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Arsenal vs Manchester City Preview, Line up and Predicted score by KJ

This has been a long two weeks without watching Arsenal play and it’s made worse by the fact that we’ve had the bitter taste of a draw against Leicester still in our mouths. But we have a chance to get back on track with a win against Man City and there is a lot to be excited about.

We don’t know what formation we’ll play, we don’t know how effective Welbeck will be for us, we don’t know whether we’ll be better equipped to face the bigger teams now. There are a lot of questions but the result tomorrow will give us a lot of answers.

We tend to do pretty decently against City at home and I expect us to have the upper hand for large parts of the game. We need a good start to set the tone of the game and hopefully City don’t press us as much with Welbeck and Sanchez ready to counter. Providing Mesut is played through the middle, I expect him to have a good game as City press high up and he can play balls between their defenders if our players make the runs. If he’s played on the left, expect very little from him as he’ll be completely limited and will be forced to defend against Zabaleta and Silva/Nasri.

Line up:
Debuchy – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Monreal
Arteta – Ramsey
Sanchez – Özil – Cazorla

We should have close to our strongest line up providing Ramsey is fit. All we need is Walcott to be back soon and we can really start punishing the opposition.

I expect Monreal and Cazorla to struggle slightly as City are so strong on their right side but Cazorla is better defensively from the side and I hope Wenger tells Monreal to be a bit more cautious as Debuchy is far better equipped at bombing forward and recovering on the counter attack.

This is undoubtedly going to be a tough game but I have high hopes that we can produce a memorable win. 2 – 1 to Arsenal.

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  1. haywill says:

    why oh why 🙁

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      What’s will the negativity haywill come on son you gotta believe

    2. ArnSam says:

      Carzola n’ Ozill play the same role….why not rotate them? why not play them in their right positions and give Joel Campbell his rightful place @left wing! Mind u we have a game midweek!

      1. seancali says:

        campbell is not ready for a big match like today. he will get his chance…podolski is ahead od him currently. If there is someone who needs a chance it’s lukas podolski

  2. Lol mose says:

    Just cash back on ozil soon be4 his pricetag hits an all time low (£8m). I’ve been strugglng to see why he is apparently the be no. 10, i mean ahead of cesc?. My conclusion sel him while people stil thnk he is the best.

    1. seancali says:

      Ozil is the best and will show that pretty soon. He is the best at what he does. COYG LETS BEAT SHITTY

  3. Greg says:

    Come on gunners! Lets dig deep and get victory over man city! Coyg!

  4. Greg says:

    Lets get behind our “gunners” tomorrow and make the emirates shake and rumble! Lets be in full “cry” for the team! Coyg!

  5. keresh says:

    Knowing Wenger, Wilshere will start.

    1. josh37 says:

      I hope he does!! City have size and strength in midfield but if we add another number and move the ball quickly we can really hurt them. The exact kind of game for wilshere to excel and have confidence to build upon..

  6. Jippii says:

    You are right, we should go back to last seasons 4-2-3-1 formation, ´cause we have seen that 4-1-4-1 does not work in five cames allready, and the line up today should be:

    Debuchy – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Monreal
    Willshere – Ramsey
    Sanchez – Özil – Cambell

    Özil can feed the fast guys Sanchez – Cambell – Welbeck with his brilliant passing skills and the fast lads have pace to come back and defend as well while Özil and Welbeck can stay up that they can start a fast and furios counter attack, `cause Özil can hold the ball and wait that Sanchez&Cambell and Rambo can join as fast as they can and Willshere stays behind if we lose the ball. Only worry is that is Rambo fully fit, what`s the latest info, 50/50% that he will or can`t play? If he can´t play, then Flamini instead of Arteta, Arteta is one to blaim for those heavy losses agains Pool, Chelski and Everton. I really can`t understand the rumours that he will get a 1 year deal extension, `cause even blind can see that we need a proper DM in january or at the latest next summer tranfer window and Arteta is not a DM and we have better attacking midfielders allreary n the squad and youngsters like Zelalem, Gnabry and OX who need more playing time tham Arteta.

    1-0 or 2-1 for gunners today and we are back on track after disappoinment performances agains Leicester, Palace, 2 times agains Besiktas and first half at Goodison park. We need a win today that will give us a big boost against the other big boys, draw is`t enough in my opinion.

    1. josh37 says:

      Wow.. People criticise wenger for his lack of tactical diversity, but the last time he deployed the 433 against pelligrini’s 442 it worked beautifully. Quick transition through the middle neutralises their size advantage which they rely on for their very attacking set-up and weakened flanks with the likes of silva, nasri, jovetic or navas who are all weak defensively.

  7. liviolsj says:

    I’m not gonna lie, last season after we had been embarrassed a couple of times I did not look forward to the big matches like an Arsenal fan should. I was afraid we would come out flat and we did, multiple times. I have a different feeling this time around, though. Maybe it’s because we haven’t had a league game in two weeks, or because we beat City already (Community Shield I know I know), but I think beating the teams that are top of the table has been a point of emphasis this past preseason. There’s no way our players weren’t affected by the embarrassment, and as professional athletes these guys possess a will to compete and win and get better all the time, so hopefully those losses will spur (not spud) us on to greatness this season. I really hope Ozil is deployed in the middle; that’s his most effective position and against one of the best teams in the world we need to play to our strengths. We’ve got the speed the combat with City’s strong defense; if Welbeck and Sanchez can exploit those pockets of space between the RB or LB and the CBs then I think they can give the City defense some real headaches. We have such a vast array of talent and I certainly think we can win this game. I also think Pellegrini is pretty overrated as manager. City’s quality masks his managerial deficiencies, but they are there nonetheless. Hopefully he doesn’t opt to crowd the midfield in this game because without Ramsey (I’m assuming though I don’t know) we lack that engine to track back and attack from him. Wilshere needs to stay on his feet and use his quickness against the stronger City players, but I’m confident he can do that. He just needs to play within himself, commit a defender before passing to another player, and set the tone for us going forward. It’s good for us that Jovetic is out because he’s such a great player, and I don’t really rate Dzeko very highly to be honest. I also think Sanchez could have a great game for us if he’s deployed on the right. We know the kind of player Clichy is and we can all agree Sanchez is capable of playing him off the pitch. Our left side needs to be solid if we want a chance though. City is very strong on the right side, whether is be Nasri or Navas or Aguero playing over there, Monreal will need to stay back a bit more and whoever plays on the left wing for us will need to track back quite a bit. Sorry about the long comment but I’m pretty pumped up for this match. I think we might just shock the league in this one and pull off a 2-0 or 3-1 victory, though the more sensible part of me thinks 2-1 to the Arsenal will be the final score. COYG!!!!!

  8. royalman says:

    Wenger will start Sanogo

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