Tactics – Arsenal could have a devastating strike force after this window


Here is my dream lineup based on the current Arsenal transfer stories; Play Pattern 3-2-3-2 (3.5.2)


My squad Vision would be as to have each slot rotatable with at least two dedicated players and a third player available.

Central Forwards: Aubameyang, Lacazette, Perez, Welbeck, Akpom – Bring Back Perez from loan and Play any 2 in a match. If not Sell Perez and Welbeck and buy one accomplished striker and one young striker.

Attacking Midfielders: Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Malcom, Iwobi, Reiss Nelson – Bring Back Joel Campbell from loan. Play any 3 in a match. Possibly buy one more player.

Central Midfield: Ramsey, Wilshere, Xhaka, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Jeff Reine-Adelaide, Joe Willock – Replace Ramsey and Elneny by selling them and buying new players. Play 2 players in a match.

Left Back: Kolasinac, Monreal – Pick one player in a match – Need one or two more players

Centre Back: Koscielny, Mavropanos, Mertesacker, – Pick One player for the match – Need to replace aging Koscielny and Mertesacker – 2 More players for a two-year transition. One senior and one youth system.

Right Back: Bellerin, Mustafi, Rob Holding. Pick One player in the match. One more player from the youth system would be ok. I note Mustafi and Holding have been doing Centre Defense a lot, but I feel they can push Bellerin for this role and bring balance into the squad.

Every player in the squad knows, their playing position, knows their colleagues/competition and training needs for the position. Wenger must stop this madness of utility players. Players who are rotated into every position and have no specialty. It is one way that he has succeeded in not making his players tick. Granted, Monreal, Koscielny and Mustafi can play several roles here in defense. But they must be developed into a single position holders and only used in other parts in times of crisis.

Arsene Wenger used to play with Ljungberg and Pires as the wingers and with the two Centre Forwards, Henry and Bergkamp, it was devastatingly effective and helped solidify the defense. Despite the fact that we had four defenders, this squad will have three Attacking Midfielders and any of the players can venture into the wings including the very mobile centre forwards. All we need is some high level discipline from our two Central Midfielders (Xhaka and Wilshere) as well as asking the Attacking Midfielders to help in defending too.

Wenger has the personnel to start with in defense if he keeps the formation suggested here, 3-man defense. He will just need to realign his defenders like I have suggested. Then he will need to sign to replace ageing defenders.

Question; – Can Ozil track back? We have seen in recent times Ozil playing deep to pick the ball. Can Ramsey track back? He has never been known to do it but remember we have been playing with one centre forward, leaving spaces that excited Ramsey. With two CFs, he will understand the need to track back. Can Mkhitaryan track back? There were suggestions from other quarters that he can even be made like Cazorla and Arteta who were converted into deep playmakers as he has many of the qualities possessed by these two that made them such revelation in their new roles. He in deed would learn to track back.

The great Thierry Henry had one critical underrated arsenal in his armour, he could go back in defense, pick the ball from there and execute a counter that sometimes he went alone, or played off another player, sometime scoring himself or making an assist. If Aubameyang comes in, we will have a terrifyingly speedy front two with Lacazette too in there. Lacazette certainly likes to go backwards to get the ball and Aubameyang is one of the quickest players in the planet. Starting an attack from deep should not be a problem.

If Bellerin faces a number of games in the bench because a quality player like Mustafi is after his slot (Even keeps it for himself), he will style up and play his best. Kolasinac and Nacho Monreal is a mighty battle on the left and each player will have to deliver given a chance to play. We need to look into the market for one more signing to push, even replace Koscienly. We need a keeper to push, even replace Cech. If these players are helped by a heavily attacking side (One that can turn the game in a flick), it will force the opposition to be cautious and careful, even scared to attack us with abandon. If they know that any mistake will give an equally good player a run in the first team, mistake will be only those that are inevitable, not out of complacency, which Arsenal have been victims of. I suspect a two Man Centre Forward and a highly attacking front 3 Midfield forces defensive first players to stay rooted in their responsibility to defend first. When Wenger switched to lone attacker, our defenders had to take up new roles not just to assist in attack, but became attackers themselves, which is not a bad thing itself, but many times they ended up being caught out.

It is the reason, Arsenal could go an entire season and 49 games, unbeaten. It is what has happening with the greatest teams’ world over. Starting 2009, Wenger sacrificed attack to build up the defense and it was worse when he moved to 3-Man defense and it was actually 5 defenders and two others in the midfield to shield them. That meant 3 men to attack, which has resulted in invitation of the opposition to attack us being that it was easy to cancel out our chances, which will come in weakly and poorly executed, not because the players are not as good but because there is just too much to do in order to score a goal with that Arsenal set-up. The good players we had made it look less of a load. In the game against Bournemouth recently which we lost 2-1, We did not have Ozil and Sanchez and it was clear how this load is huge.

The mark of a good team is the realization that to win a match, means the team must score goals. The team must as a default be set-up to score, not to stop the other team from scoring, however, because wining needs also stopping the other side form scoring, there will be enough players to work on that role, dedicatedly. Keeping the other team fearful of losing the match means they will not be able to fully deliver their attacks as well as they would want to, and that the first line of defense. The second line of defense becomes helping the opposing side to make mistakes and lose steam while attacking, by stopping their attacks, sometimes reclaiming these attacks and recycling them into our own attacks. That’s what team work is. It is not that invincible Arsenal 2003/04 was made of the best players in the league, even if they actually were. There were other equally good players all over the league, but it was their team work that was devastatingly efficient and effectively.

In my view, Arsenal does not have a defense problem. Arsenal has the problem of not being able to attack competently and in this window, this problem can be sorted out if Wenger is willing to field the first XI made off his potential PENTA-PUNCH of ALORM (Aubameyang, Lacazette, Ozil, Ramsey and Mkhitaryan).

What do you think?



  1. ThirdManJW says:

    So we’re just completely abandoning the defensive side of the game now?

    There is ZERO width in that system, and even if Kolasinac, and Mustafi (who’s a CB, not a RB, or RWB), are providing the width, that then leaves just ONE player at the back to defend, and not even a DM to help him out! ONE PLAYER DEFENDING COUNTER-ATTACKS! Wow! We’re conceding enough with three at the back aren’t we?

    Even if Kolasinac, and Mustafi stay back to form that three man back-line, who provides the width? We already have enough problems with our players constantly cutting inside into congested areas, and this system will just make matters much worse.

    A quote from your last paragraph proves you haven’t been watching Arsenal for 12 years “In my view, Arsenal does not have a defense problem.” Arsenal’s defending has been declining for years, and is at such a low ebb now, it’s akin to Sunday league defending! I do not say that as a joke!

    We can sign all the attacking players we want in this window, and nothing changes, because our defending is what costs us EVERY SEASON!

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      It will be very interesting if we do sign Aubameyang, and Mkhitaryan, because I do not see how Wenger can also start Ozil, and Lacazette with those two, and none of them will want to sit on the bench, just in case anyone mentions rotation.

  2. Phil says:

    No natural width up front and no full/wing backs.Too much emphasis on attack with no thought of defence.Are you sure this wasn’t posted by Wenger?

  3. Rkw says:

    Speculation … Worry is that without ozil tomorrow the line up looks about the same level as palace … Which speaks volumes for a decade of rebuilding

  4. Henry Root says:

    Utter tactical suicide. We will be completely undone with this side. Away from home against better teams we have no width and no defensive cover. The side of someone who plays too much Fantasy Football

  5. Francis says:

    I think theres a bit of optimism in your selecion which I’m well up for but yeah no width. Heres mine 4,3,3 /4,4,2
    Goalkeeper: Chech :
    Defenders: kolasinac, chambers, Kos, Bellerin.
    Middle :Maitland Niles, whilshire
    Middle pushing on: Ozil
    Wings/striker: Mikha, Aubemayeng
    Striker: Lacca

  6. Ox says:

    Thank god that money grabbing sh1t Sanchez has gone

  7. Break-on-through says:

    If going with a three five two formation, you need wide midfielders that defend competently or else fullbacks/wingbacks in those positions. Otherwise the only width you have here is supposed to come from Ramsey and Ozil. Another concern would be the defensive competence of Wilshere and Xhaka esp with so many attackers within the same line up. Not enough balance here for me I’m afraid.

  8. Victorvictory says:

    This attack is just mouth watery . Can’t wait to see it.

  9. John Ibrahim says:

    fans are now contradicting themselves…

    what happen 2 quality strikers to provide rotation and competition?

    now fans are worrying about Lacazette leaving and not getting games

    1. Ddog says:

      fans always contradict themselves, welcome to arsenal, welcome to people.

  10. Ignasi says:

    I don’t know whose more delusional Oyoo or Wenger.

    We do need a replacement for sanchez – a like for like if possible – but after that, the priority is both a CB and CDM.

  11. Gunner ric says:

    All I want to see is 442 I prefer this to the current formation we are using, and will be able to get the best out of our strikes wheather it’s Lacazette and Giroud or Aubameyang,
    Bellerin kosh Mustafi Kolasinac
    Mkhitaryan Ramsey Wilshere Ozil
    Lacazette Aubameyang

  12. Welsh_Ramsey says:

    Sorry but that lineup will be conceding goals left and right. the best bet is to ditch the 3 at the back for a flat 4. Kolasinac and Bellerin playing as full backs and providing width. Play a 442. A real DM sitting in front of that 4. Jack/Ramsey – Ozil – miki With Auba-Laca ahead of them. If Miki can play on the left than id switch him with Jack/Ramsey since bellerin will provide the width down the wing, which means an extra mid in the center. What to do with Xhaka though… He hasnt warranted a starting spot but for the price we paid he has to be part of our plans. but hes not a DM and I dont see how he gets picked over Jack or Ramsey for that floating mid spot.

  13. Ddog says:

    no no I have better Idea, upfront: Auba, Mkhi, Ozil, Iwobi, Wilshere, Xhaka, Lacazette, Ramsey, Niles and then Cech in goal. Its a vanguard system, based cruyff but more attacking. 0-0-9. We play with one less player coz if you leave one out that creates more space for your attackers to move in.

  14. BuddReloaded says:

    You have no wingers, you put Ozil who’s never meant to defend on the flank and Ramsey on the left again. No wonder Wenger is the coach these days because here he does not have any competition. The stupidest article I’ve read in a while. That if, and only if, Auba+Mikki will sign for Arsenal.

  15. JJPawn says:


    Basically 3-4-1-2.

    Ozill will have two strikers to find, and three midfielders able to get into the box with Xhaka behind.

    Formation will be right side threatening in terms of adventure… enough to make the other side overlook/underestimate Kolasanic’s forays: strike from the top of the box, or go deeper and pass across the goal.

    The middle will be Xhaka’s to pass from or shoot. Ramsay can be brilliant or a liability. Or Elneny can be the tireless insurance to protect the back three.

    However, the weakness is without the ball even with Elneny. The attacking players have to track back enough to unsettle the opposition mid-field to make their passes less accurate and more hurried. The back will rely on Bellerin’s speed to stop breakaways. There is no real help for the back three without Elneny, so best play him there in crucial games.

    1. JJPawn says:

      Looks more like this… than above with the issue of who the page wraps around the top.

      To add: I think the departure of some many players is really good for the remaining men. There can be some team spirit finally. Get other signed long term or sell them in the summer.


  16. Welsh_Ramsey says:


    Bellerin offers the width down the wing, which allows Jack/Ramsey to take up a role in the center. floating between a deep lying playmaker while also allowing them to get more forward aswell. Having a proper DM to slot back into Defense will allow Bellerin the luxury of getting forward more down the wing

  17. Ackshay says:

    lol that was bad, very bad, terribly bad. Best bet would be 4-2-2-2 with
    2 striker duo lacazette/aubameyang,
    2 attacking mid with mkhi/ozil with free roaming license
    2 Central mid to bring the ball to the attacking mid right now we have Ramsey/wilshere duo with the work-rate of ramsey combined with wilshere ability to keep the ball in tight space Ala santi but we would need a kante style signing in the summer to avoid losing the midfield battle in top 6 matches.
    I know this is an attacking formation but if we continue leaking goals with a back 5 might as well try to outscore other teams. There are no true width but we have no good winger and they always drift inside thus congesting the middle of the park.
    The key in this formation is to keep the battle inside the opponent’s half as much as possible like man city to reduce the pressure on the defense.

  18. Loki says:

    Bring back the likes and dislikes.

  19. pires says:

    So you will play 343 without any wing back….laughable!!!!
    fans oftncritisize managerswithout having any footballing clue

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