Terrible loans to spell DISASTER for Arsenal stars?

The general idea for Arsenal when we loan out one of our squad players is to give them the regular playing time to gain experience, match fitness and to help them progress and be ready to come back and shine for the Gunners. But it does not always work out according to plan.

It has worked for us on a number of occasions, including with Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey after their injury problems and most recently to brilliant effect with our French midfielder Francis Coquelin who, according to Arsene Wenger, has saved the club around £40 million.

But it does not look as though the first team players that finished the season on loan at various clubs have enjoyed the same success. IN fact the only Arsenal loanee who has impressed has been Carl Jenkinson at West Ham. Unluckily for him though, the right back position is probably the best covered at the club with Bellerin, Debuchy and Chambers.

The Daily Star have reported that Podolski’s transfer to Galatasaray has fallen through but after just one goal from 18 Inter Milan games, I cannot see him playing for Arsenal next season.

Joel Campbell and Yaya Sanogo have not fared much better for Villarreal and Crystal Palace and a Metro report claims that the Costa Rican is to stay in Spain and make a permanent La Liga switch to Real Sociedad. Ryo Miyaichi started just six games for the mid table Dutch club FC Twente and Wellington Silva did not score a single goal for relegated Almeria.

Can you see any of them playing for Arsenal next season, or ever?

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  1. I really thought “prince” podolski would have redeemed himself with his loan spell at inter milan, but he failed to impress!

  2. Honestly i am a big fan of lukas Podolski! But i think he will definitely be sold now, as i cannot see him fitting into wengers plans!

    1. Podolski dug his grave. When you go on loan you must still respeect your parent club. Look at how Alex Song spoke respectfully about barcelona on ITV. Podolski criticised Arsene and that was a big mistake. This time around Wenger won’t even bench him. he will be in the stands. he was talking how he was the best finisher. he is in the bench for germany. Bench for Arsenal and bench for Inter.
      Joachim Low Wenger and mancini cannot all hate podolski. he depends too much on his left foot.


    In the last week the fans and some players and manager have been showing so much arrogance. yes we won the FA cup and so? Now you hear everyone saying that we are good enough to win the league. Giroud was saying we don’t really need additions to win the the league. Rambo mentioned it as well. Arteta mentioned it. The manager feels we have a very good squad.
    Now the fans have started to feel thesame.

    Juventus general manager said 5 years ago they visisted the emirates spoke to Wenger and got some idea’s on stadium and business and investing in the squad. in that time they have left from league 2 to Champuons league final. But us we just lack that hunger to want more.

    Our fans have started to think we don’t need a striker. They are thinking we don’t need another DM. They are saying we shouldn’t improve the squad. We finish 12 points behind chelsea but yet we think we are ass good as them.

    The funny thing is that Chelsea wants to improve. they don’t say oh we won the legue and we are the best let just stay there. Arsenal on the other hand won the FA Cup and players and fans are becoming arrogant saying we shouldn’t make signings and we are good enough.

    How many of our players would have played in any of the teams today? If you watch the level of play of both teams and you are honest you can tell we are far behind.

    Some years ago we played barca in the Champions league Final. look at how far they have left us. I am saying arsenal needs to start looking pass the round of 16 in the champions league.
    Arsenal needs to start looking at minimum 2nd position and a serious title challenge.

    That is the standard we need to set. Can Giroud and Welbeck take us to next level? NO. That doesn’t mean we should disrespect or insult them. But we just need to be more ruthless and go for something better.

    If Benzema or Higauin or Martinez are available why should we say no such a deal? Why should we worry about Welbeck or sanogo’s developement?
    United use to have Rooney Ronaldo tevez berbatov. City had Aguero Negredo Dzeko Jokovish.

    When you want to win titles you need to show less emotion and be more ruthless. Some players won’t be happy because of bench time. But if You love arsenal and you want the club to be succesful then many players will be unhappy about game time.

    King henry ” SOMETIMES I USE TO HAVE A BAD GAME. WILTORD WILL COME ON AND SCORE A HATTRICK. SOMETIMES IT WAS KANU.” people should not forget what made us great in the first place. we had Qualit and serious competition.

    1. Spot on. Been saying the same lately and had dogs abuse (standard).

      But truth is as you say, Arsenal need more quality to push the current quality. Also, some fans need to understand that every academy graduate is not “the next” whoever…saw someone comment that “Gnabry is better than Sterling” and hoards thumbed it up.

      That kind of bias is totally counterproductive to Arsenal getting better, this notion we have it all is detrimental to progress and people need a reality check.

      1. I agree the “Gnabry better than Sterling” stuff is gung-ho club jingoism. I know you rate the kid but serious hypothetical question. Do you think either Ox or Serge getting a full season of exposure in L’Pool’s perfect storm season in the 2013-14 playing free of injury with an on-fire Suarez and Sturridge could have made a decent impression?

        I think all 3 have some quite similar traits with less than a years’ age difference between them. I think the biggest difference between them is that one has had an opportunity to make an impression at a club that really doesn’t have many players of that ilk. And credit to him for making the most of it but I wouldn’t really like to predict the career outcomes just yet for any of them.

        1. I think it’s naive to suggest Sterling has a reputation built on one good season where he enjoyed a “perfect storm” type environment. He plays the season before and was good in flashes, had that break out season and was terrific, has been their best player this year with the team on his back in an attacking sense. He’s getting better, and more importantly has proven it.

          To reduce that to it being down to game time is hypothetical. Who knows what Gnabry will do if he plays 30games, who knows how ox will be if he stays injury free, but Arsenal aren’t Liverpool and we are supposedly fighting for the title. So surely our RW should be someone we KNOW will produce a certain level.

          Ox hasn’t nailed a starting sport for me, and Gnabry 100% needs a loan after playing no footy for a year. Sterling an Ox as RW options would be great for us.

    2. I don’t think you will find anyone seriously suggesting we do not need continuous improvement. The arguments tend to revolve around how we are to achieve it and at what speed. Most of the loudest arguments inevitably rely on the “spend big” and try and outspend the others theory. Not really rocket-science nor very imaginative but sounds easy. Makes you wonder why every team doesn’t borrow big money, get their guaranteed success and recoup their outlay with the new and increased incomes that generally follow such success. Foolproof eh? Can’t see a downside. The bottom line is that 3rd party observers will always be happy for someone else to risk their money and then bask in the reflected glory. Everyone of us would have more sophisticated views if it was our money/investment.

      And not liking your last last paragraph – and for me just shows Thierry’s slight detachment from reality. The rose-tinted specs and selective memories are being cranked up big time by offering up Wiltord and Kanu as proof conclusive of better times. Wiltord 28 league goals in 4 seasons (around 100 appearances) and Kanu 30 in 6 seasons (120+ apps). Kanu has a career goal ratio to make Welbeck blush.

      1. Thankyou!! Brilliant comment!!
        Prior successful squads seem to have the fringe players input exaggerated. Henry spoke fondly of them so of course they were the ultimate squad players!
        Reading the above comments I find it hard to believe that people are taking Wenger’s and players comments so literally. All the comments I’ve read so far have been ‘I have faith in the squad currently.’ Of course that’s going to be the response. He literally says a reworded version of this to every transfer question. Soon it will be ‘We are open to improvement of the squad our squad size is large so the player must be top quality, we are active in the market, yes’

    3. Sorry Galen but until Arsenal want to spend in the same store as Chelsea with transfers and wages we will be close and every so often might be able to pull out a league championship but for the most part are fighting an uphill battle every year. Give Arsenal the same resources and then talk ruthlessness.
      I understand this completely and love knowing we are doing it in a way that should be the blueprint for every club.

    4. Let’s address 3 factors:

      1. You use Juventus as a bench mark. Juventus are BY FAR the biggest Italian club and were only in their second division because they were done for match fixing. They did not struggle financially, they did not struggle with players. IN fact they had some of their best players stay on despite dropping down in order to get them back up. Fact is Juve are the biggest club in Italy and their improvement is marginal. Blackburn won the premier league once. Are we going to compare ourselves with them? How about Dortmund’s fall from grace? Use a proper example or don’t use one.

      2. No Arsenal fan is saying don’t spend. Arsenal fans are saying don’t spend stupidly. You want us to pay extreme amounts for players above and beyond their worth. This is not a sustainable model and while it may work for 1 or 2 players it disrupts wage structures and causes problems in the camp. Arsenal fans certainly want to see good buys, many of us just don’t want ridiculous buys which flush the club of capitol and see us risking our future on players who may disrupt the team.

      3. Ruthless…yes the Arsenal of old were ruthless. That’s why we held onto Kanu despite his heart problems and mediocre goal return. That’s why we used youth players like Ashley Cole over signing new players each time we needed a gap filling. We have never been “ruthless”. We were always a club run with a bit more dignity then that. Even our biggest flop signings were treated with respect by the club. That has been the case the WHOLE time Wenger has been manager. Just because the current crop of winners are ruthless does not mean that winners are always ruthless. Some clubs have a bit of dignity about them and with Arsenal, I’d prefer to keep it that way.

      4. Wiltord and Kanu never challenged Bergkamp and Henry for top spot. They were decent subs to fill their space when they couldn’t play. They were good strikers but not “serious competition” for Henry and Bergkamp. Then again, not many people are. Look at other positions though you’ll see we were actually very thin. Midfield for example was about 7 players the whole year (across 4 spots). Just through injuries this year we’ve had to use 8 players to fill 3 spots!

      Your proposed model for success is to care more about winning then club mentality, player loyalty or club finances. I’m sorry, it’s not viable. I want signings. I want the club to slowly remove the weakest players and improve upon them. I don’t want to be Chelsea though. I don’t want to be City or United or Liverpool. I want to be Arsenal. If you don’t want to be Arsenal, why support us? Honestly, what is the benefit of changing the identity of the club JUST to win trophies? IF we can’t win it the Arsenal way, we keep trying to improve the Arsenal way. The fact is 2 FA Cups in 2 years suggests the Arsenal way can still work. Have faith and stop believing just because we don’t sign 3 £40m+ players each year that we won’t be able to compete. Our team is good enough on it’s day, we’re a couple of quality signings from being good enough on our season. FAITH!

  4. Still a fair bit of work to be done and in hindsight is a better viewpoint for doing whats needed.

    We have a solid first team and bench to a certain extent. We need another goalscorer, defensive midfielder and goalkeeper. Thats a given.

    We also have players who are on last legs, Rosicky, Diaby, Arteta, Flamini, Poldi. Cazorla, Monreal, Per, Debuchy we dont have to worry about for another two seasons but we know our boss likes to polish young diamonds so again time there polished could be good timing for when the seniors step aside.

    We have the will they wont they young guns. Sanogo, Akpom, Silva, Miyaichi, Campbell, for me Miyaichi Campbell should be sold best for both parties and Sanogo and Akpom should be loaned, although am leaning towards cutting losses on Sanogo as it is a valuable place within our team… not sure what to make of Siva and doubt that he would get as much game time as Gnabry might.

    So my friends, i think there is allot of work still to be done. Some not quite so urgent, but important work none the less.

  5. Jenkinson, Szczesny, Podolski and Campbell should be sold as soon as possible. Save some money and buy players that will improve the squad. Release Diaby, Flamini and Arteta are they are injury prone and old respectively. Rosicky is the only veteran player I would keep just in case some of our attacking MF get injured like Cazorla or Ozil. Buy a top class GK, top class striker
    and a versatile CM who can defend as well as attack.

  6. Sell Jenkinson 10 m, Podolski 5 m, Campbell 8 m and Szczesny 10 m Total 33 m.
    Release Diaby, Arteta and Flamini and Sanogo. Save 200k per week wages.
    Loan out Gnabry, Akpom and some other younger players.

  7. Sell them. Problem solved.

    Get some money out of them and free up wages for new players

  8. The club as a whole is happy
    with top 4 EPL and last 16 ECL.
    The owner is happy, the CEO has
    said trophies are not as important
    as entertaining and the Gaffer
    has maintained that 4th IS a trophy.
    75% of Arsenal fans are happy with
    top 4 last 16 so are the sponsors.
    Utd, City even Arsenal spent big last season but only Chelsea won the EPL.
    Real Madrid Bayern, Juve are huge clubs yet they all failed to win the ECL
    So is Arsenal right by saying is saying the cost to compete at the top
    is far too high and the odds of winning are too low?
    So we do not expect total victory from the likes of
    Sanogo Podolski Diaby Arteta Campbell Ryo Rosicky
    Flamini Wellbeck Wilshere Chamberlain Szczesny Ospina Mertesacker
    and so we also allow them all to run out their contracts .
    Are we an unambitious club happy with lowered expectations
    or does this make us a club with a heart and common sense?
    Franchise football = Participation is key + generating a profit essential
    entertainment paramount but where winning major trophies is a bonus.

  9. Bye Bye Poldi and Ryodinho. Campbell was doing pretty good in Greece but, seems like he’s not good enough for Arsenal.

    Sanogo is French baby. So he still has a future.

  10. Don’t draw too many conclusions from these loans.

    Coq was voted the WORST Bundesliga player acquisition for his loan spell at Frieburg. Look at Coq now. Frieburg was continually using Coq out of position. Similar things happen to other players at other clubs. And fans often like to blame loan players for any problems the club has.

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