we don’t spend and spend big this offseason.

    1. You missed out a word and that is “wisely”. Spending big on its own is no guarantee of sucess

  3. He talks too much!
    He will definitely be sold am sure of that…

    I must admit that next season is dreadful…
    Let’s hope we strengthen well!

    1. Do not forget everton, theitr new owner is rumoured to be spending £100m on transfers this summer.

      We have to feel sorry for Mata, was due to come to us but chose chelsea. Everything went well at first, voted the fans favourite player. Then along came maureen and mata was out. He never seemed to be the same player at manu. Now moureen has followed him to manu so he has to move on.

  4. Jose to MU cannot be a good thing for other clubs. Like our club legend Ian wright said, Jose with a point to prove will be deadly. Now with jose they can again attract top players even without top 4. Next season would not be easy atleast not for Arsenal FC.

    1. I am not so sure about attracting top talent. It seems that at every club he leaves under a cloud. what went wrong at Chelsea this season? His treatment of the club doctor eva carniero for doing her job was appalling. He had a spat via the media with lukaku over lukaku saying ” i hope the boss was watching” after scoring a goal whilst on loan at everton. He then sold lukaku, and what did chelsea need this seaso, an in form striker.

      Then there was the fans favourite/best player, Mata that he forced out.

      I though manu were about attractive football and stability. Not short term sucess followed by dischord, acrimony and failure.

      Lets hope that mourinho does his usual thing of spending loads of money on players, plays boring footbal and leaves mid season under a cloud. Lets also hope he does not have the sucess that he usually has in between these events.

  5. something about maurin- pep will not give him any chance of winning the epl . and who knows, maybe wenger will do a “hinkes” in his final season and kick some youngsters coachers ass :))

    1. I actually do not agree with this assessment. Jose has been the only manager who have defeated Pep in the league title when he managed Real madrid . And this city side is hardly like a barca side which pep managed. The league next season is open to win for any club. Chelsea will be back stronger and Klopp will do better and then we have pep who has amazing record in winning the league and now with the return of Jose , it makes even more interesting.

  6. Interesting…Scezney says he learned more in 4 days at Roma than in 10 years at Arsenal.. Now that’s probably an exaggeration, but it does make you wonder if anyone at Arsenal is capable of “teaching” and improving players.. If not it would explain why the likes of Walcott, Chamberlain, and Gibbs have not progressed as they were expected to.

    1. Then there was arshavin, remember how good he was when he arrived. Chanach was also very good when he arrived, scored lots of goals on his first half season then nothing. He also had a record in CL, something like scoring in six consecutive matches.

      What happened with these two?

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