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Özil reveals secret of his Fantastic Arsenal Form

With his all action performance at Old Trafford in the FA cup, the Arsenal and Germany star Mesut Özil even made the former Man United midfielder Paul Scholes eat his words. The pundit’s recent criticism of our club record signing was, for me, based more on his price tag and the performances of the playmaker in the early part of this season and the second half of the last one.

Football media just love bashing Arsenal – Don’t join them!

Arsenal fans should SUPPORT Arsenal by Sam P

I don’t know what Arsenal have done to deserve it, but we are always the favourite target ofr the media to shoot at. Paranoia? No, because you are not paranoid if people really do NOT like you and are always slagging you off. I am not saying that we are the only targets, because things like the Man United fiasco last season will always give them bullets to fire, but I reckon we get more abuse than any other big club.

Man United legend agrees with Arsenal fans for a change

It seems that every single reader of JustArsenal has made it clear for months (or years?) that Arsenal are in dire need of a strong defensive midfielder, amongst other things, and it seems that Gooners have got an unlikely ally in the form of the Man United legend Paul Scholes.

Is Jack really back on board for Arsenal?

Maybe, just maybe, people will start to realise that they should get a new target. Unlikely though, because Arsenal are so easy and we do seem to be the target of choice for the media muppets. And I know that plenty of Arsenal fans have been on the back of Jack Wilshere as well, just as they were with Aaron Ramsey, but we are allowed because we are also the first to stick up for our players when other people give them grief.

Without Ramsey Arsenal MUST pair Wilshere with Flamini

After Roy Hodgson played the Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere in an unfamiliar defensive midfield, or Pirlo, position for England the other night, there has been quite a bit of speculation over his best position. And Arsene Wenger has tried him in a few different roles for Arsenal as well, on both flanks and in the number 10 role behind the forward line.