TEN Arsenal international winners so far this week

All Arsenal fans hate having this ridiculous international break so early in the season, but at least we can console ourselves that some of our players are getting some added playing time to add to their match fitness. So far there have been no injuries reported so it is also good for their confidence that ten of them have ended up on the winning side as well.

We have already reported on Theo Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain making their mark in England’s 6-0 win over San Marino, which means that the national team are definitely on the plane to France next summer. Kieran Gibbs was left on the bench but may get some playing time on Tuesday against Switzerland…

Mesut Ozil impressed while he played the whole game as Germany beat Poland, and will probably feature again tomorrow against Scotland. Wojciech Szczesny was probably happy to be left on the bench for this one…

Koscielny was instrumental in stopping Portugal scoring as France beat them 1-0, while Giroud only got two minutes at the end, and Mathieu Debuchy was left on the bench (he must be getting used to that as well!)

Santi Cazorla got a 25 minute run out as substitute in Spain’s 2-0 win against Slovakia, while Petr Cech helped the Czech Republic get a 2-1 win against Kazakhstan. Gabriel went to Brazil to sit on the bench as Brazil beat Costa Rica Rica 1-0, but Joel Campbell got half an hour on the pitch and was our only loser so far. But at least it was against Bazil!

The last word must go to Alexis Sanchez, who yet again scored the winning goal for his country with just 8 minutes to go as Chile beat Paraguay 3-2. It’s a long way to go but I’m glad he got on the scoresheet.

So lots of winners, a few goals, and no injuries. Perfect!

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    1. Not slating him, but Sanchez’s finish was very unconvincing. Straight at the keeper from very close range. His work for the first goal was sublime though. Got his dancing shoes on, hopefully his scoring boots will be soon to follow.

      1. __________Off TOPiC_________

        I just read Admin’s article on Wenger, it’s all just very funny. I’m not an elephant, but I hardly forget. Admin, two years ago, u said u were gonna give Arsene the very recent season and that if he never failed to buckle up and push for major trophies, u were gonna change ur stand. Well, what do you think, dear Admin? Having known the man this long , do u think he is getting better or worse??? Is he still a seriously ambitious manager?????

        Seriously, one major reason why I respect Admin is becuz he’s been around far much longer than many of us (I in particular), so I’d think he should know better that times change and these aren’t those days, but Arsene is stuck in the past.

        Lord Harris, our director, come out publicly to say WE HAVE about £200M to spend and that WE CAN SIGN ANYONE. If Harris, not Leo, said it, then it’s true. Wenger did not come out to say Lord Harris was lying, that validates it: the money was and is there for Arsene, but does nothing.

        Before Arsene, there was Arsenal and we had coaches. Arsene was given the chance and he made it count, but now he’s lost the passion. How can we know that no one else can manage Arsenal successfully if we give no one the chance?????

        _____ Remember when we played the final game of the season against newcastle and came 4th in the league??? That’s when……… (Some here were celebrating as if we had won the league, even our players did and it was very pathetic).

        1. Okay here is one of my theories about Wenger. As far as he is concerned he IS spending the money! So Cech was our only signing? What about the 8 (i think) youngsters he brought in? Including the new sensation Reine-Adelaide I believe.
          Arsenal have FIFTY-SIX players eligible to play in the Premier League, although most will be in the U21’s and the Academy sides. PLUS We have a whole team of players out on loan that could join the senior side next season. Do you not think that these players take up a hell of a lot of our budget? Yes most will fail, but occasionally we’ll get a Bellerin or a Ramsey or Wilshere, etc who could recoup a large part of that outlay in one fell swoop….
          (all numbers may not be exact but close to reality)

        2. Yea admin………. Talk bout how many were Loaned out this season…… Then the next question arises…….. “How much of game time will Wenger give Adelaide or iwobi” this season?……… Don’t bet on that!

  1. Hypothetical question: Do you think Wenger will get sacked if Arsenal fails to win any of their games till the next transfer window?

    1. yes.. of course he would.
      Hypothetical question. Do you think the AOB’s would stop if we are top of the league and CL group end of next transfer window and we don’t buy anyone?

      1. Of course they wouldn’t stop, because AOB’s don’t judge a player/manager after a few games, half a season or even a season. They judge over the course of years and years, which for Arsenal has been – consistently 4th in the league, doing nothing at all in Europe and now…even doing almost nothing in the transfer window!

        And by the way, who cares if we’re top of the league or CL group at the end of January! It’s about being top at the end of season! And real Arsenal fans have seen nothing in our performances or in the transfers so far to suggest that this season will be any different from the last season, the one before that, and so on, and so on…

      2. we don’t care bout being Top of the League………we care bout actually Winning it!…….WENGER OUT!

      3. @josh37. The answer to the question shows what people on here would like…ie that the sobs stfu. However, the hardcore aobs will never listen and IMO will remain a negative drain on AFC indefinitely. It’s not about the results for the ‘irrationals’, it’s about Wenger.

  2. No injuries. ..that’s the most important news.
    But yeah it can only be good to be on winning sides and come back with that taste and it can only make them want to taste it again

  3. So because walcot scored two against a mediocre san marino he is WC and like a ‘new signing’?..we should be on our knees thanking God for getting away without any injury scares!

  4. Great to see these guys perform well, just want them to come back strong and healthy….no injuries please……Wenger has already hurt us so much with his stubbornness……any injury would be like rubbing salt on our wounds….!!!

  5. Slightly OT:
    How many of us are happy with Arsenal’s summer signing? Surely, not may
    But how many of us are happy with Chelsea’s, Man united’s or even Man City’s signing.
    Would we have become happy with what Chelsea, Man City, United or Liverpool have bought. Do not forget the price that have been paid to acquire these players and also the wages that come along with it. Let’s look at the main signing of each of these clubs–
    Man United
    1) Depay-25 mill pound….Seems to be a good player. He has got tricks, pace and work ethic but is still struggling to find his touch in the PL…IMO no verdict can be passed as of now.
    2)Sergio Romero–HAHAHAHA
    3)Antony Martial–36 mill pound that could rise up to 60(ignore me if I am wrong).. Enormous amount of money to be spent on a player that has played and will be followed by the tag as most expensive teen-ager .. People like comparing him to henry but I am not quite sure…If he does not hit the ground running straight away the fans and the media will kill him with criticism . Another Angel Di Maria in my opinion.
    4) schweinsteiger– A good signing for man united but at 30 and with such a massive wage not a signing I would want Arsenal to make.
    5) schneiderlin—Perfect price..perfect player.. Hands down.. Lovely signing.
    1)Christian Benteke– 32million– A proven goal scorer, premier league experienced, a pretty good signing and a signing that i thought Arsenal would make .. But how different is he to giroud and how many goals would he score that Giroud would not..and with Walcott also in contention only a worldclass striker would make the spot permanently his.
    2) Clyne– A perfect signing at a reasonable price.. But do we need him..
    3) Firmino–I have not seen much of him..But clearly do not need him at Arsenal..
    4)Milner — Maybe a good signing for Liverpool but will definitely not fill a large void left by gerrard.
    5)Ings– a free signing but would not have made it at Arsenal and with sturridge returning from injury and of course rogers has a big point to prove for paying such high price for benteke and will keep playing him even if he fails.

    According to Redknapp “worst Liverpool he has ever seen” .. Cannot see the finishing above us.

    Pedro–A great signing , has added another dimension to their game. A player I would loved to have any day.
    Begovic– A very very good replacement for cech. Is at a good age and did not cost much.
    All the other Deadline signings are “hit and miss”

    Man City
    Spend a lot of money and are everybody’s favourites for the title.
    De bryne — A great player…” best Player of BundesLiga itself speaks volumes” But at 52 million ponds and a similar to player to jack ( less injury prone of couse) a signing I would guess Arsenal not to make. . they have bought him to take silva’s place in the future.
    Sterling -Personally dont want him at Arsenal at such high price i am sure many arsenal fans would agree.But definitely has added something to their game. Another player they have bought keeping their future in mind.

    So all in all , looking at the signing and the chances of them to succed (which is what wenger look) Arsenal has the most chance and this fact is already well documented
    I understand the fans frustration at lack of transfer activity.. but i am pretty sure Wenger tried to sign players that would directly impact the team like sanchez and Cech..
    People always blame Arsene and the board as the ones who are destroying the club. They might be ..I dont know.. But one thing i am sure, the biggest destroyer of this clubs are those who are protesting after the transfer window is closed and given the season has already begun we have to treat Giroud like our Messi and ramsey as our iniesta and get behind the team. I for one am not convinced that these players could win the league but now as the season has started just get behind the team and support whole-heartedly..What impression do these idiots think they have when they call player like giroud and jack and constantly labeling not good enough for the club.
    This is what I know.. But again what do I know..

    1. @alexis……..ur analysis are totally irrelevant as it doesn’t affect the arsenal positively………. Its not like their spending all those money affects the fans finacial stand…….. They have a much better ticket rate for their fans compared to Arsenal…….at least a fraction of the fans money + those of the club moguls is put into visible use for all to see, but at Arsenal, it’s a different ball game……. If u were presented with a golden opportunity to sign a player messi, would u shy away from forking out a club fee? …..nah! cuz u are paying for quality……but its common to hear wenger talk of i nearly had a chance to sign this player or that……he’s gotta be the silliest person to always miss out on targets!

  6. Just happy there are no injuries! & glad to see Sanchez got his scoring boots back 😀 hopefully he’ll bang in 30 this season in all competitions

    1. Definitely Theo’s third goal versus Newcastle 2012/2013. A real collector’s item. He wanted it so bad, he slipped and still crawled between someone’s legs to score. WHERE IS THAT SPIRIT? We need it back so bad…..

      Up The Arsenal! !!!

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