Arsenal Need LESS Creativity, and MORE Cutting Edge!

Arsenal Need Less Creativity, More Cutting Edge! by AT

As I watched the game against Spurs for a second time, I happened to notice a very significant factor of Arsenal’s play, there is little or no cutting edge or dynamism in the team. Simply put, there is no direct penetration from the flanks and very little from the midfield. Now this can be put down to a lack of natural wingers in the team but I do feel Arsene Wenger has opted for more creativity when it’s cutting edge he should be after.

Speaking in regards to the game against Spurs, it is really no surprise that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was Arsenal’s best player. The Englishman was very direct in his play, ran at the full-back at every given opportunity and tried to whip in good deliveries when he found himself with space. It is precisely that element that Arsenal have been missing. Unfortunately, it was provided by just one player.

In my opinion, Arsenal should be playing natural wide men on the flanks. Playmakers played out wide always have the tendency to drift inside and that makes us very predictable. Quite honestly, I really do not like Ozil, Cazorla or even Ramsey playing there. There’s just way too many square passes and very little penetration.

Also, with the return of Theo Walcott on the horizon, I really hope to see Wenger making the most of our wide players. The Frenchman should rotate between Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sanchez and Campbell. In these four players, we have three world –class wingers and a raw, unpredictable talent. We should really be using them more often.



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    1. can you admit wenger is not a great motivator?

      he barely talks at half time, languid style is not built to g up players.

      saying its up to the players- is not enough man.not realistic for these divas- manager has to be involved somewhere

      1. How the hell do u know what Wenger says at half time are u in the dressing no one knows what goes on so stop making stupid comments like that!

        1. ummm several people have talked about it.

          martin keown, lee dixon, ray parlour…list goes on

          calm down dannyboy its only tuesday 🙂

          1. Agree with Anurag on the important issue that we need some more cutting edge, like those couple of minutes we got versus Villa. But on a slightly less important note, in this Spuds game, I saw a very effective and charged up Ozil again. If Ox doesn’t score, MOTM to Ozil was most likely coming.

      2. Wenger was a great motivator. He’s went soft is all I can tell given our current state.

        If you look at it over the course of the last decade from Invincibles to Imbeciles, it seems like Wenger’s view of football as a whole is different. Strong personalities have left the dressing room completely, and he clearly sees football as an art form rather than a sport requiring skill AND physical ability.

        Technically we’re good, but we get bullied by all good teams who have a decent balance. I like mertesacker, arteta, giroud, flamini, as people….but they’re nice guys of limited talent and that is our downfall. Take the ball out the equation, and any half-decent athlete would destroy them in a competition analyzing physical capabilities….yet there’s the spine of our PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL team.

        Have always been his biggest supporter, and won’t forget what he’s done for us, but enough is enough. When managers like Martinez, Rogers, Mourinho, Pellegrini all tinker with systems, make bold decisions, buy the NEEDS of the squad, change games IN-GAME, I can’t sit here and be happy. We watch the ‘same old’ Arsenal churn out the same toothless performance where the result hinges on the competence of our DM, or whether our FB’s get caught out of position, meanwhile our best talents are shunted wide, or dropped altogether.

        We are so average, and that is the fault of Wenger. He’s got cozy, and has a team full of nice guys that don’t challenge him on a professional level. Hard life for 8mil a year.

      1. but sometimes that can be detrimental. If the shot gets blocked and rebounds to our opponent – there goes another counter and possibly another goal.

        But i agree, we do need to take more shots, but smart shots.

        1. And if Wenger had bought a DM then he would be there with other players to break up the counter.
          There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from all of this; Wenger needs to go.

  1. We need to be more direct but the problem is we play with too many playmakers at the same time and with too few players that can make a run or take a shot.

    1. they have james palotta, we have stan kroenke- huge difference

      bare in mind strootman isnt playing or destro. roma are better than city- and would beat us, huge changes in last few years at the club- slightly jealous.

      1. even de rossi werent playing.they have to go there now with all them back lol

        oh man city r fooked

        chelsea an us to go through me thinks

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  3. Sanchez on the bench and Wilshere on the field. There is your answer. Mix in a bit of the best no. 10 being played on the wing and you have about as much chance as Joe Bidden at a Wu Tang concert

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  4. The Arsenal style is to
    walk the ball into the net.
    It is frustrating to have the
    ball 100 times a game on the edge
    of the area but only have 3 shots on target.
    It is our style though so we need to be
    patient + give it 20 games.
    However a little variety can’t hurt.
    3-4 shots per game from range..
    Whats wrong with a long ball from a throw in?
    Sanchez and Podolski (if played) can
    convert dead ball situations.
    Mertz nearly scored from a corner.
    Chamberlain scored from a cross
    + a “brilliant dummy ” by Wellbeck 🙂
    Walcott’s speed on the break will give us another option.
    But patience is necesasary and I believe eventually
    our possession football will out in the end.

    1. Ramsey and Özil have been trying quite a few long shots, they’re just useless at them. I think Ox is more the type of player that should shoot from range – he has more power in his shots.

      I think we could be good on corners, Koscielny seems to have a knack of being in the right place, but our delivery has been just terrible so far this season..

  5. Cavani has let chance after chance go by tonight. In a big game he hasn’t been able to come up with a goal, or even a good shot on target, despite many chances. Thank goodness we didn’t blow 50 odd million on him. I don’t watch him play too often, but the times I have seen him play he’s been awful. Hard working though, but we have a lot of hard working strikers already.

  6. OT: Lots of you were saying that we should’ve signed Cavani. I watched the entire Barca v PSG match. Cavani played ST. And he played terrible. Barca still lost, but they could’ve been massacred if Ibra was up there instead.

  7. “Arsenal Need LESS Creativity, and MORE Cutting Edge”

    Which we clearly don’t have…!!

    So what do we do with our “micro” squad and totally useless manager?

    1. ive never seen u write a message less then 1000 words before *wipes tear from right eye then invokes the spirit of rocky in russia..

      if i can change…and u can change- EVERYBODY CAN CHANGE!!!

  8. Anybody red the story about Wenger dropping Alexis (Spurs game) for disrupting Arsenal’s style…!! (The article also mentioned how they are working in training so he can adapt his game to our “style”… The guy came from Blaugrana…!! If someone can play, the guy is Alexis Sanchez).
    I wonder which “style” is Wenger referring!

    Alexis has been nothing but a positive spark each time he was on the pitch. You feel that something is about to happen every time he has the ball…!!

    I won’t be surprised if it is true as it would be a typical (and another) stupid and delusional Wenger move.

    Wenger the “untouchable” !!
    He is now baffled by the amount of injuries…!!!
    He always seems surprised of events or things happening in his own house…!!

  9. my mates older bro told us that we should stop watchin soccer cuz soccer is for pussies real men watch football and a little boy inside me is kinda agree with him but i just cant do that right now at least until i see arsenal lift the epl trophy live on my moms pc not from documentary channel in youtube so i think ill just keep wathcin arsenal games wearing my arsenal jacket until my dream comes true….. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. and i really think that ill still watch arsenal until we lift the champions league trophy and the fifa world cup trophy i dont know maybe that will happen when im in high school but im a die hard fan ill be waitin ill be patient and i believe i always believe 🙁 🙁 🙁

  10. Things aren’t going to change until January or maybe next summer, can we all get behind the team and support our great club.

    Wenger if you let me down, I will be calling for your head even more than I have done.

        1. PS my beef isn’t about our players but how we are run. We should have been hitting the big time after the 2004/2005 season. What went wrong and don’t blame the Emirates for it.

          1. i’m *tempted* to buy ze players in january, but i don’t know : i don’t like ze january window.

      1. I don’t think we can afford not to buy at least two players in January. A DM and a CB are vital. It looks like Podolski will leave, maybe Campbell to seeing as he’s never played – I’d like another striker to come in too if either of them go, but of course, Wenger doesn’t like spending, especially in January..

        Spend the money in January and we can be confident of another top 4 finish. We stay in the Champions League and get a lot of the money back in TV and ticket revenues as a result.

        Don’t spend the money in January, we risk having to really fight for the top 4. Failure to stay in the Champions League means we’re less able to attract top players, have less money coming in and could even lose some of our best players.

        Make the right choice here Arsenal..

          1. Yes. We have the money to spend in January, we have the money to afford being out of the Champions League. But falling out of the Champions League has more than just financial costs for a club – the loss of prestige is also huge. If you lose prestige you’re less likely to be able to attract top players – just look at Liverpool.

  11. Stupid dichotomy … We actually need more of both…we are way behind psg barca man city chelski and even Roma on BOTH fronts…. Problem now is that there is no arsenal style of any kind… The cheese eating surrender monkey has bypassed rotated and misplaced players to a level of football confusion that is frankly embarrassing … He is a tired effeminate and obstinate man and his football reflects that….another 4th place..possibly… But if arsenal are to become serious contenders on several fronts wenger and the walmart guy have to leave..just more frustration otherwise

    1. i also feel that way, but how exactly is he effeminate? 🙂

      IMO, anyone that struggles with their zipper for more than 30 seconds is definitely effeminate and should be fired asap.
      if you cant control your own jacket, what can you control??

  12. I just read Arteta is going to have a contract extension. Wenger made this club big, but he is just completely turning it into a joke now.

  13. Can we go back to basics please. When you are shooting, put your head above the ball and keep your shot down and on target and that goes for every position.

    1. we are shooting more from the outside than few seasons ago.
      but we need to keep doing it: practice makes perfect after all; and we’ve forgotten how to do it.
      + sometimes even if the shot doesnt go in, it causes so much mayhem in the box that often you can goal on the 2nd try.

  14. When are you all going to learn. The only way AFC is going to be great again is fan pressure. I have called for it time and time again but nothing happens. Its time to stand up and be counted.

      1. i’ll sign the petition.
        i used to like wenger but he’s become ineffective in about 17 different ways.
        his record over the last few years is too little and his successes are too long ago.
        + he keeps doing things that are clearly wrong & cause us to lose or draw.
        he also has oppositional defiance disorder against fans/media and chooses to do weird things like playing ozil on left, leaving sanchez out etc etc etc
        AFC needs to get with the times and get someone new, fresh, exciting who has new ideas.
        Mr. Klopp.

    1. that got Cesc out of Barcelona. Moyes out of MUFC. Mourinho out of Real Madrid… actually that may have been Ronaldo.

      Seeing that I’m a broke Arsenal fan stuck in Chicago, it’s up to you guys in London to let Wenger know at our matches how we feel. I’ll send as many letters as I can in the meantime.

  15. Not much point in discussing what should be and what maybe it will only add to our frustration. Wenger will carry on being Wenger. I used to have faith in the man, now I think he`s a mug taking us mugs for a ride.

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