Szczesny’s Dad SLAMS the Arsenal defence (a disaster!)

The Arsenal defence is a disaster? by Sam P

There has been numerous Arsenal rumours surrounding the performance of Wojciech Szczesny against Southampton, and whether Arsene Wenger will be dropping the young Pole to the bench as punishment for his dismal display.

But Szczesny’s father has leapt to his son’s defence and even goes so far to call Per Mertesacker a rhinocerous! Maciej Szczesny was quoted as saying on Yahoo: “He made a mistake for the first Southampton goal, coming too far from the goal, but please look at the Arsenal defence – how these guys are playing is a disaster, but for some reason, nobody pays any attention to it.

“Laurent Koscielny should immediately have run back to protect Wojciech, and Per Mertesacker should have stood in the goal.

“Unfortunately they did not do that and gave him zero support, and in that situation Mertesacker showed the agility of a rhinoceros.

“Wojciech is often paying for it (the mistakes), and that he really cares. He needs someone who will critically analyse every game with him, but also remain positive.

“Someone should support him, but the coaching staff at Arsenal are not doing that, meanwhile the entire defence this season is an embarrassment.”

I really don’t understand why Szczesny’s father is getting involved and trying to lay the blame on everyone else to deflect the criticism of Wojciech. Surely this will only create further animosity between the players, when they should be supporting each other and concentrating on stopping the same errors in the future.

EVERYONE has a bad game now and again, but it is up to Arsene Wenger to decide whether they can learn from their mistakes or if they need to have a break. Let’s all just forget this spat until Sunday and see what Le Prof decides on the day….


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  1. He is not being wise by speaking like that,although I can’t really disagree with most of what he says,especially the rhinoceros part.that is spot on

    1. i think Szczesny father is Sheldon cooper who think that he is right about his son and we all fans are wrong who don’t know about football .we all know that arsenal defence is week but why he is doing goalkeeping when he can’t stop the goal.Club gives him 80k per week and he can’t stop or clear the f#$king ball.he have only one job that is goalkeeping and still his father told the newspaper that my son was right i think its time to sell Szczesny

    2. Got me laffin hard. “Mertesacker showed the agility of a rhinoceros.” Ahahaha!!!

      Ok that’s kind some compliment, comparing grandPer’s agility to a rhino’s. Eh, I say Mertesecker is as quick as a snail.

      1. But let me be very frank, I do blame Koscielny for Mane’s goal becuz he should have closed him down and never have retreated. But again, I wonder where Rhino went becuz he was nowhere around, I only saw him running towards the goal post to stop the ball, guess he went somewhere to have a quick piss.

        1. The greatest goalkeepers command their defense and make very little number of saves per game, if a goalkeeper has to rely on his own reflexes rather than use the defenders in front of him as human shields, then there is a big problem! In the game against Hull, Ospina organised his defense superbly, we never really had moments of panic, Schzezny should learn from that.

      2. I don’t think Sczny is all that bad of a goal keeper, we will all agree that he is not as good as tubut,degea etc but I think is father is spot on with his anology Mert is like a big over grown turtle and equally as slow every defender in the league knows that if your keeper advance you should go straight on the goal line debuchy did it in the closing moments of that game that’s what Mert should have done. I think our biggest problem in defense is Mert not Sczny he might not be as good as the others but he is not the worst keeper in the league. I can’t understand why wenger don’t see it or maybe he does but because he his cheap he will continue to keep his head in the sand.

    3. Someone should tell him that his son giveaway two happy new year gift of goals to southampthon, and again tell him, his SON is not good enough!

      1. Wojciech Bite-me is not the kind of keeper I can fully trust to do the right thing always, but he shouldn’t take the blame alone.

      2. The man has not heard of De Gea behind a worse defence. Tell your son to improve or he will be watching Ospina. My problem is Wenger that’s why the man is talking in the public instead of giving his son tips as retired GK.

    4. Szczecny is the number culprit. No more than a lamp post. A goalie is like a second coach at the back because everything unfolds right in front of him. He should be barking instructions so that the defending players are always in position .some of Szeczny limitations are
      Poor ball distribution.
      Poor judgement
      Bad positioning
      Poor ball control.
      Not developing
      Cocky and arrogant like bendthner
      Poor at set pieces

      He hardly makes any saves apart from straight balls
      Many at times this season, it is one shot ,one goal for the opposition

      1. Considering how we’ll he did last year I’ve been really disappointed with his performance this season.

        I’m not surprise about the the smoking incident it isn’t the first time I’ve seen him outside my halls of residence a couple years back smoking under a sheltered area in Derby.

  2. That does not excuses the fact that Szceszny went out of the goal so far away like a lunatic. Our defense may be poor but it does not help at all the fact that they can’t trust their last line of defense.

    1. yes you are right … Apart from this horrible mistake, he can also claim that he can’t trust our defenders anymore and no one can blame him …

    2. Going so far away of his area shows a lot about our defenders. I think his father is spot on. I have seen so many keepers going off their goal and defenders averting the danger, Neur, Lloris in mind! We can have a new keeper by he will struggle with this defense and coaches of course!

      1. I also have seen a lot of keepers going out their goal on oh so many occasions. But I have seen very few of them doing that in the worst possible moment as Szceszny did at Soton and at home let alone Neuer or Lloris. Saying that Lloris is having a better defense in front of him is a bit ridiculous since they conceded more goals than we did.

      2. Everybody can very easily visit the club’s official site, but I hardly do becuz u’d always find self-praising bullocks emitted by our players and their boss posted there. Our defence blows a big one, I basically think Rhino is just the major problem we have at the back. Just read one today by him (grandPer): How I Made It In Football.

    3. given the fact koscielny was already on Sadio Mane and only one Southampton player was supporting him, Szczezny should have never come out the way he did.

  3. One word ‘Knob’ ,

    Better news Dybala said this after Palermo thrashing (5-0) of calgari Jan 6th:

    “Whenever people speak well of me, I’m filled with pride. I will not deny that going to Arsenal and playing in the Premier League would be amazing. However, I am aware that my reality right now is Palermo.”

    Source = the bottomcorner

    Not seen the footage but if his talking like this then perhaps contact has been made already!? Or maybe he is trying to generate interest..

    Watch this space

    1. Could be santi/ozil putting this cheeky ball over for him to bury!

  4. Well I do agree with Szczesny senior about that the whole Arsenal defence has been an embarrassment this season. This include Szczesny as well.

  5. I think he is damn right … One mistake of Szczesny this year and now all knives are about him …. Look at how shaky is our defense even against mid-table teams … I hope we replace Per as soon as possible, I think this guy is over …

    1. Out of our back 5, Only Kosielny and Debuchy are good enough (great). Gibbs and Monreal are just an OKAY players in my opinion, but as for Grand per and Sir Szczesny are not good enough. Chambers and bellerin are not there yet.

  6. He is wrong and right

    Szczesny has been part of the problem but yes our defense has been poor.

    Goalkeeper is part of the defense

    It hasn’t helped either Wenger starting the Summer with a thin defense

  7. Personally I don’t think a players agent or dad should be getting involved in the affairs of the club so much (its not like Arsene or his coaching team blame players publicly anyway). Schez is a grown arse man and a professional who can defend himself without daddy’s help.

    Taking a jab at the club’s captain is not such a wise thing either especially if your child plays for that club (that’s the role of us the funs).

    I think this warrants the club to have a firm talk or some displinary action about this embarrassing situation.

    Arsenal is way bigger than Schez, his ego or his dad. Schez talk to your pup’s or else funs will turn against you, its bad enough you make stupid mistakes but we are still behind you as you are one of us!!!!

    1. Plus this is not the 1st time! It looks like he always run to dad when things are bad and dad is obliged to defend!

      1. Am sure training sessions after Schz’s dad runs his big mouth must be strange, how does Mert, Kos, Gibbs, Chambers, etc feel knowing Schez’s dad thinks there sh!t.

        We know our defense is bad which Schez is part of but another players dad or agent pointing it out is not right. No one at Arsenal has come out to point a finger at Schez, its just the media and us the funs of course who have a right since we pay his bills have said he needs to match his ego with WC performances.

        If Schz would leave Arsenal right now which top team would he go too?? He would probably end up at a mid table team in Italy or in Germany. Careful what you wish for pup’s!!!

  8. Wenger please strengthen defense. Schar or Van Dijk and Sissoko are not my preferences but they will improve us for around ;£20 million total

    Even better would be Howedes and Kondogbia for approximately £30 million total

    Even better: Hummels and Carvalho for approx £50 million total.

    Or any combination of the above, but PLEASE spend.

  9. His dad talking like this could signal the end of Szczezny’s Arsenal career. Wenger hates players speaking out, especially as he’s put the blame onto other players.

    1. No worries…check book out for cech!
      We have Ospina who in my opinion is a much safer pair of hands minus the delusions of grandeur..

      do widzenia (goodbye) Wojciech!

  10. Szczesnys ‘s dad’s use of the bullocks word doesn’t sound very polish to me,still, I get the sentiment. He wasn’t wrong about the defence though,take note Wenger and your crew laughing called coaching staff.

  11. Well it’s clear they don’t lurn from there mistakes do they. Tbh I think BFG has made such a mess of things of late and I would say it’s about the games he has played? Look at the World Cup when the games matterd he was DROPED end of. We need 2 world class CB and world class DM And a AM And A CF

  12. I think Arsenal’s back 4 and the GK are caught in a vicious cycle of deepening mistrust. Back 4 do not trust GK and the GK does not trust the back 4. This is making the two sets making mistakes more frequently further widening the gulf. When you start saying the defense as “Back 4 and a GK” instead of “Back 5”, you know all is not well. But again all is never well under Wenger.

  13. Thats embarrassing and this isnt the first time Szczesny’s dad has come out to “defend” his son. What does he hope to accomplish by saying this? If anything he’s only hurting his sons chances of starting. Wenger hates this stuff.

  14. This is NOT going to help his son.

    He is correct that our defense has been poor this season. However, Szczesny is part of the defense. A defense is the goalkeeper and 4 defenders. Actually, all players on the pitch should play defensively at times ie tackling, getting the ball back, putting pressure on guy with the ball.

    Also, Szczesny has made some poor positioning and save attempts.

    Furthermore, Wenger didn’t help not replacing Vermaelen and loaning off Jenkison leaving us with a very thin defense. It’s actually huge act of sheer incompetence starting the season without enough signings.

    1. For Jenkinso there are THREE available players in the squad. Vermaelen supposed to be replaced by Chambers and also easing out Hayden (which was not a bad idea actually). Debuchy and Kos injury changed the game.
      That does not excuse Wenger for not using Bellerin as RB. What the fu ck Chambers have in the RB position and Bellerin doesn’t? If anything, Bellerin looked more comfortable on the right flank (with a killer cross) than Chambers.

  15. This article has provoked a lot of really good comments from virtually every fan. Clearly a nerve has been struck and real fans are very concerned about the function of our very poor and unreliable defense. A lot of well thought reasons why this may have happened and shared concern that good coaching and sound advice are absent.So the whole thing has been allowed to get out into public scrutiny. Pundits are not only critical of certain players in particular. Because Wenger doesn’t seem to acknowledge the problems we have become a laughing stock. Yet another fruitless Window will only make things stagnate..

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