Szczesny desperate to play – and is sick of his father!

Arsenal’s young goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny missed out on last year’s FA Cup win over Hull thanks to Arsene Wenger’s policy of sticking with his reserve keeper for Cup games, but this season he is desperate to appear at Wembley after being dropped from the first team in favour of David Ospina.

“It would be huge,” the Pole said on “I did get a medal last year but it hasn’t got the full flavour if you didn’t play in the final. This year I’m hoping I can claim that trophy and be fully satisfied.

“Last year it was a straightforward decision for the boss. Lukasz played throughout the competition and I knew from day one that he would play in the final. It was very easy for me to take.

“This year I only missed the first game and have played the rest, but it’s the manager’s decision. I accept whatever it is but I’m desperate to play.”

What Szczesny’s father said: “The relationship between Wocjiech and Wenger for a long time has not been the best.

Wenger has just needed to unload their frustrations and defeats onto someone, and it has fallen on Wojciech
Maciej Szczesny
“Mr. Wenger does not include people who are loyal. He does not always fulfil his promises and is honest to the end. He is happy to say that ash on his jacket is from someone’s cigarette, while it was his own dandruff.

“Wenger everywhere can see the blame, but not in himself. Wojciech under Wenger will never be the first choice goalkeeper. So let him go away and find a team where they fight with similar objectives.”

The 23 year-old is hoping that Wenger has not taken notice of the words of Szczesny Senior, who seems intent on annoying Le Prof as much as he can. His latest rant has forced Szczesny himself to issue a statement to the press: “Really shouldn’t be dealing with this one day before the cup final but my father leaves me no choice.” Szczesny pleaded. “I have not spoken to him in more than two years and just like everybody else I have had enough of his idiotic comments about The Football Club and The Manager I owe so much to! Therefore please do not consider his comments as my shared view. Thank You for your understanding!”

A lot of Arsenal fans have lost faith in Szczesny this season, and although Ospina hasn’t really needed to be as convincing, his record so far has been outstanding. Personally I think that Szczesny must be given the chance to prove that he can compete with Ospina next season, and this game may be the last chance he has to save his Arsenal career. It would certainly be unfair to punish him for his idiotic father!

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  1. ButtFlaps says:

    You play like Flapiankski last year!!! Like it last game, then bye bye, hello CECH!!!

  2. Greg says:

    Szczesny ‘s dad need to stop being “a drama queen” and help his son towards sorting his head out, and focus on his goalkeeping! Coyg!

  3. zicson85 says:

    Thank God he is distancing himself from his father this time around. The inability of the father to fsce the truth by telling his son to work heard and reclaim his position has been a major blow is his son’s career. Let the father face the truth and dont allow pride to make him finish the young poor boy career untimely

  4. red14 says:

    WE can make history today!! Arsenal with the most FA cups in the world, sounds quite good, isn’t it? And also a 3rd trophy in 2 seasons, and an opportunity to beat Mourinho in the community shield, that little twat. CMON GUNNNERS BUZZZZZZZZZZZZING for the game, just a few hours…

  5. Encoldher says:

    We have every reason to go MERRY. I bliv in the players and they are a different team now. They have a taste of being a champion and they ready to give us fan somtin to buzz and chant about. We will win with style!! Goodluck to szczesny.

  6. SoOpa AeoN says:

    this dadda-son feud just isn’t creating the right setting 4 sczesny to start in the F.A cup finals

  7. John Legend says:

    Now, the father is destroying the chance of Chez to start in the final. If there is too much for the Son to sort in his head, he rather should not start that game. Poor boy

  8. silvafox10 says:

    bellerin mert kos monreal
    cazolla coquekin
    walcott wilshere/ozil/ramsey sanchez
    girould dats d wining team

  9. Encoldher says:

    You sound like a spud Dondave. Arsenal is gunner beat mour. Just wait and watch. Mourinho is only good @ making the opponent get scared. Remembered how barcelona nailed him @ madrid? De played against morinho not madrid. Wanted to show him dat is notin and his mind games is old school. Seems u don’t understand the concept. We can and we will!!!!! Hail gunners WIN

  10. No10 says:

    2 – 3? Is that the number of goals we’ll score in each half?

  11. No10 says:

    He’s probably one of those Chelsea fans who were at the Emirates. Clueless, relying on a sugar daddy and of course old, fat and ugly as evidenced by the video…not class coming here to troll.

    1. admin says:

      He is BANNED

  12. dondave says:

    I’m a Chelsea fan and I like how arsenal play BUT that one-dimensional beautiful football will never win Mourinho esp wt Wenger in charge. Becos arsenal usually lose d game psychologically even bfor kick-off due to Mou’s mind games which Wenger doesn’t know how to prepare his players against. So they show up nervously nd jittery, nd one can alwez see fear in their eyes! both welbeck nd Giroud couldn’t tap into an open net in d last minute of our meeting at d Emirates, why? Nerves!!!

    1. admin says:


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