Tabloid gossip that every Arsenal fan will hope is true

We all know that the vast majority of tabloid gossip is pure clickbait and that 99% of it will never happen but every now and then you hope against hope that it is true and that is certainly the case with the latest Arsenal gossip, courtesy of the Mirror.

The notorious English tabloid is running the headline “Arsenal receive Shkodran Mustafi ‘transfer enquiry’ from Monaco”

They claim that it is based on reports from France but do not actually mention from which outlet, though in the next sentence they mention L’Equipe, but only in the context of Mustafi’s £27 Million valuation. It is actually unclear if the report of Monaco’s enquiry is from them.

But regardless, if this is in any way true it would be music to the ears of most Arsenal fans.

No disrespect to Mustafi but he is a liability and is not up to the standard that is required at the Emirates. He may be a success elsewhere, he is a world cup winner after all, but it has simply not worked out for him at Arsenal.

The biggest problem for Arsenal is that despite how poor Mustafi is they are starting to run out of fit central defenders and the club may well be reluctant to sell him without a replacement being secured.

But it would leave a lot of fans shaking their heads if this rumour turns out to be true and the club never took the opportunity to offload the German when the chance came.

It also beggars belief that the club cannot source a central defender, there are enough available if the will is there and £27 Million is enough, I mean, it cannot be that difficult to sign an upgrade on Mustafi. The bar is fairly low.


  1. Please let it be true ? this will be better than signing Messi ? Arsenal can’t be serious with the 27 million pound valuation they should be paying Monaco to take him.

    1. Exactly. Fans should give him a break. He is an arsenal Player. He does not deserve the harsh treatment from the fans

  2. Pure nonsense. Arsenal can agree a fee and payment structure. If Mustafi refuse to leave no deal will take place.

  3. The club are not daft enough not to accept this offer, IF which I very much doubt, it is true. Why would Monaco want a clown for even free,let alone a decent fee(in fact for this clown a way overpriced fortune). I don’t believe a word of it therefore and sadly.

    1. You are right Jon.

      I checked French news sources and didn’t see a mention of this. Monaco would only pay 27 mill. for a currently succesful player or a talent, so this piece of ‘news’ is the least likely of the ones we heard.

      Also – at 90.000 GBP Mustafi would be Monaco’s 3rd or 4th best paid player. Not likely, eh?

  4. Sky sports reporting pepe deal agreed and medical this week. Seeing how quickly we closed the deal for him, ceballos(only delay was option to buy) and Saliba(delay loan back option ) I think it’s not us the problem but celtic in tierney transfer.
    The supposed low budget was only the upfront money which the media stupidly took for our whole budget. Emery and Raul management has positives in us targeting right positions and decent speed in negotiation vs previous management woeful

    1. Ackshay, one of the problems was the clause related to CL football, upon which hinged £8,000,000, according to reports up here in Scotland.

      Now, if the “vast majority” of our fans think it will take at least three years to sort out the mess, as they see it, why would Celtic agree to such a farcical deal?

      In actual fact, Ue so nearly achieved that status with the squad from last season, upon such small details hinge future success.

  5. if we manage to sell mustaphi,kos and one of chambers or bielk for combined £50m please sign ruben diaz, that guy knows what supposed to be done,winning mentality and champion material (euro nation league,primeira league n euro 2016)

  6. If true it’s one down,, one to go,, Can someone please please come and take Xhaka, then we will have a proper football team and win the league. I mean that seriously.

  7. Rome wasn’t built in a day and going by recent transfer developments we should be very grateful and lets hope the rumour is true plus of coz if we can offload some scrap lots like chambers,jenkinson,elneny,iwobi,mkhitariyan and promote our young guns the world would be full of roses

  8. To be honest as bad as Mustafi has been the other defenders and Xhaka are just as bad if not worse. Socratis have been caught wrestling forwards to the ground and has picked up a few red cards. Xhaka has so much flaws its hard to see how he is going sufficiently improve to even be considered good enough.Its just that Mustafi is prone to frequent brain freezes that often leads to the opposition scoring. Sometimes a player just needs a change and I believe this is just the case with him.

      1. I can’t believe those Mustafi stats. Fairly sure he was to blame for 2 goals v Palace and the equaliser at home to Spuds.
        There’s your 3.
        Now, onto the rest….?

        1. Bro, Mustafi is the king of stats! Just google Mustafi vs Van Dyk and click on the stat comparison by the Sun that will be so shocked ???

  9. I struggle to believe someone would pay £27M for Mustafi. Our scouts have really let us down of late. Mkhitaryan, Xhaka, Mustafi… honestly the scouting team needs to go.

      1. Sell, sell, that guy is a liability,I can’t forget that mistake against Manchester United at the Emirates, the worst is that most of those mistakes happened at the Emirates

    1. Mkhi was repeatedly listed among top 100 hundred players in the world (by panels of experts) while playing for Shakhtar and then in Germany with Dortmund, so it’s our coaching’s fault if he has regressed.

  10. I cannot say i would be sorry to see Mustafi go as he is not suited to the premier league and is prone to making errors that cost us dearly,it is sad to see a player getting this much stick from his own fans and i have been critical of some of his performances,I dont think over 90 minutes he is a particularly bad player but his errors overshadow his match performance, credit to him for not whinging and slapping in a transfer request in response to the fans constant ridiculing of him but to be honest i think it would be better for him and his own sanity if somebody made the club an offer.

        1. I just want my club to be the best.Why don’t we give him a shiny new 5 years contract so we all will have a heart.

          1. i think your missing the point,nobody is saying give him a contract,we all want our club to be the best and we want our club to have the best fans but some sadly fall short on that score,remind you of anyone?
            probably not.

  11. is Mustafi all that bad or it’s the team structure? someone please assist some of us understand what the issues are . Wenger loved to play him, EU does the same. these are good managers no matter how you feel about them.we need facts not emotions.

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