TEN Arsenal FA Cup Final videos – Great selection!

As a special treat for all the Arsenal fans that want to relive our excellent FA Cup win over Aston Villa, here is a nice collection of videos from the Arsenal camp. Tunnelcam, Walcott, Ramsey, The Ox, Highlights, etc.


Walcott’s goal. BANG 1-0

Sanchez Firecracker! 2-0

BFG makes it 3-0!

Giroud finishes them off 4-0 GAME OVER

On-Pitch Celebrations – Brilliant!

The Ox treats a young fan! Lucky git…

Walcott reaction. No fear!

Ramsey in confident mood


Now if you didn’t find anything you wanted to watch in that lot, you are NOT an Arsenal fan lol. I could watch Alexis score that goal all day long……

Come On You Gooooooners!


  1. galen says:

    I would like to credit Olivier Giroud for his great sportmanship. He has come out and said he respects his managers decision. he has also praise Theo Walcotts form and he insisted that the team comes first. That is what it is all about at the top level . the teams come first.

    I am a lil sad that after a great victory yesterday some people have come out and bash and insulted him on this forum. People have said we played well because Giroud didnt play. I think its unfair. we have had manay great games with Giroud so stop the disrespect.

    Bell has had alot of praise at RB and rightly so but I think nacho has gone unoticed. Nacho has shown theat You don’t need to be a speedy gonzalez to be a great fullBACK. The man hardly ever makes a mistake and has got the perfect balance defensively and offensively. Just look at Kyle walker to understand that pace means nothing if you have no brains. Nacho has been top top class.

    1. georgegooner says:

      i agree totally. nacho is always calm and in control. hes short coming is just hes height, he almost always looses to crosses in the box. these season we conceded too many goals by headers.

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        I think his problem, like most of our players when defending, is giving opposing players too much space. Monreal is damn good at tracking runners, positioning himself well enough to block crosses coming in. Just gives too much space.

    2. juhislihis says:

      Agreed mate, I would also like to add Theo to that list. Idiots were saying we should sell him, never really understood the reason. He’s our longest serving player at 26 years old, under the home grown rules and hitting his peak age.

      Did you see him and Mertesacker staying last at the podium parading with the fans? Both class. Give Theo a bumper 110k contract for 5 years, that would cover him be with us until he’s 31. If Mike leaves, make Ramsey third captain! (Mert is second and Santi currently 3rd)

  2. georgegooner says:

    never thought a cup final should be that easy, villa never showed a any signs of danger. At 3-0 i was hoping that they dont score another goal so some chelsea fans dont say “it was just aston villa”. though we were let out of two possible penalties, against man u with webb as the refree it could have been 3-2 at some point but am not complaining. it was a day to remember. who agrees with me, last years final felt sweeter.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      If you think about it. Wining the cup would have spelled relegation for them. The heavy burden of The Europa league plus trying to stay up in the EPL, would have sunk them. Lerner is trying to sell, so I’m sure he’s not going to pump anymore money into buying new players. Which they most definitely need, Europa or not…

    2. RWRW says:

      This Years Final felt sweeter purely because Alexis Sanchez was involved in this one!! Special special [layer

    3. jonestown1 says:

      In truth there was never going to be a score-line or a performance that would get fair praise. It was pretty obvious that a hell of a lot of pundits and experts were hoping for a Villa win. We win and it was “only Villa”. We win big, “Villa didn’t turn up”. We win narrowly, we were lucky or didn’t deserve it. We lose and “Arsenal no good in the big games and we told you so”.

  3. wizardry says:

    michael owen be like liverpool can still win the fa cup.

  4. Dan.M says:

    Coquelin has improved arsenal by 100x

    A new striker with quality will improve us by 200x more

    1. Dan.M says:

      You’re only as good as ur striker and I’m sorry giroud is just slightly above average in this close to world class team

      1. galen says:

        Thats the excuse people give for ozil. Ozil is a worldclass player and we dont need to look for any excuses for him. Ozil has had some wonderful games with Giroud on the pitch. Am not against buying another striker. infact i wrote and article about other strikers.

        I am against the disrespect we show to certain players like giroud rambo jack and szseney. U can’t be an arsenal fan and at the same time you blast your key players. Love Giroud or hate him but don’t deny the fact that he has been a key player for Arsenal since he joined . He has improved every season and he deserves to be respected as much the other top players .

  5. luvdaguns says:

    no negativity from here today, mert scores, defense shuts out villa 12-0 this season, ozil has nade the adjustment to the EPL, Giroud seems to get better when he has to compete, Theos hoal was fantastic and Alexis goal was insane! i was sad when sagna left, but our two spanish backs, nacho & bellerin are fantastic, to win the FA cup is great, but to win it consecutively, fantastic! but…. lets not forget wenger, he put that line up on the pitch, be gave us ozil and alexis when we needed stars, he managed the hunger back into theo, if not for the injuries in the first half of the season, who knows, still my favorite match this season, at man city, a comprehensive butt whooping… have a great summer! COYG!!

  6. phelyx says:

    Fabregas flag has been removed. Who should we put in replace of him. I am going for the wizard ‘OZIL’

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