Crowley, Hayden, Walcott, Cazorla and many other Arsenal deals

All good official news from Arsenal as the club have announced that not only has Theo Walcott has signed his new contract extension (in a lot quicker time than the last saga) but also our little Spaniard Santi Cazorla has also put pen to paper, which should stop all those crazy rumours about him returning to Spain in the near future.

Arsène Wenger said: “We’re delighted to have extended the contracts of Santi and Theo. Both are top quality players who are hugely important and influential to our squad.

“As well as their huge contributions on the pitch, they both have a great deal of experience and are very popular off the pitch. We’re very pleased with them both signing contract extensions, as it provides our squad with further stability of quality.”

Another move made official is the loan move of Wojciech Szczesny to Roma. The Pole had clearly stated just a few weeks ago that he would be at Arsenal for life but he has now done a complete U-turn by saying: “I don’t want to focus on just getting experience here and going back to Arsenal,”

“I didn’t come here just to go back to Arsenal after one year.”

So if Wojciech has a good year in Italy maybe they will make the move permanent. With players like Cech and Ospina here for competition it is very unlikely he would get back into the Arsenal first team squad at any time in the near future so I hope that he buckles down and improves his decision-making in a new environment….

The wonderful Abou Diaby has moved back to Marseille to continue his never-ending rehabilitation job. You never know, perhaps a change of treatment room may do him some good, but it is being reported that the French club is hoping to get 20 games a season out of him. Good luck with that one! If he DOES play more than five games this season then we would have to say that Arsenal were doing something wrong over the last few years….

Another one out on loan is the Spaniard Jon Toral who has joined Birmingham. He was as highly rated as Bellerin when they both arrived but injuries have interrupted his progress. He did very well at Brentford last season so hopely he will step up again in this capaign.

Another promising youngster is Dan Crowley, who is now off to Barnsly to give him regular playing time. He is tipped as a star of the future so hopefully this will be a breakthrough year for him. The Barnsley managed Lee Johnson is very happy with the move: “I’m delighted to welcome Dan on board.

“He is an exceptional and exciting talent who is very highly thought of at Arsenal and we are extremely pleased that we have been entrusted with his further development.

“This loan signing further evidences that Barnsley can persuade some of the country’s best young talent to come to us, even where there is stern competition.

“Undoubtedly, at just 17 years old, Dan is one of the best young players in his age group in Europe.

“Dan has genuine, top-level skill and quality.

“I am delighted Arsenal have chosen Barnsley to aid the development of this exceptional talent, as well as aiding us in our pursuit of promotion.”

Hull City have also nabbed one of our (very) promising youngsters in Isaac Hayden. I watched this 20 year-old defender when Arsenal lost to Southampton in the League Cup last season. He was one of the best on the pitch in my eyes and has the makings of a future Arsenal star.

Joel Campbell is another player likely to go out on loan, as it seems Wenger is having trouble getting anyone to stump up the reported £7m to get him on a permanent deal. Palermo are the latest club to register an interest in the Costa Rican, but perhaps Wenger should send him on loan again and hope he improves enough to get a bigger offer next summer…

If Toral, Hayden and Crowley both have excellent seasons away from the Emirates, perhaps Wenger will have an even easier transfer window next summer!

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  1. happy we’ve tied down cazorla an theo, an after looking at other peoples wages in top 6 clubs, numbers are about right.

    still no dm or cf.

    anyone know how we can get rid of flamini? he clearly loves being here but we are fine tuning our squad an he doesnt belong at this level anymore.
    an that space could be used for a experienced dm….

    i tried askin him politely to leave…turns out it wasnt mathieu but ‘dave’ from down the road


      1. I think Szcz is just saying what he thinks is the right thing to say, because admitting the truth is just too painful. If he was truthful he’d be saying.. shit, I cant believe it. I was Arsenals no1 GK only this time last year, now they have Cech & Ospina and I am in a totally new country and I don’t even speak the language.. shiiit!!

        1. I honestly prefer ospina over shez, I would have no problem selling him. If he likes to stay in Roma then let it be.we can’t have 3 top keepers, no team has 3 quality keepers. It would only be realistic for us to either get rid of shez or ospina. But I think most of us would like to see ospina stay.

    2. Hayden is definitely one for the future, love his style of play. Our club has a bunch of youngsters who are set to have a bright future. The future looks great for us. But right now we should focus on the coming season and bring in the two players everyone is calling out for.a striker and a DM

  2. I am going to be bold and say one of these 5 players will play fir Arsenal this coming season

    1. Lewandowski
    2. Benzema
    3. Busquets
    4. Calejon
    5. Cech

    1. defo not 5 and 4..

      im going with 1 and 2…on the same day, but unfortunately both planes get intercepted by bane who is now under the order of roman abramovich.

      hopefully a certain ‘ninja turtle’ can save the day.

  3. I pray Heyden will step up because we need him (some in his position soon). Toral should be encouraged by Hector B’s progress and step up. Crowley should progress well. It is always better if core (very good) players are from the club’s academy- ala Barca.

  4. Now that he’s signed dat tang, its back to the rw for theo lol.
    In all seriousness tho, we’ve been very active in this pre season and I hope Arsene completes the team with 1 or two more signings.

  5. Dan crowley is an amazing player…

    He will take over from cazorla 4 years to come.

    The vision on that boy is amazing,scores freekicks just for fun.

    I am more excited about dan crowley than zelalem,reine-adelaide,akpom,iwobi
    and I am not even english.

    1. Have to say that I was most optimistic with G. Zelalem so long as he takes a leaf out of Ozil’s book and prepares his body for the prem, like I was saying I was most optimistic with him and his Fabregas like passes until only one match seeing Adelaide in action. Adelaide was apart of the world cup winning team in the French youths. Cant wait to see Fortune now as he was in that team too.

  6. Some fans say that Mesut Ozil was an unnecessary buy because we bought S. Cazorla the previous season. Do these people even know who our manager is. We have a manager who loves to overload our midfield with great attacking numbers along with quality. Mesut Ozil, one of the worlds very best no.10s and they cant see why Arsene Wenger would bite. Arsene turned down the opportunity of Fabregas returning because he brought in Mesut Ozil the previous season, that alone suggests that Arsene wanted a certain number as well as class.

    1. we should have gotten Suarez instead of Ozil… be beneficial

      Suarez could play on the wings and as a striker….

      with him and Suarez it would be formidable……

      If we had sign Suarez instead…

      Fab would have had a chance to return…..

      Fab Suarez Sanchez… strong we would be…

      1. I agree fully, however there was no way of knowing that Fabregas could be got. But yeah, definitely Suarez would have given us something that is scarce and hard to sign at the moment… a word class striking talent.

  7. Getting Cazorla & Walcott to extend contracts on the wages they say they are on is a sign of intent. As Wenger said he will only add if he can get world class quality as our squad is not that far off. The financial shackles are off & we can expect exciting football plus challenges for the “major” trophies over the next few seasons. Being saying this all along. paying back the stadium was the reason we was being held back. “In Wenger we Trust”.

  8. walcott on 140k a week what a utter disgrace what has he done to justify that? being a sicknote nearly every season for about 3 quarters and then playing a couple of games and scoring. I just hope if he is on that much then Santi deserves double that 200+, Mourinho is right Wenger has no excuse this season especially when hes wasting money like this on players of walcott calibre who is decent but nothing more.

    1. I think the only people in the Know are Arsene, Gazidas, Dick Law, and Arsenals board members, I don’t even think David Dein and Mr Usmanov are in the know. Some clubs we have approached will know of our intent but with many agents and club officials attaching their players names to Arsene and our club for the benefit of raising prices we will rarely know which ones to believe. Some of our players will hear the odd legitimate rumour but I would say that even they are for the most part oblivious.

  9. I never lost sleep over Carzola and Theo, i knew they would definitely put pen to paper. I am even more glad our young lads are going on loan to get the much needed experience and regular play. But i would have loved that Iwobi, Akpom, Adelaide, Zalalem equally joined the loan train as well. They are not experienced and developed enough to play regular senior team football, so the sooner they are sent out there to get regular play and experience the sooner they will be of use to us. Our future is definitely looking bright. But we desperately need to win the EPL this season or next, if we dont the quality we have will begin to think of moving on in search of trophies elsewhere. So Wenger, go out and get us that world class striker and a quality DM. Cavani and Krychowiak are realistic signing we have the muscle to pull.

  10. Crowley, adelaide, malen, iwobi, zelalem, akpom, hayden…. I think we will have world class young talent in the next 3-4yrs. Has anyone watched malen’s videos? That boy will be something else. With a number of experienced players signing long term contracts, it will be easier to fuse in these young players. It will be very interesting. I have a feeling we will no longer panic in the transfer market in the near future because of the aforementioned players…I forsee nice times ahead for the gooners….

  11. I think HAYDEN is ready for DM!!did you see how how good he was when he came on vs Wolvsberg?!!I would pick him ahead of Flamin

  12. Rumors of Chuba Akpom being loaned out to Hull City (which would be a good move for him to get experience) make me think a striker may, indeed, still be heading our way soon. Actually, until Akpom botched a few plays during the Emirates Cup, I think he had AW convinced he’d be a viable 3rd striker option. Now maybe AW realizes, finally, he has to look elsewhere. The question is, will he go for squad depth (a Llorente-type signing), or still try bring in a Benzema-type upgrade over what we have.

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