Szczesny’s return will allow Ospina to move on

Szczesny’s transfer talks have stalled!

In a potential move that has been in the pipeline for quite some time now, Szczesny may no longer get the transfer away from Arsenal that he possibly desires.

There is a fair bit of confusion and possible indecisiveness on whether Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny, wants the to leave the club. This is mainly because the Polish shot stopper would seemingly be happy playing for both the Gunners or at Roma.

Szczesny is an Arsenal man through and through, he has shown his passion and commitment towards the club. Szczesny has shown on more than one occasion that he wants to win titles with Arsenal, but with playing time limited due to inconsistencies and the abilities of other goalkeepers at the club, not to mention his own off-pitch antics, Szczesny found himself in a difficult position at Arsenal.

The Polish international therefore was sent out on loan for the season, in order to keep him playing regularly, gain experience and also from a personal perspective, to help him keep his place for the current European Championships.

Szczesny spoke positively about his time at Roma this season and even stated that he would be content on staying in Rome. However the latest developments in his transfer saga may be a tad disappointing for him to hear.

Szczesny recently said: “Arsenal and Roma are talking but I don’t want to worry about it now. Whether I’m an Arsenal player or a Roma player right now, it makes no difference to me. I want to focus on this tournament.”

Szczesny was left in the unknown about his current situation, just as much as the fans were. But now according to a report in today’s Guardian, talks have stalled between Arsenal and Roma over Szczesny, making it increasingly likely that he will be returning to the Emirates this season.

According to the media today, Roma will not pay the transfer fee that Arsenal are asking for, or pay for the full amount of his wages to take him on loan again next season. Last year Arsenal had to pay a part of his weekly wage but the Gunners now want him off the wage bill entirely, if he is to go out on loan again next season.

Szczesny however may still be in with a chance of returning to Arsenal altogether, because with David Ospina rumoured to be in the interests of Beskitas, there would be room for Szczesny back at Arsenal.

I’ve said time and time again about how I would prefer that Szczesny came back to the club this summer and that we allow Ospina to be shipped off to Turkey. This is because between the two of them, I think Szczesny still has the potential to grow, learn and develop (with a bit of maturity) into a better goalkeeper under the guidance of Petr Cech over the coming years. I also think Ospina has already reached his maximum ability. There are days were Ospina is by far the better keeper, but he can be very clumsy, especially on set pieces and the fans just don’t seem to trust him. So if Ospina wants out, then I say we let him go, cut off transfer talks with Roma completely and bring Wojciech back to the Arsenal!



  1. I’m really torn with this. Ospina is a great shot stopper and goalkeeper but has poor handling sometimes to be fair. Szczesny is a little younger and definitely has potential but has nerves made of cooked ramen noodles instead of steel. I hope we manage to send Szczesny on loan for another year and keep Ospina as he really deserves to play for a bigger club than Besiktas.

  2. Our GK situation is a big dilemma…

    The only reason I will Ospina gone is not because of his abilities or weakness but because of his fitness…he is too injury prone to be a first choice..

    I don’t understand why a GK should be as injury prone as that,without the injuries,I prefer him to Woj….

    1. I have seen a few instances with Ospina where he is totally committed to getting the ball and appears to be completely fearless. I think that is when he picks up injuries. It is part of his make-up, if he can get to the ball he will, irrespective of the risk of injury.

      Is that good or bad, at the time we think it is good, he has saved a goal, afterwards if he is injured it is bad.

  3. I can understand Ospina wanting to leave, he has too much quality to be a perpetual bench warmer but if Wenger can persuade him to stay its a no brainer…as for the Polish kid, well, he is not someone I will trust to deputise ably for Cech, too flaky, inconsistent and mentally immature….used to rate him highly straight after his loan stint in the lower leagues about 5/6 years ago but once then his game has not only deteriorated, his attitude showed he will always be what he is now, the almost man…..add that to all the digs and shades he’s thrown at Wenger and Arsenal, talking about how he’s learnt more and became a better player under the Roma manager in a season than in all his Arsenal career, what an ungrateful petulant shade throwing idiot….Wenger staked his hard earned reputation for all these fickle minded prima donnas and not only do they always let him down on the pitch they also tale sly digs at the man…..well, Viera once said Wenger’s greatest asset and biggest failing is his over the top trust ams loyalty to his players, who can argue.with that?

  4. He should go back out on loan, and we should try everything possible to keep Ospina, the Polish kid is just that, an overgrown petulant child

  5. Cech is our best and first option at the present moment, Szczesny + Ospina are the future first options, therefore if we sell one of the future options Mr Wenger would be smart to insert the BUY BACK Clause like what Madrid has done wuth Juventus on Morata.

    1. Whatttttttt, why would we want to buy back szczesny? Ship him off to the first team making an offer

  6. Ospina is more settled/stable with no offpitch antics,he should be retained.However if he feels the need to play regularly and wants to leave then we should propose a deal with Everton for Lukaku(Player plus cash). Everton needs a top first team keeper after Howard moved.
    Guess this will interest both sides

    1. In 2014/15 Ospinas stats in PL were 0.61 goals per 90 minutes played. That is the equivalent of 23 goals in a whole premier league season. OK that is a reflection on the whole defense and was for only half a season, nevertheless it demonstrates ospina’s quality. Also look at ospinas performances for columbia in WC and copa america, double saves against messi and aguero.

      Everton have a new owner, new top manager, £100m to spend on transfers plus what they get for lukaku. No way would I let ospina go to everton or many other PL teams.

  7. both GKs are too good to warm d bench, so it won’t be bad if we loan Szczesny to Roma again, sell Ospina with a buy-back clause and then go for a young GK like DONNARUMMA…. or at least a proven EPL goalie like Krul.

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