Testing times for Jack Wilshere as Wenger dithers

Jack Wilshere must be feeling frustrated that he hasn’t yet been approached by Arsene Wenger to discuss a new contract extension, despite there only being six months left on the Englishman’s contract, but Jack finally got his first outing with the Premier League side against West Ham, and he should be expecting a long run in the first team now that Aaron Ramsey is out injured for the next three weeks.

He felt that he played well, despite his glaring miss that could have given us all three points. “But I felt good out there,” Jack said after the game. “I have been waiting for that chance for a while. I have played a few games in the Europa League and the Carabao Cup and I’ve been desperate to play. I was happy to get the start and I thought I did alright.

“The Premier League is a bit different, a bit quicker than the Europa League or Carabao Cup so it took some getting used to but I felt god, I felt free, I felt my touch was good and I linked up with the players well but there’s obviously more to come.”

Wenger was asked why he hadn’t begun talks with Wilshere yet, and it seems that Le Prof is still waiting to see if Jack can prove his fitness and staying power first, so Wilshere is basically being urged to improve if he is to get an extension, but it looks like they won’t be talking until the New Year at this rate. This is what Le Prof replied: “I will talk to him, I said the end of December and we are the beginning of December.

“I wanted to see how much he can contribute and last physically. I consider him an Arsenal man.”

Wenger is obviously still not sure if Wilshere is worth persevering with as he is leaving it to the very last minute. Or maybe he Le Prof is using the contract as a carrot to make Wilshere play his very very best. But what will Wenger do if Jack gets injured in his next game?



  1. Sukhjot says:

    It does not matter how injury prone he is,the guy needs game time to gain confidence. Especially we are active in 4 different competitions he will play and so he needs to show that he can last a full season to get a better contract…

    1. gotanidea says:

      Yes, Wilshere is useless if he is always injured. It would be interesting to see Wilshere’s effort in the next few games, to prove he is still a top player.

      Wenger promised to go back to Lemar in January. Maybe he is still waiting to see the contract rebels’ and the underperformers’ situations, before making any move towards contract extensions and new player acquisitions.

  2. AndersS says:

    Wenger is right on this one

    1. Mitch Connor says:

      Yes. It happens once in a while lol

  3. moge says:

    have it been for useless players like Sanogo, he would have gaven them the to contract long a go.

  4. Ddog says:

    Yo guys read this article in the Guardian, it sheds light on what is going on behind the scenes, what is changing in football. Very interesting, quite scary, and may shed some light on why arsenal are looking as though they are falling. https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/dec/15/manchester-city-football-group-ferran-soriano

  5. McLovin says:

    Fabinho said yesterday this will be his last season with Monaco. He’s the kind of player we are lacking. Not like Xhaka.

  6. Ivan says:

    Again this shows the indecisiveness of Wenger. He should have made a decision whether he wanted to keep ages ago and either offered a new contract or sold him whilst he had some value.

  7. GB says:

    Seems fair enough to me considering Jack’s injury record. Let him prove his fitness then offer a new contract. Or they could have negotiated a new contract and said it will be signed when he proves himself.

    1. Ivan says:

      The trouble with that strategy is you get what we see now – Jack not being played despite having been fit for a long time and his contract just running down so he goes for nothing.
      I know it is never popular but you need to have a financial head if you are going to ensure we are not going to run down the value of the squad. Hence the need to be decisive. Now we have what we are likely to see with the value of the squad being reduced by close to £150mil and that is not going to be put back.
      Jack £25mil
      Ozil £50mil
      Alexis £70 mil
      I am sorry to say (and at the risk of a load of thumbs down) part of the problem for Wenger is his age. As we get older on average we become less decisive. This is why in the corporate world it is usually seen that the over 60’s do not run vibrant growing companies.

  8. jon fox says:

    Go back over two decades and Wenger was widely regarded as someone who planned things down to the tiniest detail and was always ahead of the game and most other managers. I believe that was actually true. That was then! Fast forward to the present and in fact the whole last decade and things have turned around completely. No one in football whether in punditry or journalism or knowledgeable ex-players thinks he has a clue what he is doing. Just the owner, and the board, dinosaurs all of them, and a very few sad, brainwashed living in the past Gooners, who must be pitied, since they still love the club but their brains no longer work as they once did.(Distant relatives of Wenger perhaps!) This article surmises that Wenger “dithers” over Wilsheres future. Well , of course he does. What else does anyone expect; he has been dithering now ever since David Dein was disgracefully forced out ten and a half years ago and the new owner and board left him to run the whole club single hearted , while the chairman goes off to Ascot watching horse racing, his self professed real love. And who is rude to share holders at the AGM for daring to speak the plain truth about how the club is now a basket case, as we all know and painfully realise. To be frank, the whole “will he or won’t he” business over Wilshere -who should of course stay- and Sanchez/ Ozil and other team matters are comparitively of secondary importance, when compared to who our club is owned, administered and, especially, managed by. Until the present “ditherers, couldn’t care less, dinosaurs and sick joke” regime is ousted, whatever it takes, we will continue to drift steadily away from our true destiny at the top of the English game.

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