Szczesny says Chambers transfer was MASSIVE for Arsenal

It is still impossible to say whether the new Arsenal and England international defender Calum Chambers is going to spend most of his playing career at right back or in the centre of defence, because the 19-year old has shown that he has the ability and the right attitude to both very well.

It seemed at first, for Arsenal at least, that Chambers was signed more for his skills in the centre of defence, with Wenger suggesting as much. But the injury to our France international Mathieu Debuchy has meant that the Gunners have needed him on the right.

And the England boss Roy Hodgson has showed that he is suitably impressed with the youngster in that role by playing him there in both of the recent internationals. There has even been talk about Chambers possibly being able to do a good job as a defensive midfielder as well, so he is clearly blessed with great ability.

And that has really impressed the Poland international that keeps goal behind him, as an report reveals. Szczesny is even more impressed with the way the young player conducts himself, though, as rather than being full of the confidence and brashness of youth, Chambers has shown himself to be humble and respectful and that confidence only comes out when he is playing.

The Arsenal keeper said, “It is a strange one because I would imagine that to be very successful at 19 you need to be massively confident, maybe overconfident at times.

“But Calum isn’t – he’s very humble, very quiet and he shows his confidence on the pitch. It is a massive quality because he looks very comfortable, whether you play him at right back or centre back.

“He is comfortable on the ball, he is comfortable defending and he is very strong as well. He has been a massive signing.

“The pressure was on him as well because he was 19, he came to a big club and he went straight into the starting XI but he has been coping very well.”

I must admit to having my doubts about Wenger signing a relatively untried teenager in the summer, especially for around £16 million, but it looks like Wenger and his scouting team have got this one spot on. But what is his best position?

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  1. If we signs some cb in january i wouod love to see him as our cdm. He has good techniquen.strong,great passing abiloty and composure. He has done tremendously well for us so far. But he is just 19 mistakes are acceptable. The important thing is give that lad proper rest. Wenger is right on calum because we cannot see not so many 19 yr players with this much ability. Let him grow. Proper rest and enough game time . Thats all needed for chambers

    1. With talks of laporte it would be excellent idea to sell coqulan in January and promote chambers to a dm.

      Laporte potential at cb is frightening I definetly believe he can become the best in the world in that role

      With chambers coming to dm it means jenkinsons arsenal career is still very much alive when he gets back

  2. I also think he has all the attributes to be a decent DM, but right now, we need someone experienced in that department. Over the years we have put too much faith in players with potential with not enough focus on bringing in the finished product. I understand financially we were not really equipped to do this a few years ago, but right now, Arsene needs to bring in top talent, as our experienced players (Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky) are all getting on and need to be replaced with players a bit younger but with decent experience. I am all for grooming youngsters, but a mix of this with top talent and experience is the key.

  3. So ozil wants bayern and Khedira is going to chelsea with cech going the other way. What happened to all the articles like “KHEDIRA ARSENAL DONE DEAL” ?? When will we ever hear good news?? And nobody mention walcott. That might jinx him 🙂

  4. I love Chambers. I really don’t have any issues with him and he will continue to get better. honestly, wenger got some great signings this summer including the 19 year old. however he failed to sign some crucial positions which has hurt us.

  5. I like the way this kid is developing. Its because he has people to learn from unlike Wilshere Ramsey, Ox who had no one to learn from. There is no media hype on him and he is keeping it simple, he wants to learn. Others think they are are superstars and yet they are not, just media hype. The rest are constantly in the press, taking selfies and being over hyped. By the time others wake up he will be a superstar.The same goes to Wenger, every time on the news instead of studying some tactics. If you try to look at all the stars in the world, they are never on the news.

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