Szczesny urged to leave Arsenal after Wenger ‘lies’

Now that Petr Cech has finally been confirmed as an Arsenal player, here are lots of discussions about the fate of other three shotstoppers. David Ospina is the one that most people are expecting to leave as he has definitely earned a first team place in a top team after his performances for Arsenal and Colombia, but we all know who we would rather see on their way out of the Emirates.

Now the Szczesny Out Brigade have received support from an unexpected source, as the Polish goalkeeping legend Jan Tomaszewski believes that Wenger lied to Wojciech about the possibility of winning back his first team place. The Pole was quoted as saying: “In January I spoke to [Poland manager] Adam Nawalka and he said that Arsene Wenger had told him that if Szczesny worked hard in training he would play again soon.

“It turned out that he didn’t tell the truth. I’m sure that when Szczesny said that he was going to stay at Arsenal, he didn’t know that Cech was going to come because Wenger didn’t tell him about his plans. Szczesny should leave, because it will be waste of time for him, if he stays.”

The fact is that Szczesny has lost his place to Fabianski in the Polish national team, and with Cech displacing him at Arsenal he will also have little chance of winning his place back. Tomaszewski has made it clear that Szczesny should be considering his future very carefully. “Wojciech must be devastated,” Tomaszewski continued. “This [Petr Cech transfer] is a big problem also for the Polish national team.

“I remember when I was in Dublin before the Republic of Ireland versus Poland match, everyone was asking me just one question: if [Jakub] Blaszczykowski and Szczesny would play. That meant everyone was afraid of him.

“For me Wojciech is still Poland’s number one, world class goalkeeper but after Cech’s transfer he has no chance to play at Arsenal and for Poland. It could be end of his career in national team.”

I am afraid that most Arsenal fans definitely disagree that Szczesny is world-class but I’m sure we will give him our full support if he decides it is time to sever his relationship with Arsenal this summer….

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  1. OT: Four Leaves ArsenaL…… Jack jebb, Austin Lipman, Brandon Ormonde-ottewill, Josh vickers …….. Nonsense!… When the likes of flamini, diaby etc are still on the team

    1. Diaby is leaving..

      ‘Abou Diaby, together with academy players Jack Jebb, Austin Lipman, Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill and Josh Vickers, are leaving Arsenal, having reached the end of their contracts.
      Diaby leaves the club after 10 years in which he made 180 first-team appearances, scoring 19 goals.’

        1. You do realise this isn’t the official arsenal website?

          Not something to celebrate either really the guy was world class and I’m not using that phrase lightly he’d have been one of the best central midfielders in the world. Pogba 70m Diaby was on that level and gave everything to try and salvage his career unbelievably sad.

          1. I vividly remember Man City away two years ago, we got a draw but deserved more. Diaby and Cazorla completely owned the midfield that day. Diaby dominated Yaya Toure and he had missed the previous season completely.

            A healthy Diaby and I’m convinced Arsenals trophy drought would have ended sooner, he wasn’t afraid against world class opposition, he was never tentative or nervous he played with an intensity and swagger. If I’m being honest, if healthy, he’d have been likely sold to Madrid or Barcelona…but likely after some silverware.

            1. An another time when he came back from a long term injury and put in a fine performance was against Liverpool (a 2-0 win). Damn. Diaby was a complete midfielder and it really amazed me how skillful he was amid other things.

          2. I did read that Wenger had offered Diaby a ‘pay as you play’ contract. I don’t really understand why he wouldn’t have taken that, as I don’t think Wenger could justify to the board another contract for him, and this would’ve offered him a possible way back in….

        2. Are you for real? Diaby was a class act. His career was taken out of his hands. Wenger showed immense loyalty to Diaby but clearly there is no future for the guy and his injuries are simply too severe, so now he leaves. His dreams, his career and all the years of trying to recover came to nothing. What pleases you about that?

    2. Can be seen as good news. The two new French guys are direct replacements for liptman and jebb.
      We bought a new Romanian kid aswell
      Bakkali could also replace ryo.
      With otterwill going we may be targeting a quality young left back(Amauvi,baba,Gaya )
      Huddard/Macey is vickers natural replacement at gk

  2. Polish Goalkeeping Legend wants Szcenzy to leave. He thought He is doing Him good’. Szcenzy still have a lot to learn and I believe He’ll learn a lot from Cech. Even Ospina (if he stays) will learn some things from Cech. Cech has won a lot of trophies with experience. It all depends on what’s going on Szcenzy head right now. Polish Legend wants Him to leave’ Some Arsenal fans prefer Ospina to Stay though so I say it all depends on Szcenzy to decide…

    1. My choice is for him to go when he was number 1 we had 5 years of him making wrong calls… really bad positioning and a lot of laps in focus…

      Ospina first season and he mad way less mistakes compared to Szcenzy…and Ospina performed great in Copa America…

      Between the both of them I believe Ospina would benefit more learning from cech compared to Szcenzy….

      1. With all that being said I know if the reports are true and Ospina wants first team play and we are going to sell him then sell Szcenzy aswell….

        My choice for back up keeper would be Simone Scuffets…. He is young..agile..makes some great saves has great reactions and his much like cech (he will put his body on the line to get the ball)

        Atletico Madrid wanted him last season but he turned them down and A Madrid have a history of signing great young keepers (De Gea.. Courtois..Oblak all in the last 6 years have come and proven there worth)

        A young man like that on our side we would have the keeper so situation sorted for the next 10 years easily

  3. They could have been asking about which GK to play simply for tactical reasons. Im sure with each GK there would be weaknesses observed.

    Those Poles surely do have opinions, they never seem to pipe down. His dad ripped Per apart and coined a certain phrase and the management are always harping on about Wenger and their GKs. Open your eyes Poland, he will learn allot from challenging Cech and Fabianski is playing every week so what are you worried about.

  4. If wenger extends contract for arteta and flamini and rather promoting bielik for the first team than buying new CDM then I’m hopeless ….

  5. This guy is dumber than a stone. How come Szcezny did not knew we will go for Cech when all the kingdom was flashing news with Cech given as sure thing at AFC ?
    Not sure if I still have patience with Szceszny. Maybe he is a good person but people around him are not making him any service.

    1. Yeah dumber than a stone.
      How come SZCEZNY
      did not KNEW?
      People around him are not
      making him any service.

  6. I honestly don’t think Wenger wants to get a CDM. He is very much an attacking minded manager and spends big money on players who attack.

    I think if he gets someone it will be like Vidal but with Ramsey, Wilshere and Cazorla, even that looks unlikely.

    However, I could be wrong because in other seasons he would not have got Cech with having Ospina and Szczesny. Getting Cech shows to me that Wengers attitude has changed somewhat and he is willing to get ruthless and improve a position that has a good player to an excellent player.

  7. Szcz wants out because
    the club says no
    smoking in the showers.
    Podolski’s leaving because Wenger
    has banned him from skyping while playing.
    Diaby left because Wenger made him
    share the medical room with Sanogo.
    Ryo left because Gazidis stopped his suchi account.
    Wonder what Wenger will say if Vidal asks if
    drunk driving is ok in London?

  8. I feel we are stronger when Ospina is in the goal. This sense of security is why I want Ospina to back up Cech.

    The coolest thing about the Poland International Coach’s comments “he has no chance of playing again for Arsenal with Cech at the club, he is wasting his time staying …” is that it puts right into perspective how good Cech is.

    We all know this anyway from the way we spent 10 years wishing Cech was playing for us. But those comments, and those from other keepers, current Chelsea players saying he’ll gain Arsenal another 15 pts per season, coaches being shocked, some with their head in their hands. It all amounts to a fortress approaching … providing Gabriel can hurry up and learn English so he can play (the guy is another Koscielny). If we get Cavalho in front of Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Gibbs with Cech behind them and those backed by Ospina, Debuchy, Monreal, Mertesacker and Chambers …. Just Bring It!!!l

  9. happy diaby day
    the day has finally arrived i am very sad it never worked out better for him. i suppose diaby was never looking like he could get his full fitness back enough to get new contract, another sign that wenger means business no more contracts for the boys mentality, with poldi looking like he is going out the door too. to the rest of the lads on the list good luck to them and thanks for the games they gave us whether good or bad.
    also just seen imbula has joined porto, whats the kid doing! his talents would be much better served with us could be the first wrong move he has made already. badly advised by his farther no doubt, will have massive by-out clause now prob £40million min doh!

  10. Arsenal want to win tittles now so sentiment towards any players. If he is good enough, Cech won’t be number one. If he is disappointing us, the we have the right to go for a better player. Arsenal is not a Polish under 21 team so we don’t prepare players again for national teams to our detriment. I think arsenal is the most humane team. We endure players a lot. You can list them. Let’s move on. No sentiment.

  11. I think we have had enough nonsense of scz one week it’s his dad next week an ex gk from his country. wenger should dumb him & ospina (wont be 2nd choice gk) & go for benrd lena of leverkursen

  12. unfortunately for you Davidnz this is not english class. This polish guy must have been living under a rock if he did not hear the transfer rumours about Cech to Arsenal. with friends like these Szczesny needs no enemies. they are really doing him bad.

  13. Feel some sympathy for Scezny. He had a good Cup Final and showed how good he is in the air anticipating crosses and in doing so took a lot of pressure off our central defenders.I believe that our young keeper had previously tired of Mertesackers frailties i.e. lack of pace,poor defensive heading and constantly ducking away from the ball at last moments.Hence his rather rash and angry attempt to tackle outfield against Southampton to make a pretty futile point Must be a nightmare to play behind that guy.

  14. Statement: …he said that Arsene Wenger had told him that IF Szczesny worked hard in training he would play again soon.

    Response: I don’t see how Arsene lied in this statement. He said Szcezny will play soon IF he rained hard. The watch word here is “IF”.
    If Szcezny is not playing, it only means he’s not training hard enough.
    Simple decoding.

  15. OMG!!! The term “worldclass” has now been officially violated and I would never want to belong to such an average class that has Szczesny as part of it.

  16. I like Wojo. I like his bad ass attitude and I think he will be a Lehmann just intimidating with his look.
    But right now I think he is obviously the 3 Rd best keeper in the squad.
    I just hope for my beloved arsenal to have the best players.
    If he stays as number 3 then cool. Ospina should be #2. Damian is very young I am sure he won’t mind being the back up for all these guys.
    But again….we need to have the best players to challenge the best teams.
    No hard feelings. ….no sentimental BS. Just the plain facts

  17. Szczesny can be a top keeper. He can learn from Cech. Everyone says Szczesny had an awful season. I disagree. He had an awful few games, but at the start of the season he was exceptional, one of our best players in fact. If you don’t believe that, go and watch the Man City home game – we would’ve lost if he didn’t make some great saves.

    Of course, he conceded plenty of goals compared to Ospina. But Szczesny had to play with Monreal/Chambers at CB, whereas Ospina had Koscielny. Szczesny had Flamini, Ospina had Coquelin. With that defence, Szczesny not only faced more shots at him, but easier shots for the attackers – they were able to get much better chances, and had less pressure from defenders.

  18. i really do not think we needed a keeper, but getting cech will give us an ozil boost in the squad, Wos is a good keeper but has been caught in some awful positions and many remember him making the the mistake that lost us the opportunity to win our first cup in a while.
    I also think he had some crappy defending in front him earlier in the season which lead to damaging his confidence, Ospina has done well but i always feel fear whenever crosses are made in our area. It remains to be seen who goes

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