Szczesny needs to train harder to win his Arsenal place back

Arsenal debate – Does Szczesny need to man up? by JO

Over the past few weeks Arsenal fans have been treated to a positive change of fortunes with great results in wins against Hull City, Stoke and latest victims Manchester City. My guess is all Arsenal fans have enjoyed this and we can only hope that it continues for as long as we keep moving up the table.

Part of the reasons for our positive team display has been the team selection, especially in the Goalkeeping and Midfield areas where the Manager has made the bold move to replace Szczesny with Ospina and resisting the temptation to field fit again Ozil and keep faith with the Magician (Carzola). Another change in defensive midfield was forced onto him by injuries to first team players like Ramsey, Flamini, Arteta and Wilshere.

However it’s ironical that as soon as some Arsenal players regarded as first team members don’t play a couple of good games or so, then rumours of their discontent and displeasure start to crop up. The Daily Mail is reporting that Polish goalkeeping legend Jan Tomaszewski thinks Wojciech Szczesny should look for a loan move away from Arsenal as he won’t play another game this season. “It seems to me that Adam Nawalka (Poland’s national team coach) should go to London to find [him] a way out of the situation, because from what I know, Wojciech will not play again until the end of the competition,” Tomaszewski told Sportowefakty. “Wojciech should look for a loan. He won’t lose anything, he will continue to be bound by a contract with Arsenal, but will he be able to count on regular game time.”

I can imagine that this is a joke taken too far! So he thinks that Arsenal performance should suffer as long as Szczesny has game time? And who has told him that the player will not play again till end of the season? Is Arsenal not entitled to have 3 decent keepers? Or is it a crime for the club to field its best players (based on performance) which gives it a good chance of winning?

I don’t want to be seen to support the manager foolishly, but I am not happy with a player who does not show total commitment and does not appreciate the chance when they come. The gloves have been with Szczesny since the season began, while Ospina was on and off with injuries and Martinez was deputizing. This period saw the club drop a lot of points in games which were winnable. Most fans wished that the manager would replace the keeper whom they felt was undergoing a patchy run of form. Yet when the gods heard our cries and the manager did just that then the negative rumors started.

Why can’t Wojciech learn his mistakes and fight for the team through his performances like Cazorla did at Man City, instead of dragging it down by wanting to play even when everybody sees that he is struggling?

Every player must train and be ready when called upon to do a better job just like Cazorla, Ospina, Bellerin and Coq have done. This is the surest way to ensure maximum game time for themselves and success for the club….

By Joseph

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  1. David ospina has looked more confident, solid, and commanding in goal! Szczesny has got to get his act together, as he can say goodbye to the no 1 shirt! Coyg!

    1. Would like to thank JO for this article, plus i would like to everyone that has commented, great football discussions going on. Please ADMIN keep such articles coming, its better than having articles where guys end up insulting each other.
      Off topic, apparently anyone that is 6ft tall and plays in the CMF is dubbed the new veira. I think we need to stop hyping some players that have not yet achieved anything to our legendary players.The only player that was capable of replacing viera was Yaya but we failed to sign him. After Yaha there will only be one left and that is Pogba. If we really dream of replacing Veira then its Pogba that can fit the bill.

    2. Simply not good enough for me. Certain thing can never be taught. You either have it or you don’t. For instance,Szczecny is very bad with the ball at this feet. That is before other more important stuffs like
      ball distribution,
      organisation of the defenders,
      commanding the area

      Ospina gad made it look easy over the past 3 games but what goodness are taking for granted is the fact that he has done all the above so well and in such a way that,he does not have to need anything after.
      Just check the comradie between him,kolcieny and mertesacker
      Szczecny should have been discarded with the likes of brendnther.

  2. Who is this Carzola, surely you mean Cazorla? :p On Szczesny being dropped, that was warranted, and the crying by Tomaszewski is ridiculous. Of course Arsenal should field players based on form, wish that was being done about players like Wilshere as well.
    Still on a high about the City performance though, man I’ll remember that for a while!

    1. why do you feel it necessary to take jabs at jack hes been out for ages
      and when he was playing he was playing better than most of the team ,, he was improving after coming back from difficult recoveries ramsey cazorla ect were having trouble getting there form at that time aswell get ur head out ur arse ,,

  3. I honestly don’t rate Szszcesny anymore, he had one amazing season which was the 2011-12 season but he’s been shit ever since then, he won the Golden Glove last season only because our defence was good. He just never learns from his mistakes.

  4. Szczesny right now is under serious threat from david ospina for the no 1 goalkeeping spot! Szczesny needs to change his attitude and stop being “full of himself”! Coyg!

  5. Sir Szczesny is arsenal’s no.3 in my eyes, actually I feel more confident with the other 2 keepers. With him (szny) in the post I feel like disaster waiting to happen. Ooooooooospina all the way!

  6. Was szczesny really that bad this season? Ok he had a howler vs soton, but other than that I cant really think of any games where he was particularly bad (I do miss some games due to school). In fact, I recalled he had a pretty good game vs west ham, where he was really commanding in collecting crosses. Just my opinion but I feel most of the goals we conceded were down to poor defending instead of szczesny

    1. Apart from soton game this season, I can’t recall any bad performance from szczesny … I just can’t understand why all this criticisms … Nevertheless, it is good to chance for Ospina to prove himself (can’t judge since he had two easy games so far)

      1. Thing with Sczez is that he doesn’t instil confidence. We are always a counter attack or ball over the top from him rushing off his line and doing something slightly reckless. Ditto from crosses I have never felt he is very assured..not that many necessarily are these days…although Ospina collected a few crosses well at the weekend.

        However most great teams, for example (Utd with Schmeichel), Liverpool (Clemence), Chelsea (Czech)… and certainly past great Arsenal teams…Jennings, Wilson, Seaman, even Lehman….have all had a world class keeper. I don’t personally believe Sczez will ever really be that, nor probably Ospina. It would be good at some point if we rectified that position.

        1. Good post gooner100. Problem is WC goalkeepers are the rarest of rare – very scarce indeed. I can only think of two presently playing in Europe who fit the WC mould completely and indisputedly – Neuer and Cech. 85% sure Courtois will be there v.soon but have some v.small niggling worries with him and he has not really been at it long enough for it to be a given.

          WS is at the crossroads as far as I am concerned. I don’t have much doubt that he possesses the ability and physical attributes to be, as the Magic Man Merson would say, “top, top drawer”. Whether he can develop the brain and attitude to match remains to be seen – but at least these things can be learnt whereas the basic ability, physique has to be there – you can’t get these later in life.

          1. @jonestown1….I absolutely agree that this is primarily a mental thing. His decisions are sometimes based on a rush of blood…coming off his line to collect when he has no chance, coming out of the box when he’s better staying put, ill considered release of the ball putting others in immediate trouble….etc….and all avoidable. As I say in the past we’ve had great keepers, who I can’t consider Sczez to be in the same league as.

            I truly hope he makes it (and don’t doubt the constant changes with the back 4 is no help), but I see others that are the same age, de gea (for example) who seem to have made the transition pretty well, despite team formation and player changes. Fingers crossed he can sort this out and perhaps a break from the team will do him some good.

    2. You are right tubby. Soton he had the 2 howlers and the previous game against WH he was v.good. Can’t remember any other bad games from him to be honest. But I think the occasional bad game is the problem with WS, and GKs are under more pressure than all the outfield players not to lose concentration on an intermittent basis.

      Will be interesting what is said on here if and when Ospina’s has his first howler!

      Wenger has often been accused of favouritism and I was surprised to see DO continue in goal after the FA cup match against Hull – not because I didn’t think he deserved to but because that is not normally how Wenger does things. Thing is, it has got to be close to impossible to bring WS back in to the PL 1st X1 at the moment – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it has to be the order of the day.

  7. It’s a shame that his position has to be threatened in order to get his shiz together. When Szczesney is focused, and cutting out his cocky nonsense, he is a very good shot stopper, but again why does it have to get to this stage for him? Happened last season, and Fabianski came in and did a great job.
    Oooospina all the way for the time being, and if he keeps up good form, than more the merrier for competition.

  8. Seza needs to turn to into a men and stop acting like a clown all the time. Profesionalisem is needed at the back, bec that poz needs solid a Charakter.

  9. Szczesny can never be a world class keeper..(my opinion anyway) just take a look at De Gea and Thibaut Courtois they have potential to be come a world class.. i cant count how many point De Gea have make for United this season. Szczesny is older than both of them. let face it he is just an average goalkeeper… so yes for know he should stater from the bench till when he proved is ready for number one sport.

  10. off topic,

    According to reports today, Arsenal are in talks with the agent of Cheick Tiote about a potential £9m move from Newcastle this month. (The Express)
    ..????? not Arsene type of player.

  11. I have this feeling Ospina will make us stop stealing envious glances as Hugo Lloris save the as**s of those sp*ds. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooospinaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

    He is so proffessional and a real calm presence in goal. Nice piece of business to have brought him in.

  12. Since we’ve had Ospina on, we’ve had a more stability @ the back and in goal unlike the other care-free guy Szczesny who loves nothing more than taking clueless selfies. He should remain on the bench 4 now. COYG

  13. He is too much of an arrogant little douchebag. He needs to eat a lot of humble pie before he buckles down and does something useful for his career progression.

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