Target defender does NOT want Arsenal transfer!

It seems as though the improvement in form and playing opportunities enjoyed by the Arsenal and England international striker Danny Welbeck since he decided to leave his former club Manchester United have not been noticed or not registered much on his former club and current international team mate Chris Smalling.

Because although there have been a growing number of Arsenal transfer rumours linking Arsene Wenger with a possible £12 million summer transfer swoop for him, Smalling has spoken out to declare his happiness at Old Trafford and his desire to sign a new contract extension and stay at the club he joined from Fulham back in 2010.

As a Sky Sports report explains, Smalling only has a year left on his current deal and had been heavily rumoured for a summer exit, with United ready to spend big money again in the transfer market. But he and fellow England international Jones have played in the last few games where United have been better and he seems to feel that his manager has now appreciated his talents.

The 25/year old said, “The manager is showing his faith in me and, if I am playing, I’m happy.

“We have got another eight games, so we will look to finish as strong as we can.

“I am enjoying it, I have always enjoyed playing for United, especially at the minute.

“If I can contribute, as now, then I am happy to stay as long as they want me.

“The manager has shown a lot of faith in me. Especially over the last couple of months, I have stayed fit, the manager has chosen me, and I am enjoying my football.

“I think he is very honest. He says what you are doing very well and what you can improve. He has real belief in you.”

Smalling did admit that there were no contract talks ongoing at the minute though, and if van Gaal does sign another defender he might find himself feeling differently. But should Arsenal give up on him and look elsewhere?

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    1. Only just though, don’t be too confident, Mr Cowardly. 😉 LOL. This guy is seriously top top top class. Haha Sorry, I can’t keep this up. This English press is being a bit too generous to Smalling. He is not Hummels. I don’t know if he said this but…he shouldn’t act like he’s freakin’ Messi. LOL

  1. Maybe we should buy a guy like caulker. Qpr is bound to get relegated and personally I’d like to loan chambers to a bottom half team where he can play CB every game and his team would be defending 75% of the time.

    1. Personally I have nothing against Caulker.. But he makes a LOT of individual errors, which often leads to conceding.. This is a major fault in his game.

      1. I agree he does makes errors, and I have 0 grounds for this but I feel alot of it has to do with the qpr team he is in. I have no idea why but there’s just l something wrong about there team (besides Austin).

        I thought caulker was a beast at Swansea, and I could see him stepping up his game big time playing at a club like arsenal while learning from the likes of kosc, per, and gabriel

        1. I will leave it to Wenger.. he will knows best when finding ‘unknown’ talent.

          He signed Gabriel out of nowhere and I’m quite sure 95% of us never even heard of him. And so far he has looked solid.. Let’s see what happens!

          1. I have full belief in wenger the man knows what he’s doing. I was simply just presenting my opinion

  2. haha sorry but there is just absolutely no chance united will sell us any players for a while… zero chance!
    Welbeck knocked them out of the F.A. Cup at Old Trafford.

    But Smalling? Seriously?
    If we go for another CB we need a leader. Koscielny is the best individual CB in the league IMO. Has the pace to cover a huge amount of ground and 1v1 is brilliant. But he needs someone to direct, organize and run the defence. From what I’ve seen of Gabriel he seems similar but what I’ve seen is extremely limited.
    I’ve been a solid believer in Mertesacker for a while now but this season I’ve been less and less convinced. I found his lack of pace was often nullified by great decision making and rarely being caught out of position. This hasn’t been the case this season and if it wasn’t for Koscielny’s brilliance there would have been a lot more errors proving costly.

    I think the remainder of the season will give a larger indication of how Wenger/Bould sees the defence shaping up for next season. With Liverpool’s small pacy forward line I personally think Wenger will opt for Mertesacker sitting. Will be a huge test for Gabriel and I hope he’s up to the challenge.

    I don’t usually like to speculate but if there can be a solid upgrade our defence will be the best it’s looked in years.
    RB – Debuchy, Bellerin
    CB – Gabriel, Koscielny, (New Addition), Hayden
    LB – Monreal, Gibbs
    Utility – Chambers

    Solid and deep!

    1. But who’s actually available?

      Schär, he will be free and he’s still young.

      Robin Knoche of Wolfsburg, he’s been very impressive but Wolfsburg is playing CL next season so they probably don’t want to sell one of their starters, especially one who came through their youth ranks.

      Subotic? BVB most likely won’t be in the CL next year, possibly not even Europa League.

      Dragovic? We were linked with him but I don’t have any knowledge about him.

      Abdennour? Now we all remember that bulky bully from Monaco who kept flooring our players. He was really impressive I must say.

      1. @ juhislihis

        That list is mostly from the media the 1 name that bugs me the most is subotic cause he just seems so average to me. I rate per higher than him for sure. But your right about about knoche that boy is talented but I don’t see him leaving Wolfsburg anytime soon since they are on an upward trajectory

    2. Let Koscielny bossing the defenders. What I really like from Koz – Gaby companionship is that it could be an equal and mutual. In sophisticated word : they are capable in covering each other ass, something that you can only wish come from BFG.
      New addition? I would like Ramos in, but look liked Madrid had accepted his wage demand. Whoever fill the CB slot, he should be like Koz and Gaby type.

  3. why do we need another CB? We have four. Kos, Mert,Gabriel, Chambers. And no Mertesacker Haters, he’s not going to be sold…

    1. IMO he should be. When next season starts, he will hit 31. He’s not homegrown, his positioning (which used to be his main strength) has deteriorated and he’s not going to get any faster.

      Mertesacker-typed, tall defender with positioning as main strength would be great, but with at least a bit of pace and vertical leap. Knoche is tall but relatively quick, Abdennour is strong, tall but athletic.

      Just my opinion but I believe we could find a better defender than Mertesacker, and it wouldn’t cost frivolous amount of money (a la Mangala, it even rhymes).

  4. Smalling? No thank you!
    OT: i’m impressed with Crowley and Toral!
    Who should be promoted to the first team next Season!?

    1. promote?

      they will not even have a chance to play….considering with new signings coming in….

      1. What new signings? Smalling? You are having a laugh? You and your united can keep your smalling.

  5. IMO, the type of defender we need is a defender that is tall and good with aeriel balls, good positioning, able to direct the defence and read the game very well while making crucial interceptions. May not be really fast like LK6 but not slow like PM4. I think Abdenour and Hummels match my criteria. I haven’t really watched the wolfsburg kid.

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