Szczesny exit agreed? Arsenal star to join current club’s rivals

Wojciech Szczesny is claimed to have agreed terms over a move to Napoli this summer, with a fee still needed to be agreed with Arsenal.

The Polish international has spent the past two seasons on loan with Roma in Serie A, and has been enjoying playing as the club’s first-choice.

The Giallorossi did sign a new goalkeeper from Brazil by the name of Alisson last summer, but he failed to start a single match in the league this term, although picked up plenty of minutes in the Europa League and the Coppa Italia.

The Brazilian will now likely take over as number one should the Arsenal keeper complete his move to Napoli, and it would be interesting to see whether Pepe Reina would be able to keep Szczesny from being first choice.

The 27 year-old left the club to join the Serie A side on loan after the arrival of Petr Cech from Chelsea, but Szczesny had already lost his first-team spot to David Ospina, and is believed to have grown frustrated with his status in North London.

Ospina is also expected to leave the Gunners this term, with Turkey reported to be a likely destination, which will leave Cech and Emiliano Martinez as the only senior options.

The Gunners are expected to bring in a replacement should the duo depart, although Martinez did impress in spells this term, and could really do with first-team football, possibly out on loan.

Should Wenger mend the bridges between himself and Szczesny and bring him back to challenge Cech this term? Or is he not good enough to challenge for first team action?

Pat J

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  1. OT.. Am not in favour of wenger signing anything less than a 3yr extension. Reason being, is that it’s just gonna create speculation and more uncertainty especially after the first year as to who his successor will be.. With current atmosphere surrounding the club at the moment, he should be given enough time to heal the wounds and an ultimatum of atleast but not limited to of winning the league. Which will brighten the mood around the emirates and make it a more conducive environment in welcoming a new manager.. This also led me to believe that it would’ve been foolhardy to sack the manager at this due to the current climate affecting the club, its almost similar to roosevelt getting more than two terms due to ww11.

    1. Never gonna happen my friend. Why are pple so adamant with wenger to stay. So everything is forgotten? The truth is the dark atmosphere around the club is never going to end. It will just be pushed aside and be ignored by the board if they give wenger that extension but just wait till jan or feb next year again more pple even you will see wenger is incompetent. It saddens me that we will hve another mediocre transfer market and pple expect us to challenge for pl over the moon? I think the club and us fans need to be objective and not pessimistic coz at the moment all those saying wenger in are using their moods and how they feel towards arsene rather than results. Now once again why are ww judging wenger based on our feelings and love towards him (you cant tell me that there is no better man than wenger that is just blind love)
      I think the arsenal board is pretty shrewd and they know what they are doing. They realised that if theykeep spending then expectations rises. Now they hve made us accept that next year our agenda is getting back into the top four and we hve accepted it.
      Fa cup was what made us smile this year and i give full credit to wenger but is that enough to forgive him for all the errors this season? All our wounds we hve covered them by a good fa cup win? Is that what arsenal club represents to you?
      I would love us to challenge for pl genuinely till the end even if we finish 6th ill be happy knowing we tried to our level best and that the manager and the team tried. This season the manager has been at pluto and the players at mars! When was the last time you as a fan clapped your hands and said well done boys you hve made us proud. Something has to change and i hope for it coz i love arsenal and am not blind i can see we are currently the fight best team in the league and more and more teams are showing ambition while we are just happy with salvage value. Our signings late, our form late. Lets not ignore that wenger is not the man for the job coz if he was he could hve accepted his shortcomings this season and even promised the fan that he is going to make it right and ask us to give him a short and back him up. Ill let you go and see what he is saying then judge for yourself as a club is this the man to take us forwards?

  2. Lukakau-60 Millinon, Mahrez-40 Million=100 Million
    Sell-Perwzz-10 Million, Walcott-30 miilion, Jack 10 million, =50 million, Sezzny-5 million

    Net spend 50 Million, Keep Sanchez and Ozil at all cost.


  3. So soon we (gonners) forget our consistent problems. The moment the league kick off the usual syndrome would set in. Can’t we remember we got disgraced in Europe with the worst result this season(10-2), 18 points behind Chelsea, top by spurs by 11 points, lost 4 matches by conceding 3 goals persistently , conceded 47 goals in EPL , lost out in 2nd round of UCL for 7 years consistently, which could still continue under Wenger’. Please stop this window dressing and image laundry of a man who only realised to bring changes when title have been won. Good he won FA, but is that our target. Enough of this hypocrisy. Soon the season kick off we start wailing again. Thanks AW, but its time to GO.

    1. Sometimes we are more like a charity club than a football club. We have so many forms of charity over the years. Diaby, now wilshere, the deadwoods (theo,sanogo,giroud) all this players need to go they are in huge money and for what? There performance doesn’t match it. Over to wenger how is he getting the contract extension hehe we are bieng mugged with our eyes open

  4. EPL. =3/21 years
    UCL =0/21 years
    FA. =7/21 years
    LC. =0/21 years
    If these are subjects could one rate this as impressive?
    Let face facts so that we don’t end up doing catch_up every season. #OUT WENGER.

    1. I recall two years back when we were saying wenger out and some fans said that lets give him a shot and support him. (Similar to what pple are saying now) now they are using the same tactic again and telling us to get behind the team lol. Where were they on feb and march? They were all hiding and i like some guys here even though we hve difference in opinions they hve always backed wenger (pat j). But to all those who were hiding and hve risen from the ashes because of a good fa cup win shame on you. You lot are what is the problem

  5. Chelsea has brought in more than 10 managers(JM twice) since the Abramovic era started, they won more trophy than we did in 12 years (2015-2017), yet we are being brainwash that only Wenger can do it . Did Di Matteo not win UCL, Raniery won the league with little resources an unknown names. Let start rebuilding with a new manager.

  6. Owner & board: Priority = Money / Target = Top4 (Narrowly missed)……….
    Manager: Priority = Narcissism / Target = Get FA Cup record wins (Achieved)……….
    Genuine fans: Priority = Challenge for major trophies / Target = Win a major trophy (Miles away)……….

    So in terms of the board and the manager, it’s been a decent season. Only imperfect by a very narrow miss on top-four. The inconvenience is the fans who were once promised more, actually wanting more!

    So this summer will be a process of consolidating the position against protesting fans. Any players seen as a risk of disobedience by speaking-out against the club or manager will be shipped-out ASAP (Perez? Szczesny?)

    Any players getting bumper-new-contracts (Sanchez? Ozil?) will have to agree to take the money, in exchange for not rocking-the-boat regarding ambition, or they’ll be out this summer.

    Any new transfers will have to be timid characters that will not challenge the current status quo. Especially easy to achieve when you buy “Promising young players” and “Give them a chance” rather than seasoned players that have enough professional experience and credibility to question the coaching.

  7. I will rather start my protest now , than wait till March or April 2018 when we start compensating ourselves with top four trophy. I will not vent my displeasure on any player, the team is a mental reflection of the man in charge. How many years does it take to build a team. Are going to wait until we start doing catch-up with spuds, AW is after his career not the club image. Could Wenger have gone to Madrid and buy them Sylvestre(imagine), enough of this experimentation. GO HOME WENGER.

  8. Has anybody ever notice the body language of Steve Bould . He seems not to agree with AW hypothesis.oh! Wenger love ” Yes men” and that speaks volume of reason why the likes of Viera, Henry, Adams and surprisingly(Arteta) are not given a chance by Monsieur.

    1. Moses did lead the Isrealites in circles for 40 years before they emerged from the widerness. Wenger has just spent half the time, he’ll need another 19 years to match Moses.

  9. I hope we keep Szczesny for atleast one more season and sell Ospina. Wenger will not buy more than 3 players. We have signed Kolasinac on free so, I expect another 2 or 3 players. We have plenty of CB so, we will buy a Cm and striker. We will have few sale like Perez and Campbell and maybe Walcott too.

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