Talk Sport take their Anti-Arsenal agenda to new levels

Talk Sport have a reputation for being very anti Arsenal. They got a bit desperate the last few days though. With nothing fresh to beat us over the heads with, they resorted to criticising Aubameyang’s recent celebration. “What’s more pathetic then a grown man looking for his mask?” they ask.

How about grown men getting so worked up about it?
Now to clarify, I’m aware for a long time this radio station has chosen to use sensationalism to get attention. The more ridiculous the headline, the more clicks they get, which they base as a success. They realised some Gooners get offended by it so bite back, hence becoming their target audience. By writing this article I too am giving them the attention they want, even promoting their product. Yet I made a vow to report subjects involving my team and putting it on here for us to debate.

Where these presenters lose credibility to their peers is that they have become known for one thing, being in the minority for the sake of it. Meaning the one day they have a serious opinion about something, they won’t be listened to, as you won’t be able to separate what’s real emotion compared to the act they put on to get ratings.
So, when they want to talk about ‘Leaving Neverland’ you question whether they are now giving a human response or playing the act they do every week? How to you know the difference between their honest view point to their ‘I’m going to say something so stupid, people will talk about it’ routine.

Like do they really want to go down the route of dissecting how a goal is celebrated? Should a man in his late twenties be finding enjoyment in dressing up as a superhero? In that case, are not all celebrations juvenile?
Spurs, multi-millionaires remember, take time out of training to plan their new cool handshake. That’s what we used to do in the playground in year 3. Why is Lingard pretending to be M Jackson? Why does Ronaldo feel the need to show off his abs? Why does anyone have a personality? Why not just run back to the half way line straight away? Of course, Talk Sport don’t believe this. They’re just trying to wind up a fan base but this time made themselves look desperate.

By the way if Aubameyang scores the winner in the Europa League Final, then I don’t care what mask he wants to put on.

Dan Smith


  1. Those effin baggots… They anger me on their effin podcasts effin banter n sh***ty talks.. They dont talk sports..they talk mediocre.. My grandpa is an arsenal fan n he’s bein goin bullocks waiting for auba to pull of a mask celeb n wen he saw d panther one he wudnt let it slid.. He almst came ova himself wit relief,, wen he signed auba,apart from his goals every fan knew we were gettin oda bonus like incredible flicks n mass adornin..not d borin tin kane does which no one wants to c.. Laca’s dance,ronaldo’s siii, dybala’s mask, pobga’s 7mins gwara gwara dance wit d whole team, lingard’s sh**ty moonwalk, these things pull football fans into frenzy.. So let em F**k off

    1. They don’t. Have a look st other teams forums and their fans are asking the same question about the “hate” for their teams.

      1. they do. watch live matches. watch the way other teams are analyzed and compare to arsenal’s. especially English media. start taking notes from now. example, watch Tottenham analysis and arsenal’s own even though we’re the bigger club. only few is mentioning Liverpool’s lack of league title in years and lack of trophy in few years now. but they’re been hailed mostly here and there. why? arsenal for a lesser amount of years and still a trophy winner 2 years ago get the bashing. in my opinion, i believe the coming of wenger and the success he made caused it. no one outside the British world did it then which caused the unwarranted hatred. arsene who???

      2. If you honestly think that Arsenal are treated in the exact same way in the media as the likes of Liverpool and Spurs then you are ignorant and deluded to the extreme.

        I can’t remember exactly who it was, but someone at TalkSport literally admitted to being overly negative with Arsenal as it “lights up the switchboard”.

        The English old boys controlling the media and the PL have always hated Wenger, and as an extension of that, Arsenal. You need only look at how Kitson described Pulis’ attitude towards him to see how these people viewed Wenger.

        “a poorly thought out and silly proposition.” Funny, I was thinking the exact same thing when I read both of your replies.

        1. the proposition asks “why do most media in the world hate…” then goes on to qualify not one of the worlds media, which shows he offers no substance (at all) to his bogus argument. I know adrien durham and cascarino are 2 twerps on TalkS**t but the show hardly represent the consensus of world.

          So, “d” if its your belief is enough indication of what the world’s consensus is of arsenal then your comment is another ill thought out substandard narrative to add to the first. It might be worth YOU adding to your “d” the following letters U-L-L-A-R-D to capture the limited outlook on what constitutes “most media in the world”.

  2. Any excuse to bash Arsenal I am guessing. So what do they want? Every player doing the same generic celebration? Wouldn’t that be very boring? The authorities have already taken a fair amount to reduce the fun element in football. Punishing those players who celebrate with their own fans, punishing any messages one might have under their shirt, and the TV companies cutting away from pitch invaders on most occasions.

    Now even those who earn a living off the back of football are yielding to this PC culture? Probably not. As I said, any excuse to bash the Arsenal. Sensationalism is what pays the bills I guess, but then it comes at the expense respect. I don’t personally listen to Talk Sport, but I haven’t heard good things about them.

    I loved the mask myself, and I always enjoy seeing interesting goal celebrations. The Shearer hand in the air, the robot from Crouch, the Robbie Keane roll, etc. Keep things interesting I say. We’ve already lost freedom of speech here in the UK, let’s not hope it’s freedom of expression that we lose next.

  3. I don’t listen to Talk Sport (Jason Cundy ex spud says it all!) & after reading on here from time to time what has been said about Arsenal, I’m glad I don’t!!
    I was actually disappointed it took this long for him to don his mask!! It was a crazy celebration but I loved it ? how long before there are signs being held up Pierre can I have your mask? ?
    A celebration is what it is… Ronaldo has been charged for his latest (grabbing his cojones!)
    I’d rather see Auba in a mask than Lingard or Griezmann dancing (or trying to) and those stupid handshakes with Son & Pogba with Lingard…
    What I’d like now is Auba in his mask doing his front flip ?
    And those miserable lot on Talk Sport can go & do one

  4. Don’t let it get to you Dan, they were ripping the piss out of spurs last week and practically had a couple of their callers in tears telling them how Arsenal would finish above spurs. It’s just clickbate radio and whilst I don’t listen much these days I do miss the old Daily Arsenal slot which was quite funny. Anyone seriously thinking they have a hate for all things Arsenal is really being a bit precious.

    1. ” Anyone seriously thinking they have a hate for all things Arsenal is really being a bit precious.” Whether the hate is real or not is a moot point. It still fools and tricks fans into hating on Arsenal, making absolutely rubbish claims without a slither of evidence, all because they heard it on TalkSport.

      Whose got the single worst fanbase in the entire country? Arsenal. Whose by far treated the worst by the media? Arsenal. I don’t believe this is just a coincidence. We have such an awful fanbase because of the anti-Arsenal agenda in the media convincing these people that Arsenal are far worse than they actually are.

        1. …maybe you should write to the radio presenters and get all this angst from off your chest – maybe they’ll change their view and come round to your way of thinking (jk)

    2. Declan. Breing a rational and sane fan I of course agree with your comments. It is depressingly predictable though to see the plethora of otherwise intelligent fans on our site, just as on all other big clubs sites, who constantly indulge themselves in this unhealthy paranoia that refs, the football authorities and the media are united against them. It is, as we free thinking fans well know, complete nonsense and totally untrue. But football is unlike any other form of hero worship in that many, though not all, fans see things in only black or in white. If they were to actually think deeper and say to themselves this thought: “what does the media constitute. Is it a central body where anti Arsenal laws are handed down from on high for example? And are all refs instructed to be anti Arsenal? If so, how is it that United fans think the same about their club. So do Chelseas, Spurs, Liverpools, Man Citys and so on”? Just a moments non biased thought would show the clear absurdity of this paranoia BUT they do not want unbiased thought. And the reason they don’t want it? BECAUSE IT WOULD SHOW THE TRUTH, WHICH ARE THE WEAKNESSES IN THEIR OWN CLUB! Simple as that! AFTER ALL, MOST FANS THINK THEIR OWN CLUB IS AND SHOULD BE IMMUNE from any criticism from any one else at all , save their own fans. And most fear even THAT freedom of speech, even from fellow fans, since it might show up the fact that THEY THEMSELVES do not have all the correct answers. Human false pride, is what it is, in actuality. Sigh!!!

  5. Because arsenal create news, so any1 can attack us, the fact that media are not getting negative news to write about arsenal is a bad market for those leech and its getting them worked up.
    I hope media faces are swollen all over by the huge faceslapp they get when we make top 3 and e UE trophy in d bag
    OT: i know most of u guys may not agree with me but i have to say it, we might regret it ,if we fail to tie D. Suarez down after expiration of his loan, we might bring up stats about him, how he has contributed zero effort to d team but the little i have seen from him so far give me this hapiness that when d guy is fully integrated with runs of games, he will deliver as i see his talent at par with Aron Ramsey, not sure about constitency though but at 15m thereabout,its a good business. He should be the perfect Replacement for the Turin bound guy not AMN whom am yet to see at CM role, ill rather AMN concentrate on his present position than confusing him trying to change back to CM, am not saying he isnt going to do a go job at CM but a lot of guys overestimate him by suggesting he is best or one of the best CM at the club. Are you kidding? I only saw him play there one or twice, lets be realistics, i doubt those claims are analytically based

  6. Talkshite is exactly what this so called radio station is

    Arsenal’s biggest problem here lies with our idiotic fans who respond to such childish provocation

    They even have a list of our fans they call regularly because they know they will say something controversial, similar to the Non-Arsenal fans tv.

    Please Arsenal fans, stop listening to them, I stopped about 3 years ago

    1. Well said Nikos. Don’t listen to it and it won’t affect you.
      A bit like AFTV, they were forced to drop Arsenal from their name because of all the negativity they spewed.

  7. For those who have been on this site for a while, they will know how much I deplore this station for its anti Arsenal stance.
    It’s all very well saying they do it to other clubs and maybe they do.
    But it’s the ferocious intent to denegrate our club at everyy opportunity that is the main thrust of my refusal to ever listen to this sTation again.

    The main culprit is andrew (I know everything) durham, who actually had a Arsenal segment every day, where he basically took the p*** out of the club and its supporters. That’s when I tuned out and that was, approx. four years ago.

    As TMJW says, we are losing to many rights in this country, but one they can’t take away iss the simple action of switching this station off…it’s easy. gives one great satisfaction and stops one getting wound up by so-called pundits who use our club for click-bait reactions.

    I’ll hazard a guess that it was this moron durham, but however it was, just goes to show how much thought process goes into the making of one of their shows.

    Regarding the mask? A bit of fun, enjoyed by most of us and didn’t hurt a soul.
    Perhaps if he had played with his cojones, while pretending to be a robot, then playing paper and stones, whilst moonwalking and then standing still awaiting his perceived deserved adulation, talks**t would have praised him.

    No, I’ll just keep watching The Chase and try to educate myself further.

    1. The Chase, best program by far and ex Brentford player Bradley is hilarious but a gooner of course.

  8. ah guys , come on !!!. we are fast becoming the most paranoid followers of any football clubs on earth. if we are not falling out with each other differences of opinion then we are picking the bones out of cheap broadcasting . simple solution, stop listening to those people, nobody forces anybody to listen to any show, cop on boys, lets just enjoy our reemergence,while it lasts.

  9. Yet another daft article giving those fans who wish to a chance to air the paranoia most fans around the country have about thinking the media “hates” them. This daft “they all hate us” mentality really separates the deep thinkers from the rant brigade. This is not a defence of Talk Sport, by the way. They are rabble rousers in most football respects and that is how they get listeners aplenty. Many fans love to indulge themselves in being “martyrs”. Sad but true! If you doubt me , tune into other clubs fan sites and find out the truth for yourself.

  10. What is wrong with our precious fanbase?
    How old are some of our fans that live in this little bubble. Playing victim all the time because someone airs an opinion that opposite to theirs.

    Convincing themselves that The footballing powers, FA, UEFA, Refs, Media are all biased against us and hate us.

    Sorry, but stop being snowflakes. A differing opinion is not hate or bais.

    No wonder the media makes fun of us, I realised a few seasons back that our fanbase most active on twitter / social media. They act like trolls on there.

    I say Grow some balls and start acting like grown up. Stop being precious and making all of us look like idiots.

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