Szczesny? Should Arsenal send more players to Ajax?

Latest transfer reports coming out of Ajax talk about the possibility of the Dutch giants signing Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny. The Ajax director of football Marc Overmars has reportedly been in touch with the Gunners to find out about his availability.

The Dutch club expects to lose their incumbent goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen to Manchester United. Louis Van Gaal has worked with the Dutch keeper during his stint as the national coach at the Brazil world cup.

Man United are trying to rebuff Real Madrid with all their might in their efforts to sign David de Gea but the Manchester club is publicly insistent that the Spaniard will not be allowed to leave the club this summer. They are willing to run the risk of losing De Gea for free next season, but, it is public knowledge that Van Gaal is pursuing other targets for replacement.

So, if Van Gaal approaches Cillessen with an offer to join him at United, Ajax will be left without a proven keeper. The expectation at the Dutch club is that the 26-year-old is ready to leave the club in case of a confirmed bid. They do not want to be left short and hence the interest in Szczesny.

The Polish keeper has lost his place to David Ospina last season. This was after a series of horrendous blunders and loss of form. And with the arrival of Petr Cech to the club, it is sure that the chances for Szczesny would be as much limited.

But, the initial indications from the Pole and his camp are that he is ready to buckle down and fight for the number one position. There are also reports that he is not reluctant to be a second choice behind the more experienced Cech.
However, a bid from Ajax could change everything. It would be a chance to have more game time under his belt. That may depend on the status of his other competitor Ospina, at the club. Ironically, Ospina could also become a target for Ajax. Personally I would prefer Wenger to send Szczesny on a loan deal tather than a permanent move, as he ten years younger than Cech and could improve in the future under the correct tutelage.

Overmars, who is a former Arsenal star, has already taken striker Yaya Sanogo on loan for a year. Wenger expects that the former Gunners legend Dennis Bergkamp could mould Sanogo’s career. The cordial relations between Wenger and the duo (Overmars and Bergkamp) should make this work.

It all will depend on Szczesny’s decision once a bid is placed. He may want to learn under the tutelage of Cech at the Emirates by staying. But, the lure of game time could be too much to turn down, and I am sure that Bergkamp teaches ‘The Arsenal Way’ at Ajax as well.

Maybe we should be sending more youngsters over to be taught by our old living legend?

VIDEO – Watch Chuba Akpom showing off his silky skills!

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  1. Shez to Ajax on loan would be a very good move for us. We just simply don’t need 3 top keepers. It would give shez more playing time. Send arteta on loan to Ajax with him.

  2. Ajax do not want him on loan.He is bashed too much and i think he should leave to ajax.He may be error prone but has done his best in having to be behind some terrible defending over the years.I admire his bravery.He was 19 years when he played his first game and to me its just a matter of time before he becomes world class.The defence barely helped him in his first and second season here to be honest and he also did not help himself by making a lot of mistakes.But i believe that Szczesny will be a legendary keeper one day.He just has that kind of something i dont know but something about him makes me feel he can be so good.He should just leave and rebuild his career at Ajax if possible.He should know that he has the potential and by getting his head in the game and focusing the sky will be the limit.

    1. Don’t shoot the messenger but I am hearing that we have had a bid of 40million pounds accepted for Benzema. I also heard we have made a bid of 32million pounds for Julian Draxler. Source is that football agent guy that has been spot on with all his tweets. I have a good feeling about this but like I said, I am no itk. I follow the guy on twitter and he announced this like an hour ago. Of course nothing is real until it is on Fingers crossed.

  3. Really wish wenger would grow some b**** and just sell him just like van Gaal doing at United Jose doing at Chelsea and Fergie done for years Get rid of the rubbish or let them rot in reserves. Sorry but that’s main reason it’s been 10 years wenger’s been too loyal n way too nice

  4. 1 season they can have Szcz on loan and the next they can have Ospina…
    Cech isn’t getting any younger, how many years will he be our number 1?

    1. @Mo1 everyone is entitled to their opinion.You believe his average fine by me but i do not think so i believe he needs to concentrate and focus on being the top Keeper he should be.To do this he should just leave arsenal and go to a team where he will get many games and over there he should focus and be concentrated so as to make the right decisions in goalkeeping.He was destined for greatness but his mistakes are overshadowing him.He needs focus.He should leave arsenal.

    1. @Futbal agent:
      BREAKING: Real Madrid accepted a
      £40M bid for Benzema. His agent is in
      talks with Arsenal. Move looks likely.

      BREAKING: Arsenal have bid £32M for
      Schalke’s Julian Draxler. #AFC

      O God please make this happen at least one of them.

      1. That guy on twitter @Futbal agent is a fraud and liar. Few days ago he said Man Utd have bid 120 m for Bale and 95 m for Muller. If u want reliable follow Memz dogi, Muzzy Ozcan,

  5. Major problem with this article. Szczesney is not 10 years younger than cech, in fact it is less than 8!!

    As for cech being 33, wtf? Brad friedel just retired, 42, how many keepers play top flight football into their 40s? I reckon cech will be our number 1 for all of his 4 years if not more.

    The only reason he lost his starting place at Chelsea was because mourinho didnt want to.lose courtoius.

  6. Gideon zelalem would be a good young player that should be loaned out to ajax, to get some playing time as well as experience!

  7. shut up. how some of you got a short memory. Sceszny is a good keeper and he just needs to sort out his concentration level to be great. this guy won the golden gloves with Mert and Kos at the back 2 seasons ago. I tell you even if you play Neuer behind Mert and Monreal (two snail runners) he will still concede goals. I agree that he was silly few times last season but I remember Cortoius flapping twice and even De gea and Hart list goes on. I still think he’ll become a much better keeper than Ospina under Cech’s tutelage.

    1. I remember Sczcesny getting 4 1/2 years starting experience at the top flight and not getting any better. He is the same player he was when he started getting games here: confident, athletic, above average shotstopper that runs out at every opportunity, makes a lot of mental mistakes, mishandles the ball a fair bit, and can’t judge the flight of the ball well on set pieces. He has never really made any improvements despite Arsene allowing two better keepers to leave to let him develop (though I am fine with it as I think we could do better than Almunia and Fabianski and I only see them as marginally better anyway). I’m tired of hearing how he lost form. When the defense lost form, Szczesny’s weaknesses that had been covered for a while were on full display. Szczesny was the same.

      If you ask me who the better keeper is between Ospina and Woj, it is very clearly Ospina. If you ask me who has more talent, then it is very clearly Szczesny. But at this point how much more do we expect Szczesny to develop? If he hasn’t fixed any part of his game in the last 5 years, why should we expect him to suddenly get better even if he does have a legend to learn from now?

      I still expect Ospina to be the one to make way because he needs and deserves to be starting somewhere.

  8. Futbol agent have said weve bid £32mil for draxler m they called united for muller a day before sky so fingers crossed

  9. We should sell/release players who are not of top quality anymore or not needed. ie. Podolski (sold), Flamini

    We should send players on loan who need more experience and game time and/or not good enough at the moment ie. Hayden, Bielik, Zelalem, Akpom

    As for Szczesny, I would prefer Ospina to stay but I don’t expect both will be staying.

    However, I am very happy we have Cech. Finally, finally…we have a Top Top quality keeper.

    How amazing if we had a CF like Cavani, lacazette, Ibrahimovic, Benzema, etc AND a DM like Carvalho, Krychowiak, Bender, Vidal, Gustavo, etc. We could be right up there in front of Chelski, United, City

  10. chesny and flamingknees both leaving?
    and we are buying the first class benz?
    wow music to my ears

  11. Szczesny has been bashed too much.What makes it even funny is looking at the defence he was playing with in his first and second season.He has been made to look so awful in goal that he actually is in reality.Between Szczesny and Ospina i would not even think twice that I would have preferred Szczesny stay.But after all as most say he is average aint he.Well thats what peeps may say but I wonder how a Szczesny full of concentration would like.Only concentration is stopping him from being worldclass he is just too rah like Welbeck.He does many thing without thinking well.However if he looks at Cech and says to himself i would be like this guy or if he goes elsewhere and says i will concentrate then arsenal will regret selling him.He will not only be world class but he will be legendary.Well Goodbye Szczesny but at least when you excel i know that i supported you to the fullest.

  12. we need very much to cultivate this strong bond with ajax, and having jonker at youth level we should be setting up arsenal academy all over holland, it is a hotbed of technical talent all the time. and we should have first pick on all the great talent ajax produce(like davy klassen and Joel veltmen). i think and it is a great place to send youngster on loan because they learn the arsenal way over there to, and thy will always get a chance to play first team with ajax as they are famous for promoting youth from young age, its a football marriage made in heaven.

  13. Id like the second choixe keeper to get playing time but also work with cech so its a different one. I do like the idea of ajax being our new feeder club though as per Chelsea/vitesse arnem. We help them they help us jobs a good un!

  14. wouldn’t be to surprised if de boer is in with a strong shout of taking over from wenger when he calls it a day coygs

  15. Sell Campbell and Flamini. Loan out Szczesny, Gnabry and Akpom. Buy Krychowiak and

  16. this whole thing about how szczesny is made to look awful by his defence is rubbish great goalkeepers make the defense great not the other way around an example is de gea he made united look solid defensively

    1. De Gea rescued United on many occasions last year. Far from making their defence look good he highlighted how poor they were by being motm every week.
      I am not as harsh as SD above but it’s true Szczesny’s progress has been slow. He IS a good keeper but at the moment there are many good keepers in EPL and quite a few WC ones. 4 years ago he said he needed to improve on his kicking, and his kicking and distribution are still the weakest parts of his game and the clearest difference between him and Ospina. His judgement is not always great either on when to come out. I won’t criticise him for trying to punch crosses as catching seems to be a dying art of which Ospina happily still partakes.
      There is 0 chance we will sell him as he still has 15 years at top level and OF COURSE he will improve. A loan move to Ajax could be good for both clubs.
      OT do you all realise Burnley have a bigger budget than Ajax with the new TV deal lol #coyg

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