Teenager turns down Arsenal offer and will leave this summer

Arsenal has failed in their attempt to keep Amario Cozier-Duberry at the club after he turned down their latest contract offer.

The 19-year-old is one of the finest attackers that the Gunners have groomed, and he has been tipped to have a great future. He has been at Arsenal since he was 14 and has been working his way towards a regular first-team spot, but he has not made any league starts for the Gunners so far.

The club still considers him a talent worth keeping and offered him a new contract. However, a report from Standard Sports claims he has turned them down and will look to continue his career away from the Emirates.

Arsenal has some of the best youngsters in England in their youth teams, but not everyone gets a chance to even debut in the cup competitions as Amario Cozier-Duberry has done.

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It is sad to lose a talent, but Cozier-Duberry is nowhere close to playing on our first team, so he probably should leave and build his career at another club.

We have several other youngsters coming through at the club and we expect Mikel Arteta to promote more of them into his first team sooner than later.


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  1. Isn’t it the in house Saka backup? Also it seems the Martin kid is leaving/left already as well (Chidoze Obi Martin). And I am not sure on Patino. So, are we planning to use our academy guys at all? Or we are banking on some better prospects that we have? Because frankly, either we overrate all of our youngsters and our academy isn’t worth anything or we don’t know how to promote or something in between. All three cases seem to be concerning and only the last can be called as redeemable.

    1. Maybe Arteta should answer the fans query regarding young promising Academy players…I personally feel he is too much of a Perfectionist and may regret some of his decisions regarding young upcoming talent sooner rather then later..Arteta just give the most promising youngsters a try …consistently..you may be pleasantly surprised…

  2. who can blame them? We have become a buying club since Arteta became the manager. So these young lads have no chance at all of playing at the top level unless they move elsewhere. When you look at our current first 11 the only academy player is Saka.

  3. The Kroenkes have backed themselves in a corner, either keep on funding the manager with hit and miss signings or risk him moving where he can get a blank check after using Arsenal as a training club.

    Because he can’t coach a young gunner for the near future even if his life depended on it!

  4. This happens when you don’t give youth a chance. Sitting on a bench, only training with first team, and seeing Elneny and Cedric have roster spots but never play.

    No one is calling for them to start or be in the rotation, but at least a sub appearance to have them play and see a pathway.

    Easier to buy players than to coach up young talent. We don’t make stars anymore, we buy them.

  5. I really don’t understand the fuss around these young players. The club show interest in keeping them by offering them contract, so if they think otherwise good luck to them.

    1. Also, have any of the youngsters we have released gone on to excel anywhere else, apart from possibly Gnabry?

      1. Weak argument. What about Saka? And Amario was not released he ditched us possibly because he knows he won’t progress here as long as his name does not have a huge price tag.

        Clubs release academy players who are not good enough. They promote those good enough.

        Unfortunately under current manager we may have a new Mbappe at the academy and still he won’t get any chance. It doesn’t matter whether they are good or not good they won’t get any chance.

        Frankly I am surprised there is even a debate that the current manager doesn’t promote youths to first team when we have 5 years of evidence.

        He spend hugely for instant success and it still eludes him five years later.

        1. He’s not promoting them because we haven’t had any mbappe or saka coming up and at the stage we are as a coach that have to best the best team in Europe to win the league focus is on getting players that can deliver. This is not just arsenal but big teams generally competing at the top level rarely promote players into the first team except there’s problem like injury crisis or transfer ban. Now, here’s fact , Arsenal is one of the club with the highest numbers of academy players in their first team amongst the big teams in Europe. So we’re not doing bad.

          1. He is not coaching them because he can’t coach them. Just like he has failed to coach our young players like Lokonga, Tavares, ESR and Viera. Its why he goes for expensive players like Rice because they have already been coached properly.

            He casted away Saliba who went on to be coached properly in France. Emery coached for him Saka and Martinelli.

            That is a fact that leaves no room for debate or opinion.

          2. what sort of comment is this for God’s sake, do you thing we would have seen a Saka play for arsenal is Arteta was there…if not for Emery we wouldnt have seen a Saka or a Martinelli, even a Saliba.
            UNTILL YOU GIVE THESE YOUNG KIDS A CHANCE THANT’S WHEN YOU’LL KNOW WHO IS A “MBAPPE” OR “SAKA” IN THE MAKING. as long as they are still in the under 23’s and under 18’s without giving them opportunity in first team, they they will always re-evaluate their options.

            1. Yes. Some will mention Odegaard, Ben, Gabriel but feign ignorance on Lokonga, Tavares, Viera, Ramsdale, ESR, Nketiah and Nelson just to mention a few. I call this dishonest view.

              It’s like cheering for an archer who has hit bulls eye 3 times out of 10 with 7 missing the target altogether and call him the best ever.

      2. Excellent point GB and one I made earlier. It’s a fallacy that Arteta wouldn’t bring on home grown players if they were good enough. It’s also a fallacy that Arteta hasn’t improved the output of the players. To bring up Saliba and Rice as being ready made when Odegaard, Maghalaes and Ben White have been improved dramatically doesn’t recognise what the coaches have done along with the rise up the league

        1. Most of these people are simply looking for something to complain about. I doubt many of them know anything about the youth set up and the quality of the players coming through.
          The likes of Saka and Mbappe are quite exceptional and unusual and the idea that the next one just needs to be given a chance demonstrates a real lack of insight.
          Even a Saka needs to improve and evolve and it is quite clear that Saka has evolved into the top class player he is under Arteta.
          Every player has a ceiling and there is only so much a coach or manager can contribute to their development whilst running a top team. It is simply ridiculous to imply that Arteta has to be on hand to turn every player into the next superstar.

          1. When we let a young player leave and he turns out to be another Harry Kane, then I will hold up my hands. So far, I’m struggling to come up with serious contenders who currentlycan follow that situation

  6. Unfortunately, when you’re chasing titles, you may not have room for experiments. If the lads feel they’re good enough, it’s perfectly ok for them to seek chances elsewhere. You chaps are talking as if Barcelona, Madrid or City have come scrambling for these “academy superstars”

  7. Arsenal will lose very talented players and fail to recruit talented ones because of the way Arteta handles players.

    Arteta has no clue on how to make better players with discipline issues best. He has killed careers for some promising players and sold at through away prices wonderful players like Goundoz, Emilio Martinez, etc.

    He is now overworking Saka and wasting his best substitute.

    He has wasted very wonderful players like Tierney, Emily Smith Rowe, etc. Thank God he did not manage to destroy Magellas and Saliva 🤔🤔🤔

  8. Arteta is great in coming up with tactics to win games. He can set up the team to win even against Real Madrid. Unfortunately, he’s exceedingly poor in coaching players to adapt to these tactics. He therefore only works with established players. No wonder all our young players bar Saka whose exceptional, are stagnating or degrading

  9. For me, it’s a simple choice.
    We either go with the obvious route that MA has taken in order to win trophies by buying proven players, or we introduce academy players and go with the longer term strategy.

    The former has seen the club have it’s two most successful seasons in over six years, both financially and on the pitch.

    To say that our players are not being coached, is ridiculous.
    Odegaard, Havertz, Saliba, Trossard, Martinelli, White and Ramsdale, for example, are all much better players now, than when they were brought to the club.

    The flip side of the coin though, sees players such as ESR, AMN, Bielik, Balogun, Okonkwo, and Cozier Duberry, for example, either being neglected, loaned out, sold or not signing new contracts.

    The point SueP made about young players leaving, but not going further in their careers, apart from Gnarby (also Wikkock and Iwobi for me) is a very telling statistic.
    So that means that either the clubs they went to are no better at training them, they weren’t as good as we all thought they were, or that MA was right in letting them go.

    Would we have chased city115 for two seasons and qualified for the CL if we just invested in our younger talent – or even if we had promoted two or three of them?

    The biggest howler MA ever made though, was naming Matt Smith as part of his cup winning squad, who received a cup winners medal and then let him leave on a free!!
    Perhaps, with that kind of judgement, we should keep on buying players, as Mikel doesn’t seem to have improved on that part of his managerial skills?!

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