Thank God the Alexis saga will be over very soon – Man Utd or Man City?

There must have been thousands of Arsenal transfer rumours about Alexis Sanchez over the last 18 months and surely I am not the only one that is heartily sick of hearing about him. Oh how I wish we had sold him in the summer as we would probably have been better without him in the team anyway. He didn’t play at all for the first month while Arsenal tried to get a replacement, and after that he sulked and pouted and made it quite clear that he would rather be somewhere else.

He finally started playing as the January window approached as he tried to earn a move again, but now he isn’t in the team (again) as the drama rolls on. But at least Arsene Wenger has assured us that the speculation will end in the next 48 hours as he was asked after today’s awful display at Bournemouth if Arsenal could carry on without Alexis. “Look, if Alexis goes we need to replace him.” he said. “When you look today we missed many players in our squad and you see that we have a weight in the team, and if players like Alexis go, we have of course to respond to it. Will he go or not? I do not know, but at the moment it’s the transfer period and in this kind of period you try to use the players that are completely focused at being at the club.”

Well Alexis hasn’t been focused all season so just get rid! Wenger was then asked if he thought Sanchez was leaving. He replied: “I don’t master the rhythm of that, but it could happen today or tomorrow, or not at all, that’s why I didn’t take a decision. I didn’t want to travel with him and suddenly he goes somewhere.”

That answer begs the question as to why Wenger played Oxlade-Chamberlain against Liverpool earlier in the season? But Wenger was then asked if Alexis had actually refused to play today, but he denied that completely “No, I didn’t say that. Alexis would have played, but it’s a difficult period for him. He has always been committed until now, but he could have moved yesterday, today or not at all. It will be decided in the next 48 hours, it was a bit different for him because he was on standby a little bit, that’s why I decided not to do it. He did not refuse to play.”

This is what I make of this interview. Wenger says he won’t sell Sanchez unless he’s replaced (by Malcom?) but before now he was certain to move to Man City. But Pep Guardiola’s side were more than happy to wait until the end of the season and Jose Mourinho is trying very hard to hijack the move by paying what Arsenal want right now. The rumours this morning were that Man United have given him a deadline to make up his mind, but I think it is Wenger that has given him two days to either accept Mourinho’s offer, or stay until the end of the season and move to City. Do you think Sanchez will move to United for the money, or wait to move to City in the summer for the medals?



  1. ks-gunner says:

    Hahaha, such things have no end mr Admin, there is an after taste, and i am telling you, its going to be strong and very bitter as far as one calls himself and Arsenal fan

  2. muffdiver says:

    I don’t master the rhythm?! great line arsene!
    wenger is a DJ, i knew it ! all this time spent learning on the 1s and 2s when he should have been coaching

    sanchez to united is unbelievable
    best premier league player with hazard of last 3 years is going to our nemesis for less than danny drinkwater
    well let me tell you one thing we wont do is drinkwater
    vodka , sheeps blood, bleach

    we will now panic buy to appease fans
    and they will buy it and we will do this merry go round forever


    1. sfgunner says:

      muff, you’re brilliant bro, well said

  3. muffdiver says:


    60 million for sanchez
    4 months later – 35 for sanchez to long standing rivals
    geniuses at work

    my monkey albert got more naus

    1. mobella says:

      I know you have a thing for Sanchez but it is high time people saw him for who he is. He is another who doesn’t give a fcuk about the club and the fans. He could have gone to PSG, b Munich, or Juve . If it is all about Trophy these are guarantee winners but no he chooses to play for our domestic rival. Everybody thought it is going to be man city , now it is manu. Tomorrow, it could be Liverpool ,Chelsea or even spurs.

  4. ŞÜKHJÖT says:

    Alexis is our past now and there is no point in thinking about him now. Let us now focus on the remainder of the season plus bringing in replacements-It will be difficult for us to replace a player of such quality in the winter window,so we need a plan B till the end of the season at least..

    1. ks-gunner says:

      You will be thinking of him when he comes back to hunt us down, hahah

      1. ŞÜKHJÖT says:

        We allowed this to happen ourselves,so we have to face it. I said what I said in terms of the fact that we won’t remember him as one of the so called FAN-FAVOURITES you brainless walnut…

      2. mobella says:

        Alexis makes sure of that by choosing EPL team. And Manchester united of all team.

  5. Phil says:

    How has this been allowed to happen?We were assured the days of selling our best players to our rivals were over.WENGER guess what?We HATE MANURE We HATE MOURINIO and We HATE YOU.Just GO PLEASE

    1. Maks says:

      Hell Yeahhh! Well said! Frack them all!

  6. Wolf says:

    Wengers words go to show he’s all reactionary. Why is he waiting for Sanchez to go before bringing in a replacement? We need that player like last wk. What’s he waiting for? Where he going to find a replacement of Sanchez’s quality this time of year? And which player wants to come here after all the crap we’ve dished up on and off the field in the last how many seasons? I don’t even believe he’s looking. This transfer window has already turned into the worst window ever. All out going nothing coming in. In less than a season we’ve lost the Ox, Gabriel, Coqulin, Campbell (loan) Ozil and Sanchez on their way. What the hell is going on at Arsenal??? That penny pinching, basement bargain, second hand car dealer called wenger should do the decent thing and resign. I hear Zinedine Zidane not happy at Mardrid lets go bother them for him

    1. Kevin says:

      You really think that any top manager will risk coming to Arsenal? Especially if Wenger is still at the club hanging around like a bad smell!!
      Even if Sanchez goes the team we have left is sinking and heading for the obscurity of sixth or lower!

  7. Kenny Rolfe says:

    I see Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s back on the agenda but lets keep it quiet and do the business before City and Chelsea hear about it

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Believe me, if we get Aubameyang over the line, it will be the best signing since Dennis Bergkamp.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        I know I’m sticking my neck out here even mentioning him in the same breath with Arsenal greatest ever player but 98 goals in 143 games for Dortmund, you can see what we’d be getting

        1. The cassette says:

          I’d be happy if we signed him, sadly though this days it seems no matter who we sign as long as Arsene is still in charge i doesn’t really matter. Hope i’m wrong though, but take yesterday for instance you really wanna tell me that Bournemouth had a better team than ours, that team was good enough to win the game yesterday, we just set-up poorly under Wenger. Mans finished bro, he’s done. Love the man, but the time has come. He should step down, he’s willing to learn but he just trusts his players way too much. Its a pity cause its self inflicted.

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Agree with you but feel this would be a “Diamond Eye” signing and not Wenger. Hopefully it comes with a new manager and did you know Aubameyang’s conversion rate at Dortmund is exactly the same to the fraction as Thiery’s was at Arsenal.

  8. Marty says:

    It’s obvious we should have sold him in the summer but Wengers dithering meant it didn’t happen and all the uncertainty has affected performances this season. I can’t believe some of Wengers decisions in the last few years and I feel it will be another couple of years before we get it sorted out….with a new manager.

  9. Sue says:

    Absolutely gutted that we’d even consider selling to man united…… shame on you Arsene & the board

  10. georgie b says:

    Maybe I’m dreaming, but we should do whatever it takes to keep Ozil and Giroud.Sometimes it seems we’re ripping the heart and soul from our club.

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