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More double standards from anti-Arsenal media?

Despite the suggestions not long ago from some disgraced doctor that some Arsenal players had been among his clients for illegal performance enhancing drugs, Arsenal have not to my knowledge ever had a player fail a drug test. Arsene Wenger has also been one of the most vocal and consistent managers to talk about the need for the sport to do more to stop any such cheating from going on.

Why Arsenal Should NOT Move For This Midfielder!

In the midst of all the talk about a potential move for Victor Wanyama, Arsenal are also being linked to another bright young defensive midfielder, Inter Milan’s Marcelo Brozovic, who the Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is said to have been scouting for quite some time now.

Arsenal to prove last week’s ‘accident’ was just unlucky?

Arsenal have already bounced back verey well from the defeat away to West Brom last week, putting in an emphatic and exciting performance in the Champions League to blow the Croatian club Dinamo Zagreb off the park with our fluent football and great goals.

Arsenal just need to keep attacking from the kickoff!

Arsenal made up for last weekends crazy loss to West Brom by going all out to beat Dinamo Zagreb from the kickoff on Tuesday, and now that the Gunners have to score at least two goals in Athens in a fortnight Per Mertesacker believes that we just have to copy that template, and go all out for the win from the beginning of the game.

Perfect win gives Arsenal fans belief again

To be perfectly honest I would not have been all that surprised if Arsenal had fluffed their lines in the Champions League clash with Dinamo Zagreb, or at the very least made hard work of beating the Croatian team. We have had a bit of a hard time of it lately with injury problems mounting up, some bad luck and the level of performances dropping.

Arsenal v Zagreb Review – Job half done!

So the impossible dream is still alive and the Gunners now just have to go to Olympiakos and win by two clear goals to amazingly reach the Champions League knockout stages. It was strangely quiet in the stadium for most of the first half but Arsenal were dominant right from the off.

Why Arsenal SHOULD take Europa League seriously

You’ve got to be in it to win it by DP

As we enter our fifth Champions League Group game, we have to face the facts. We have lost three of our four games so far and have a -4 goal difference. There is very little chance of any of the big teams we may face (if we did somehow get through) that are going to be scared to play us in the knockouts and do any of us seriously believe we would go much further anyway.

Arsenal will still play a very strong team against Zagreb

Stop worrying! Arsenal are fine! by Sam P

You would think Arsenal had lost their last five games if you listened to the ranting going on in Arsenal blogs over the last few days. The fact is that we totally dominated West Brom and the rub of the green was just against us on the day. Nine out of ten times we would have won that game if we played to that quality.