Twelve managers that could replace Unai Emery as Arsenal manager

Managers across the world would jump at the chance of replacing Unai Emery as Arsenal boss.

Managing Arsenal is still a much-coveted role and there will be no shortage of managers that the Arsenal board can choose from.

There are a bunch of obvious candidates and some that are unfashionable and there is an argument that it may best serve Arsenal if they do not go down the obvious route.

Chelsea went with a former player and look at how it is working out for them. That said, Liverpool and Man City went with a high profile manager and success has followed.

Tottenham went for the coach of Southampton and reached the Champions League final. Man Utd went huge with Jose Mourinho and that was a failure. In better words, no one knows what will work and what will not.

Anyway, here are 12 contenders for consideration

High Profile

Massimiliano Allegri
Would he really cut his sabbatical short?

Jose Mourinho
Would be very divisive.

Diego Simeone
Probably too negative.

Premier League

Eddie Howe
Can he transition from Bournemouth to the big boys?

Brendan Rodgers
Would he leave Leicester City for Arsenal?

Chris Wilder
Is he high profile enough for Arsenal?


Erik ten Hag
A big leap from Dutch football to English.

Former players

Patrick Vieira
Is his future with Man City or Arsenal?

Sol Campbell
Has he enough experience?

Freddie Ljungberg
Assistant manager and well placed.

Back to the future

Arsene Wenger

Outrageous thinking

Mesut Ozil
Player-manager, worth a thought

There are other contenders like Mikel Arteta, Laurent Blanc, Luis Enrique, Nuno EspΓ­rito Santo and so on but the list would get far too long.

So, which manager would you like to see at Arsenal in the event that Unai Emery departs?


  1. Erik Ten Haag, and Brendan Rodgers are the names I find most appealing on your list. Ajax plays exactly the way most of us would love Arsenal to play, brilliant attacking football, and they defend as a unit, and he’s doing that with a squad that is arguably not as strong as ours. And Rodgers has also been brilliant with his style at Leicester, also with an arguably weaker squad. I’ll be very happy if we got either of them, as I know we’ll play entertaining football and most likely win major trophies as well. And also, we’ll be set for the long term. So…. over to you management.

  2. Mr first choice will be Leonardo Jardim. Always everyday. But what do I know! I remember when some of us here mentioned Brendan Rodgers and people were loathing him. Now he his getting it right at Leicester city and some want him.

  3. The names on the list I like are:

    Any of these I would be happy with
    Mick McCarthey

  4. It would be better if Arsenal go for someone who has proven himself. Of course anyone coming must start winning.There are no ifs and buts.
    In such a case Allegeni is spot on but then there are no guarantees.

  5. Arteta, Viera, or Henry (I know he failed at his last managerial job but he wasnt given enough time.
    As for the rest, too tired and worn out. We should have signed Thomas Tuchel before PSG did.

    But I believe that the board has to go young and select someone who seems like they are taking a chance.
    Keep in mind, the Kronke group has done this in the USA for its USA franchises and so far it is working brilliantly.

  6. Rogers but would he come if not bring the Arsenal boys back Viera .henry.Bergkamp for the rest of the season they can’t do any worse than what is happening now

  7. Espirito is interesting to me, like to see what he could do with our team. Wilder is interesting, both not sure both would appease the fans.

    Ten Haag or Enrique ( who Raul wanted) would put us in good hands I believe, and would show results in several months time.

  8. Some of the names on that list seem ideal but how plausible are they really? The big names on that list will demand a massive transfer kitty to transform our fortunes (so unlikely), the managers already plying their trade in the league, wouldn’t want to jump ship midway through their team’s season. The former players on this list have achieved very little as managers, we, the impetuous fans demand instant success so that’s a non starter too. Managers from other leagues have little/no experience in the Premier League so unless they hit the ground running, like Emery did, they won’t last longer than two seasons.

    Unless the board are prepared to break the bank, we can expect to see a largely inexperienced manager come in.

  9. To be honest I would like to see Freddie Ljungberg take over and bring Thierry Henry in as a joint manager!

    Can you imagine the football we would be playing again!? πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜„

  10. I hate Mourinho but he has huge experience in the EPL he knows all the opposition teams and players including our players and he can bring in top names

    1. Would be devestated if we were to ever employ Jose after his attitude towards our club. However we wouldn’t be as open as we have been for years, he would demand serious investment also as he always does. So fellow gooners do we want beautiful attacking football or ugly crap week in week out but the potential for the trophy cabinet to be in danger of filling up (even with a trophy, o don’t think unai will win one). My opinion is I don’t want him anywhere near our club, buy would be interested to hear views of fellow fans. All the best Paul

  11. Julian Naglesman at RB Lezpig would be my first choice, did wonders at Hoffeinhein now doing well at RB Lezpig

    1. I was going to mention him. He should be in the list at least. If we need time to choose and we have to sack Emery, give Freddie L. a chance, I cannot imagine, he would do worse.
      I like Simeone then B. Rodgers too, but this is not football manager, I understand, they may be impossible.

  12. I don’t think Rogers leaves Leicester for Arsenal – right now he has the “bigger” gig – historically no, but the way things are going. Right now, I would take anyone but Emery (or Wenger coming back – those days are done). I would be interested to see what Mourinho would do with Arsenal right now, but worry about longer term.

    If the management understands that we likely lose Lacazette and Auba without top four then they will act. I am not sure if they are there – seems obvious to me that we are going nowhere but down the table without change.

    Hope something happens because there will be a bump regardless of who comes in.

    1. The issue might not be the best – but who is available on short notice. Allegri would be interesting.

    2. Arsenal is the bigger gig no matter what angle you look at it. It’s also a much tougher job at the moment. I don’t think Rodgers will leave simply because he is on a high, so why go towards a potentially hazardous situation when you don’t have to.

  13. Bayern seems to prefer Wenger between Al these coaches they also looking at. Enrique personal issues forced him to leave Spain team, he would have been first choice.

    I would bring Wenger back with Henry next to him…

    1. Wenger would not come back. Also going back to the past rarely works. Sure, Wenger would do better with the kind of players we now have. Ceballos and Ozil would play better, Pepe would play better, Torreira for sure, but the end is the end.

      It’s true Bayern are considering Wenger. Unlike most foolish fans’ opinion Wenger would be wanted by at least a third of EPL clubs, and most in France, and at least a handful in Germany and Italy.
      But it seems he’s tired of the stress, otherwise he would take on of the offers unless he was waiting for a bigger one like Bayern. I think Bayern would only consider him until the end of the season, though.

      Wenger is 2 years younger than Roy Hodgson (also better) and 3 years younger than Jupp Heynckes was last year, so considering his shape, he could still manage for another 5 years if he wanted to.

  14. Mike Bassett for me! Bin Ljungberg and bring in doddsy. Bassets managerial record speaks for itself, won the Mr clutch cup with Norwich, took England to the semi finals of the world cup.. took the Newcastle job and had them relegated back to back no mean feat! And last but not least he’s put Wirral county back on the map! Ticks all the boxes πŸ‘Š

  15. Ten Haag, Nagelsmann, Arteta, or Rodgers.

    Any of these would do better than Emery. Again, and sorry for repeating, if Lampard is doing well, how in earth would a smart guy who’s been learning day-in-day-out from Pep not do at least similarly well?? Still waiting for a logical answer…

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