Test event could mean fans returning to stadiums before the end of the year

The Premier League is targeting a return for fans to stadiums by autumn which would be a significant boost considering that some teams have already started planning for the whole of next season to be played behind closed doors (The Mail).

The coronavirus pandemic has forced a number of changes on the game as we know it with games to be played behind closed doors for the rest of this season.

It is also thought that a major portion of next season might be played behind closed doors as well, but the sports’ authorities are keen to get the fans back and they have held talks with the government over the possibility of that happening sooner than we all expected.

Mail Sport claims that there is a likelihood that football will return in front of partially full stadiums by the end of this year.

This is because a meeting between the government and sports’ authorities took place last week and at the top of the agenda was the best time for fans to return to the stands.

Although a date wasn’t chosen, the Mail claims that a test event is being planned to see if fans can adhere to social distancing measures in the stadiums when they do return.

The Mail further added that it is unlikely that fans would be allowed before September meaning supporters will return after next season has started.

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