Szczesny to head summer exodus from Arsenal?

If Arsenal fans do not get their wish and get a new manager in to replace Arsene Wenger before the start of next season, then at least we want the Frenchman to take notice of our anger and frustration, see the reasons behind it and do something about it.

That means spending some real money in the transfer market for a change, and not just on one player while leaving a mountain of cash gathering dust in the bank. To do that the Frenchman will need to make room in the squad for the incoming players and that means, if we are right, the end of the Arsenal careers of quite a few players.

Due to their age and contract situations, two of these are almost certain to be Tomas Rosicky and Mikel Arteta but after that we can only contemplate and make educated guesses about who will go, or that was the case until now anyway. It now looks like Wojciech Szczesny will be at the head of the line of outgoing Arsenal stars.

The Poland international has had a good season on loan with Italy’s Serie A club Roma and despite previously saying that he wanted to be a Gunner throughout his whole career, the keeper has changed his mind and is now hoping that the clubs can agree to make his deal permanent, as a Sky Sports report explains.

Szczesny said, “I want to stay.

“It’s not all up to me, obviously. I want it to happen, and I know Roma and Arsenal are talking about it, so we’ll see what happens.

“I’m happy to have helped the team and winning the title must be the next objective for this club.”

What do you think of the keeper’s change of heart about Arsenal?

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  1. Umm… have you read his recent Facebook post?
    Ospina’s a great reactive keeper, but his size and command of the area will limit him to never reaching the world-class bracket IMO. He just doesn’t dominate the box like other keepers do.
    Would much prefer us to cash in on Ospina, bring back Szceczza and give him a year under a genuine, world-class keeper who has similarities to his game.

    1. Hey Josh where ya been hiding
      me old China 🙂
      I agree Szcz should come back
      but another year at Roma
      will mature him more.

    2. Invalid point!

      How did Ospina become the best in the league Last season?

      Is sczcesny doing that well on his loan spell?
      Don’t tell me bout size…’s all bout agility, flexibility , concentration, calculation , skills and speed

      Szcesny and the rest of the average bunch can leave for all i care

      Decades come and go….yet their taunted potentials is yet to be manifested!

      The wait is over

  2. None of the so called home grown younger players have been able to become consistent in the past 3-4 years like Szczesny, Theo, Ox, Ramsey, Gibbs, Wilshere injury problems.

    1. Release.
      Arteta. Flamini.
      Rosicky.Sanogo. Silva.
      Toral. Hayden.
      Theo 25 mill Ox 15 mill Jack 20 mill (While he’s fit)
      Gibbs 10 mill Debuchy 3 mill Cazorla 5 mill (If he is fit)
      Mertz 2 mill Gnabry 1 mill.
      81 mill.
      Buy CB LB DM

      Release Wenger bring in Ronald Koeman.

      1. You want to sell Cazorla. Are you nuts (lol)?
        He is a brilliant player and our starting B2B and backup to Ozil

        Also we need a new CF

          1. Brilliant players are sometimes worth the time they spend on the injury table. Aguero has knee trouble. You wouldn’t want him?

      2. What are you on boy? You really want to sell Cazorla? You need to give up on football and find other hobbies

  3. Hey check his FB post first..

    I get asked if I can stay on loan for one more year, I say its possible. Next thing you see, english media say “Szczesny wants permanent transfer” You guys are proper ?

    We all know english media

  4. Wenger must go first then Szczesny should leave he’s not good enough and must be followed by Giroud,Wilshere,Ramsey,Walcott,OX,Gibbs to the exit door we need a new broom that will sweep clean

  5. I am fine with selling/releasing Theo, OX, Flamini, Arteta, Sanogo
    However, We should try or best to keep both Ospina and Szczeny and I hope we keep Jack for another season at least.

  6. Cech>Ospina>Szczesny

    Let him go, he had a poor attitude at Arsenal anyways. We also won’t have try and spell his blessed name on this forum anymore 😀

    As for the change needed, we all might dislike/hate/detest/pick a word Kroenke, but he isn’t going anywhere for a long time, no matter how much pressure the fans put on him, we just don’t have enough influence to force him to sell his shares. Yes, we can mass protest, boycott games etc etc, but I think we first need to start with the manager. I firmly believe that Wenger had the opportunity to bring in more players to really challenge for the title, but his undying love and faith in his current batch of mediocre players has been his undoing. There is simply no ways a player like Giroud, Walcott, Chamberlain would keep getting first team starts at other top teams challenging for top honours.

  7. Let him go…sell him get as much as possible (£8-£10 mil would be a good price for both teams)
    as for Ospina he wants regular first team which we cant give him over Cech.. I repeat what i have said many times before lets go get a young keeper with great potential. someone who still has alot to learn but has the makings of the next Cech…breed him into the club get him playing our lesser matches get Cech to mentor him so in the next 5 season we would have Cech replacement ready to go…

    Donnarumma-First choice
    Mattia Perin- Second Choice
    Simone Scuffet- Third Choice

  8. Szczesny continuous smoking habits at Arsenal might have forced the Boss’ hand to send him on loan to Roma as a disciplinary measure. And even then, reports has had it he hasn’t stop smoking. Who knows, he might have been on the laughing gas too.

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