Thankfully Arsenal not attractive enough for flop

It is being reported that Real Madrid reject Mariano Diaz has no interest in playing for Arsenal and wants to stay and fight for a place at the Bernabeu.

Well, thank goodness for that, we covered the apparent link here and made it clear we did not think he would be good enough for Arsenal.

The media have twisted it that he has no interest in playing under Unai Emery and somehow make it look like that is some sort of insult to us, who cares?

Arsenal may not be in the best shape right now and if Diaz would rather stay at a club that does not want him then that is his choice but to see it as some sort of negative reflection of Emery and Arsenal is stretching it somewhat.

The media have enough ammunition to use against Arsenal that they do not need to take something that is actually positive for us and turn it into a negative, I mean, are they already bored with the Laurent Koscielny fiasco?

Diaz was never likely to happen and if it did it would have made no sense and as far as I am concerned if he has no interest in us then thank goodness for that because we should never have had an interest in him in the first place.


  1. Real Madrid have too many wingers, so they might have to offload one of them

    Vinicius Jr is their most exciting prospect currently. I hope Martinelli would become as good as him

    1. Lol…Martinelli is not even half as close to Vinicious Jnr.
      I wish we could get Vini on loan, buy Malcolm, forget Zaha.
      With Vinicious, Malcolm, Nelson and Iwobi, at least our wings will be sorted for next season.
      The invest in getting a CB and RB with one midfielder.
      I’ve never been excited about Martinelli but I’m willing to give him a chance.

      BTW Gotanidea, why ain’t you defending and standing alongside Kev in the previous article?
      I thought you became his P.A since you were always reassuring us that according to Kev, Saliba and KT are Arsenal players.
      So you left him all alone for Phil, Martin and the rest to devour?
      Do you in any way have any reassurance to give us concerning what player we’ve signed?

      1. Vinicius Jr’s left leg is quite good and his trickeries are excellent, so I hope Martinelli has similar skills. Of course Arsenal would choose Vinicius Jr over Zaha, if the youngster can come on loan

        About kev’s and Phil’s quarrel, I usually don’t post if there are more than ten comments in the article already. Any topic or comment here should be taken as a pinch of salt, because there are more important things than arguing on a football site

        I like kev’s posts because they gave me hope in each transfer window. He frequently replies as well and almost never attacked anyone, unless someone attacks him first

  2. Your name “Done Deal” is fantastic! Very clever and funny, and I’m a bit jealous you beat me to it.

    Are you new to site or merely changed your name!

    Either way, well played I tip my cap to you.

      1. Pure genius my friend, Bravo. Raul will soon change his name to “Gazidis” it’s “done deal” only bonuses and add-ons to be worked out.

        Also Raul’s contact book has refused to be available, and was last seen with Sven as he departed club.

        Can’t help feeling fleeced at the moment by club inactivity. If we have “limited budget” then why chase Zaha with his price tag?

        Shocking we can’t get Tierney and Saliba across the line.

        If spuds swoop on Saliba FFS
        they not only play more attractive football currently, they finished above us, qualified for CL, and bringing quality into club.

        Meanwhile, we have Brazilian kid with high hopes.

  3. What lol? Plenty of people post rumours on here that he shoots down lol or claims there “late” and he already knew, and the other people that post transfer gossip on here also have the good Grace’s to not believe it as infallible information

  4. We don’t need another striker as long as we keep Laca and Auba. This really was a silly rumour.

    In other news, Celtic have confirmed today that no club is currently bidding for Tierney.
    European clubs must be blind. Why wouldn’t they want to pay 25 mill. pounds for a player who is valued at around 12 mill. pounds by the Transfermarkt??

  5. Hey mate! Ok that is totally fair I’ve never disputed that he gets things right or said hes fake news, BUT his delivery is atrocious, pompous, unyielding and so arrogant, hes literally arguing with everybody on this site about what done deal means, I mean really?? He got to that guillotine ALL on his own, reap what you sow and all that.

  6. When you you “more right” and “punts” can you please cite your exact context so there is no misunderstanding?

    I appreciate it, so I won’t misinterpret what you mean, lol.

    Seriously just kidding.

    Here’s my punt
    1. No Saliba, we back out b/c don’t want to pay a couple million more up front, we lose player to spuds.

    2. No Tierney, Arsenal never serious only feeling Celtic out.

    3. Zaha bid never serious, only made to appease fanbase and appear to be “serious” and interested.

    4. Window is a smokescreen so club can cite lack of player sales as an excuse for lacking ambition.

    Nelson is like “new signing” and is the addition unless we can loan someone.

    ESR is our new midfielder unless we get Ceballos on loan from Real, b/c we can’t move Ozil.

    No new defender b/c we can’t move Mustafi, and Chambers return will be cited by club to fill role.

    1. Durand don’t be like this. I know it’s frustrating but surely something must be done by the arsenal. I’m going to keep hope alive. And for the umpteenth time I believe we’ll get Tierney, saliba and a wingermaybe even zaha. I for one don’t mind ESR being the one who replaces Rambo. Plus this window isn’t even hot for other teams in our beloved league. Don’t tell me ndombele. Torreira is miles ahead of him.

      1. I appreciate your optimism Inlovewitharsene, but I’ve seen no movement from club to address our problems.

        We have Nelson, Saka, Amechi, and others struggling to break through so we buy an 18 yr old winger for “the future?”

        Tone deaf at best from club. Bidding paltry amount for Zaha; knowing it would be rejected.

        Now trying for Ceballos and Malcom both, but only for loans?

        Management stated numerous times about “need to replace Ramsey,” yet a month in and club has done nothing.

        Defense is laughably poor, and a month later nothing heard except crickets and rumors.

        Club is mugging fans, I don’t see it any other way. £60 million for Adidas kit deal, and club using a lack of funds excuse.

        Club could have wrapped up both Tierney and Saliba if they wanted; add the Brazilian kid and Ceballos on loan and we’re done.

        I believe club is waiting til the end. Go back for Tierney with a £19 million +1 bid, and shop other clubs that finished their business to get bargins. Then try and sell that business as “shrewd,” “clever,” and being patient in the market.

        In the end we’ll miss the top talent and waste “meager funds” on mediocre players yet again.

        I’ve heard that song and seen that dance for years at Arsenal. Just b/c Raul is playing the music now doesn’t equal the “change” we were promised.

        1. Durand, I agree with you; the supporters are being “mugged off”. Where has the money gone?
          There are any number of good CB’s out there identified even by posters to “just arsenal”. I have pushed for Lewis Dunk, who now looks to be going to Leicester should Maguire go; other posters have identified other CB’s available at reasonable prices, yet Arsenal dithers.
          Aston Villa has used its “parachute funds” well to invest £100 million thus far; Leicester, Everton, Wolves and West Ham United are actively looking to improve. The immediate future does not look bright.

    2. Diaz is a good player but we are incapable of signing anybody. The problem is last year Sven Mislitat took care of signings. He realised things were ‘WRONG’ at Arsenal and jumped ship. Venkatesham and Sanllehi don’t know what day it is. Both are out of their depth around players because they are both trained in finances, not footballers. In reality this whole tranfer window is going to be the same old last minute desperation. The Arsenal hierachy is BROKEN, starting from Kroenke, Venkatesham and Sanllehi. Kroenke borrowed to buy Arsenal. He’s not going to borrow to buy players. It’s all ‘pretend buying’ to make it look like the ‘three stooges’ care. Satan Kroenke does not give a monkey’s peanut about supporters and I feel sorry for Unai Emery, he is holding a poisoned chalice.

  7. Still can’t believe what this transfer window is turning into. Checked in the news to see good news but rather I see insanity.
    It is criminal what the board is turning our beloved club into.

  8. In regards to signings. As a gooner I have given up tbh. We have atleast 3 young CBs who should be given a chance in mavrapanos chambers abe Beleik. Let’s wait and see

    There is more than one way to do things and buying the league is just one of many.

  9. I have REMOVED ALL posts carrying on the argument about Kev and his done deal comments. DO NOT DERAIL THIS THREAD.

  10. For me .there’s no player in real Madrid we can call a flop because they don’t give them the many matches has he played since his return?

  11. Yep, to even consider and himm shiting at us, shows where we at.

    Tothenam took out model and bought just few players where needeed precisly. Season After Season. Llioris, défense, beefed up midfield with Sissoko, poinson Son. This year, adding Dombele, Saliba for next year. Brought youngsters in first team, Kane, Dele…Same for Reds! WE couldnt manage funds to secure 2 top players After Ozil & Sanchez, we needed Sissoko, Kanté too, a top CD since vermalen left at Barça, to lock it. Sceszni is at juve! But with mertazaker infront of him, hé us dead as any Keeper!

    Kos wants out, disapointed, pissed off, for what?

    Same promises but Sees nothing once again, hurt to see what owners make with this club he fought for!

    No CL losing Europa final, because we just not on track at all…

    Kos leaves because je got hurtt so much.he came when Arsenal still had players dreaming,tbat Image Wenger provided with legacy hé built.

    Pathetic. We will bé where we belong in first few games, between 9th and 12th spot.

    Ridiculous stuff.. Koulibali next to him, woild be perfect pair. Idioic board!

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