Thanks but Arsenal MUST say NO THANKS to La Liga transfer!

I know that the January transfer window has only just closed, and with Arsenal doing very little business during the month, it seems that Arsene Wenger is pretty happy with his squad options at the minute. But we also do know that the boss does not like the winter window and is more likely to sign a few players in the summer before the Gunners have a go at the Premier League title next season.

And the fans will be expecting some real quality. But although he has 47 international caps and has enjoyed a lot of trophy success with Portuguese club Benfica and Spain’s La Liga giants Real Madrid, I do not think that Fabio Coentrão should be one of them.

According to a Metro report, Wenger will have the opportunity to sign the left back at the end of the season, as Madrid have offered their player to us and he would probably be cheap. They have offered him to other clubs as well apparently, including our EPL rivals Liverpool, but I hope that Wenger says thanks but no thanks.

Don’t get me wrong, Coentrão is a quality player, and at 26-years old he still has his best years ahead of him. However, we simply do not need him. Nacho Monreal has had his problems since coming to play for Arsenal, but with a decent run of games he always comes good and has surprised many of us, including me, by actually ousting Kieran Gibbs in the Gunners first team. But Gibbs is a class act as well and there is no way we should be looking to replace either one.

I also have concerns about Coentrão’s attitude, while Monreal and Gibbs are already part of the Arsenal family and show great discipline on the pitch. Do you agree that Arsenal should not consider the transfer of Coentrão?

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  1. Official: Arsenal in for Marco Reus

    I would love Reus but the question is where would he play ? With Sanchez bossing the left wing would reus go striker oraybe vice versa or maybe we would well Walcott and play Sanchez right Eeus left and hopefully Lacqzette striker.

    1. if marco reus becomes available, an at less than half his real value.
      u dont ask questions kid.

      dont care who we have – if u saw a 50″ smart tv going for 50 quid at tesco- do u say “hmm i already have a pansonic my nan gave me”
      hell no…

    2. Enough with the fantasy transfers dude, please, the window is closed. We have what we have until June.

    3. I think we should be favourites in England to sign Reus. Apparently Arsenal are his team and he’s a fan of Wenger, we have a few Germans and also his idol is Rosicky – a chance to play with him before he retires may be a big pull. Everyone close to Reus also says he isn’t one who goes for money, if he was he’d probably be gone already, so City or Chelsea shouldn’t have that advantage over us.

      I don’t think we can really compete with the likes of Real Madrid or Bayern Munich for his signature though, we can’t offer endless titles and Champions League medals.

      Regardless of the likelihood of him coming to us, we must put a bid in and activate his release clause. It’s worth a try. A world-class player for £20m is a big prize…

    4. The only way i can see Marco Reus (and other BvB-players) leaving BVB is if the club is relegated by the end of the season. I’m still a believer when it comes to Dortmund finding their old selves again, but even if they are relegated, i dont think players like Reus and Hummels will leave. BVB is Reus’ motherclub and favourite club, and Hummels has sworn loyalty to the club. Maybe Ciro Immobile will demand being sold, as i find it hard to believe he’s become loyal to the club already, but the rest are pretty much old timers who i like to think would not mind being one season in 2. bundesliga before being ressurected into the top league.

      It’s a bit off topic (relating to your comment) but WTH is going on in Dortmund? I follow them to a certain degree, and to me it seems like theyve just suddenly lost all confidence in both ends of the pitch. 18-27 in goals scored/conceded is seriously bad. I guess one possibility for the situation is that Kagawa, Sahin and Immobile havent had the impact they hoped for, as well as key players like Reus and Gundogan still struggles to come back from injury. Grosskreutz (the potato) is also being played alot on the right back, which probably means that piszczek is injured.

      1. WTH is up with you thinking that anyone on an arsenal cares about Dortmund. I myself despise them.

        Why are they losing? Because their opponents on the day have been better.

        And on reus being sooooo loyal, why have a buyout clause? Why not renew his contract?

        1. If Reus wasn’t loyal, why is he not playing for Real Madrid, Arsenal, Manchester United/City, Chelsea, Bayern or Barcelona with this given buy-out clause in his contract? Apparently it’s on 24m pounds, he’s worth atleast 2x that.

          Apparently someone appreciates my diverse comment on BVB, looking at thumbs given. They are losing because the opponent is better? Great and profound analysis mate!

          1. Because he is a contract and the buyout clause hasn’t kicked in…….. Damn I thought everyone knew about that. Question is why did he put it in?

            Still why would YOU pressure anyone on an ARSENAL site would care about Dortmund. I say once again, I for one despise them. Can’t stand them. Can’t stand klopp’s arrogance. Can’t stand their fans thinking that they are more loyal then us. Can’t stand their fans thinking that THEIR manager is better then ours. Them thinking they were better then us over the last four meetings.

            I call it even. They don’t. They think they were better and we got lucky, just like all the teams that beat them this year. They got lucky because they should get penalties, their players were injuries, they were unlucky in front of goal.

            Truth is only now dawning on them now, they haven’t been good enough. They haven’t respected their opponents. They haven’t prepared enough.

    5. everyone knows reus only from his dortmund days, he scored 20+ goals playing as a striker for gladbach. As a Muff said when a world class player becomes available you don’t say no!

  2. Coentrao is a quality left back who is a treat going forward witout neglecting his defensive duty,for me he is better than monreal and gibbs,monreal is playing well due to the compact nature of our team in the last 5matches,just cnt imagine monreal one on one wit either of bale,robben,messi

    1. Those guys are a handful in any game,but Arsenal would only come up against them once. The way Monreal is playing he would not let Ya down. As for Gibbs he hardly can play 2 games on the trot without injury, so would welcome Coentrao CB.

  3. dont want him or his stupid hair- he looks like that guy from the series roswell, forgot his name.
    no more divas from big clubs unless there young enough to mould into arsenals way of life

    1. Yah, Alves is a c*nt, he’s always been a c*nt, and only thing that’s gonna change is, he’s gonna become even a bigger c*nt.

      1. Stop sitting on the fence, Tell me what you really think about Alves.

        Do he have good hair?

        1. i personally think he covered several key topics with eloquence and decorum.
          the way he used the word c*nt was not dissimilar to geoffrey chaucer

  4. Hahahahahaha Muffs, I am still laughing about his “stupid hair”

    Guess you don’t want Neymar either?

  5. I like Fabio. He is more of attacking defender. He can also play LW. If Wenger got him I certainly wouldn’t be upset.

    In terms of our defense, I think we are fine at all positions.

    RB – Debuchy, Bellerin, Chambers
    LB – Gibbs, Monreal, Gabriel
    CB- Koscielny, Mertsacker, Gabriel, Chambers, Debuchy

    I think we need another DM though, in case Coquelin becomes injured. We can’t rely on Diaby and Flamini.

    In terms of our defense, Wenger should make a solid DM a priority

  6. I have been saying it for a long time, Nacho Monreal at the moment is a better LB than Gibbs. When he plays we win. 3rd highest winning % of any gunner this season. Disagree if you like but I see more urgency and composure from Monreal and the stats don’t lie.

    1. Coquelin aside, Monreal is our most improved player. At times last year I couldn’t tell the difference between him and a headless chicken. This year he is so much more composed.

      1. I disagree. Last year Gibbs was largely healthy and was the clear first choice LB regardless of ability. Most of Monreal’s playing time came as late subs in the left midfield where he looked noticeably uncomfortable. When he played as a LB last year, he always looked a better player than Gibbs to my eyes.

  7. lets get them all…we need 3 or 4 players in every position and our wage bill is juz too low compared to the big boys

  8. We could use him as he’s a quality left-sided player but I’d only want him depending on the transfer fee and his wages. I’d imagine he’d only settle for wages for FAR FAR more than what he’s worth since he’s coming from Real Madrid.

  9. Screw Real. Take Gaya from under their noses. It is time we worked our way up so we can crush that pretty boy club.

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