TEN big-game Arsenal defeats – Which one hurt the most?

The painful days. By Galen Sona

Arsenal 0 v 2 Bayern Munich Champions league 2013
This was the round of 16 of the champions league. We started the game like a house on fire and we were all over Bayern in the first 15 mins. It was some great stuff from Arsenal. Why it hurts? Ozil misses a penalty then 15 mins later he is still shaking his head asking himself why why why? The great players just carry on playing. Then we got a red card and its game over.

Arsenal 1 v 2 Birmingham League Cup Final
A typical Arsenal game. A game Arsenal is supposed to win and you just know they will crack under pressure. We were just poor all game. Then Koscieny and Szczesny had that communication malfunction and gifted Martins a goal. Why it hurts? It was a final at Wembley and a great way to end our trophy drought. Seeing Wilshere cry was hard too. It’s as if only one player cared enough on the day.

AC Milan 4 v 0 Arsenal Champions league 2012
In typical Arsenal style we just crack up in every big game. We have seen this happen over and over again. In Gary Neville’s words “we prepare for big games like kids going to the Park”

Manchester United 8 v 2 Arsenal Premier league 2011
I don’t want to talk about this game.

Liverpool 5 v 1 Arsenal Premier league 2014
it was 4-0 within 20 minutes. Our players are meek and weak. Big players hiding in big games. We all know them. We were taken to the cleaners by Liverpool.

Chelsea 6 v 0 Arsenal Premier league 2014.
Another big game – another big fall. Oh it was Wenger’s 1000th game as Arsenal’s manager. Talk about Players letting their manager down time and time again.

Arsenal 1 v 3 Monaco Champions league 2015
How many times have we seen this Arsenal script. In a big game when we are suppose to win. What is Steve Bould’s job? Cause we just can’t defend to safe our lives.

Arsenal 0 v 2 West Ham Premier league 2015
Talk about cracking up under pressure. Our players are the most talkative. Every interview talks about how great they are and what a great team they have. But Paul Merson said ” Arsenal are the worst team under pressure”. When Arsenal has no pressure they win 10 games on a row. A little pressure and we are clueless.

Arsenal 1 v 2 Zagreb Champions league 2015
Yes everyone blamed Giroud in this game. They say Zagreb hasn’t won a Champions league game since 1999. Well Bayern showed us all how to beat a pub team.

Arsenal 2 v 3 Olympiakos
What a game of football. I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this before. You know what they say” when you score a goal you are most vulnerable”. Typical Arsenal display in a “must win game” . How many times have we seen this happening?

The funny thing about all this games is that the scripts are almost the same. Under pressure we are just a rubbish team. To think there were no players in the market to improve this team is just laughable. I don’t even want to talk about the window. I have written enough articles about the transfer window already.

Have a great weekend .

By Galen Sona

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  1. Good, we just wanted this before the important Man Utd game! A look on our worse defeats….

    1. literally cannot believe the timing of this post.
      he ends it with : have a great weekend- thats funny

      let me sap your confidence right before a huge game, then pat you on the back

      wtf galen?

      1. hahahahaahahahahah. What timing? How does my post influence team selection and players performance tomorrow. Is just a post dude. Relax man. Football is just a game. lol

        1. Must be that 1-2 defeated at CL final against Barca. We had very good chance to win the title, before Lehmann sent off. Leaded one goal only to see Barca comeback and sealed it at injury time. Thanks a lot Almunia. That’s still hurt me.

          1. And the ref admitted years later the red card was a wrong call….yeah still hurts. That’s why we hace to win it!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Its not like we are having worst situations at present.

        1. We are 3 points behind table toppers(Man Utd) at the moment. If we win that match. we will be level with them. City initially looked unbeatable, but two or three best players falling down and they started losing. Chelsea, I don’t want to have a talk about them. Maybe they will manage to reach top 4 in future, but now they are in their worst conditions.

        2. We have defeated Spurs in Round 3, one of the difficult teams provided others have to face much easier opponents. We have Sheffield Wednesday in round 4, while other big teams have drawn PL teams.

        3. About CL, yes I agree that it is now very difficult to qualify, but still there is a chance. Oh, and history tells us whenever we get this kind of results in CL, we play our best football performance ever. Remember Bayern win away, with worse squad than current one. Remember AC Milan 3-0 win, at the Emirates, remember 2-1 against Barcelona, remember Bayern Munich draw(in that match, Bayern players had to take support of dives and fouls to match ourselves). We need to win all matches remaining in our CL matches, that is difficult but not impossible.

        Yes, we have to take more care of our defense. But at least, our forwards are scoring, if we get to score against Man United, it will be more difficult for them than us.

        I am not saying lets grow too much overconfidence. But it is not the moment right now to sprinkle salts on our wounds.

  2. To me it was the league cup final arsenal 1 birmingham 2! That loss really hurted because it was a final we were suppose to win, but self destructed!

    1. The bayern game hurt me most. The strong start was brilliant. The penalty miss then the red card. That was a cobination of everything bad about football. Then we loss on away goal. That was just too much to take.

      1. Well it did hurt but that wasn’t the bayern fixture where we lost on away goal, that was a year ago, in this fixture we lost 0:2 and then drew 1:1, we lost with the total of 1:3 ^^

  3. Hmmmm spoilt for choice there thanks to Mr Wenger.

    The least bad is the West Ham 0-2 as we have games like that regularly so that doesn’t belong in there but the Birmingham, man utd and Chelsea games for me were the most excruciating.

    These recent ucl games are inexcuable but then again we should be used to it by now as gooners.

    I don’t think our players ability is the problem, I think it’s our managers mental weaknesses and his failure to instill mental strength in our players. Imagine Ferguson had this team…. This squad clearly has potential Imo. Only 1 place to look as to why we can’t realise it consistently

    1. I think like most fans we are overrating our players. We make it sound as if they are worldclass but they are not. Sanchez use to be on the bench for barcelona. That is the level am talking about. Is things like this that made Wenger to say there are not enough players in the window to improve our squad.
      The squad is good. but with loads and loads of weaknesses. No physicality in that team. we get bullied by everyone

  4. For me it was 8-2 Manchester game it brought home the truth, to be honest I’m still scared something like that will happen every time we play a big team

  5. Losing 8-2 to man united is the worst because all man united fans think they defeat a “strong” Arsenal side using their weakest 1st team, it still hurts… 🙁

  6. to be honest arsenal losing 6-0 to the chavs on wengers 1000th game will always be remembered.
    as will the 8-2

  7. There was a match that felt like a defeat but was a draw. When we were up 4-0 to Newcastle and match ended 4-4. I honestly came close to tears

    But from the list, I 8-2 admitt it but the 8-2 loss wins.

    1. Yes. I forgot. I was gutted.

      We came so close but after Lehman was sent off I knew it was the end.

      Maybe, We could have won that one if there was no red card.

  8. To me, all the 10 big defeats hurt me, there is no exception. But Arsenal will gradually avenged those defeats in the manner we were beaten in the same competitions in which those clubs beat us. In Ucl, we beat Bayern Munich 2-0 away I think in 2012 in the return leg game for our home lose of 1-3 to them. They beat us 0-2 last season at the Emirates Stadium. But I strongly believe the Gunners will humble Bayern Munich 2-0 this term at the same Emirates Stadium when they come knocking at our door this October after the international break. There is no team that are unbeatable in any competition including Bayern Munich. And Arsenal will unfailingly beat them home & away this season. And at a point in the Premeir League, the Gunners will one season beat Chelsea 0-6 at the Bridge, beat Man Utd 2-8 at Old Trafford and also beat Liverpool 1-5 at Anfield possibly this season. Anything is possible.

  9. i would pick d birmingham defeat…i lost my appetite 4 days…d ucl final defeat still hurts till now.

      1. Yes and if I remember correctly Birmingham got relegated the same year

        In hindsight after winning two FA Cups, it doesn’t hurt as much as UCL final

        Also, if I weren’t an Arsenal fan, I would have wanted Birmingham to win as we tend to like underdogs

  10. And everyone forgot 1999 FA cup semi final against Man Utd. Bergkamp missed a penalty and then our defence led Giggs to score a solo goal. Salt on the wounds.

  11. The Birmingham defeat was very painful especially as we had been dominating the game only to concede in comical fashion. It was horrible.

    I didn’t watch the United 8-2 game, so that reduced the pain a little bit. I think we deserved the loss due to our transfer inactivity leading up to the game. And that game gave us Mertesacker and Arteta who have been largely worthy ambassadors for Arsenal 🙂

    The AC Milan game was terrible, but hey, it was 4-3 on aggregate, so not so bad in the end 🙂

    The 5-1 Liverpool game was perhaps the most painful. Liverpool were devastating and the game was finished by the first half. It was even more painful considering how we missed out on Suarez.

    The Chelsea game was equally painful, of course, but the Gibbs-Oxlade Chamberlain mixup provided a welcome distraction from the nightmare and made everyone laugh a little bit 🙂

  12. I’m gonna say it one more time and then maybe write an article and send it to admin.

    It’s psychological.

  13. They all hurt. But I he one o me that hurts he most because of hat trophy at the end that was so close…..the ucl final

    and I think that one started our psychological issue….damn that ref he admitted he was wrong on that red card.

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