Tactics – Arsenal to play with FIVE at the back against Stoke?

Arsenal have been pretty robust is recent games against Manchester United and Southampton with a back three line of defenders. It’s a new formation that the Gunners have introduced late into the season and it looks to be working well besides the hiccup against Spurs.

Arsenal’s trio, which usually consists of Koscielny, Holding and Monreal has also had the likes of Gabriel and Mustafi introduced when one of the previous players are unavailable. Out on the wing back positions we have Gibbs and Oxlade-Chamberlain, both of which are performing to a very good standard in their new position, especially the Ox.

The Ox has risen to prominence in that right wing back position, offering plenty of drive and determination in both attack and defence. The Englishman however picked up an injury in the match against Southampton, and although Wenger confirmed the Ox’s hamstring was tight, it is likely to have been stressed by fatigue. Therefore it remains unconfirmed as to whether Chamberlain will be fit to start at the weekend, or if Wenger will instead go for Hector Bellerin.

Bellerin has found himself lost in the team as a result of this new formation, having only managed a string of appearances in the final 20 minutes of matches, besides from replacing Chamberlain on Wednesday night. Bellerin is clearly one of our biggest talents and although he hasn’t had his best season with the club, could he be ready to step up to the mark against Stoke?

By introducing Bellerin and keeping Gibbs on the other wing back position, although it would still be a back three by nature, Wenger would have a far more defensively minded formation, almost a back five. Luckily for the Gunners, Bellerin is capable of making those striding runs forward and so I have absolute confidence that he’ll support the team in both defence and attack.

I think giving Bellerin this opportunity to show what he can do in this position is important for both the team’s future and his own personal future. If Arsenal decide to stick to this formation, then is Bellerin going to find himself down the pecking order? Or can he reinstate his position in the starting eleven, just in a slightly different role?

Personally I can’t see Arsenal wanting to let Bellerin go anytime soon and so it’s likely the Gunners will have to try and find space for both the Ox and Bellerin, especially as the Ox is currently proving he’s worth every minute he plays at the moment. Let’s hope Chamberlain isn’t ruled out for the fixture or even for the run in to our season.



  1. legend henry says:

    Chelsea just won the league

    And we are here looking for how to score Stoke by parking the bus

    Wenger is a failure

    He’s pathetic

    How can he be the most experienced coach

    Experienced in what ?

    Mourinho rightly described him

    I will rather become 10th and win the trophy the following season than to fight for 4th place and get beaten very well by the big clubs of Europe

    Arsenal is failure in the making

    Wenger out !!!

    1. Peter Deed says:

      Nothing will improve until Wenger is our manager. I heard he has so much power at the club that he can fire anyone except Kroenke.

  2. The real Robin Vanpayslip and not that other fake one says:

    Wenger knows best. He will know how to set up the team to get the right result.

    1. Wenger only knows the publicly about him and he believes it ,he was great now he is shite and his
      Entourage around him are like mannequin’s that know nothing help help help

  3. legend henry says:

    In Wenger we trust to fail us

    Wenger finds ways and means to fail

    How did we put ourselves in mess

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    We could as well just try this

    bellerin gab mustafi monreal
    kos xhaka
    walcott ozil sanchez

    5 behind Cech….. Aren’t We well known for stupidity?


  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Now watch chelski try and do the double

    EpL + FA cup

    it’s a possibility cuz
    We are a crap team

  6. Peter Deed says:

    This is the first time I don’t really care whether we finish in top 4 or not. In the past 3 seasons I thought we will finish in top 4 then with 3-4 quality players we will be able to win the major trophies but we have got worse despite signing Ozil, Cech and Sanchez. We still don’t have a quality striker and our defence and Midfield is still our weak link. I blame our manager the most because he cannot compete for the major title let alone winning it. I have zero confidence that we will even compete eve. If we sign Messi or Ronaldo. #WengerOut

  7. Peter Deed says:

    Holding Mustafi Koscielny

    Bellerin Ramsey Xhaka Monreal

    Ozil. Alexis


  8. Twig says:

    So Perez will definitely be leaving Arsenal won’t he?

    1. Peter Deed says:

      Yes he should leave. As long as Wenger is our manager Giroud will even bench Messi? Welbeck and Theo are also ahead of him?

  9. Peter Deed says:

    I don’t know why but I think we will finish 4th and win FA cup and Wenger will sign 2 year contract????????

  10. John Ibrahim says:

    Changing of formation is very normal against different team….

    Stoke 2 Arsenal 1

    Time to go Wenger

    1. Peter Deed says:

      Save us Allegri???????

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        Allegri is not the man to save us……

        He require heavy spending….Agnelli funding all his expensive purchase

        We need to change the board

    2. Admin says:

      Didn’t you predict Man United to beat us too? And Southampton?
      Keep predicting and we should keep winning!

  11. Twig says:

    We should raid Crystal palace next season folks

    Sead Xhaka Cazorla Zaha
    __Monreal Koscielny Holding

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Benteke and Zaha are world class

      Wenger has 2 opportunity to sign them but he refuse

      Time for a change

  12. ArseOverTit says:

    So since Wenger joined, Man Utd have won the champions league twice, Liverpool once as well as that once smaller London club Chelsea.

    Since 96 we have won three premiership titles.
    Man Utd have won 10
    Chelsea have 5

    Proof pudding that we are not the No1 London club and we are certainly not the No1 club in England.


  13. legend henry says:

    Wenger can even fire kroenke

    Wenger is an accident that is happening to Arsenal

    The Old man doesn’t see what is wrong with this club

    Allegri , please save us

    Wenger has doomed us to mediocrity

    Foolish man out !!!

  14. Javier says:

    I want Lucas Perez once for all…

    1. PeterC says:

      With Wenger we can be 4th for the next 5 years….is that what this once great club wants?

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