Thanks to God that Arsenal fans aren’t managers

So with Spurs 0-3 up at half time in Maureen’s first game as manager of the Spuds, a question to the fans who don’t like Maureen’s negative football… which bit about 0-3 up at half time is negative and less positive than what we watch at the Emirates, or more accurately, away from the Emirates?

I told you he would turn that team around and they’d finish top four but some people who disagreed said that’s a problem for our club and would ruin the tradition. I did explain that the days of managers staying 20 years are gone (Pep will be gone before people in England are buying ice creams again) because that’s the nature of the modern game. If you thought Spurs finishing above us with Poch at the wheel was bad, this Spurs side will destroy Arsenal under Maureen. That’s why they are 0-3 up at half-time. It’s not anti-Arsenal rhetoric, it’s going to be a fact. AND!! in terms of him only staying two years before leaving most of you would be happy to have someone like Emery for half that time.

I told you successful teams need a boss in charge… a winner and a bigger personality than any player…. it’s not complicated. That’s why Alan Sugar sits one side of the desk in the Apprentice and twelve Wannabee’s sit the other….

This is going to hurt this season more than any under Poch…

Matty Barnes


    1. Jesus mate chill out it’s been one game and your sounding smug as hell about it like they just won the league lol

      1. well this article is making Mourinho seem like Gods gift, when he just won his first game by one goal. A good start but not miracle work like what the writer implies.

        1. Before this game, West Ham’s last 7 were 2 draws and 5 defeats. Now, playing the new-manager-bounce opponent, they last 2-3. Wow, sensational from Mourinho, especially since he didn’t have any time yet to influence the team’s tactics.

          Judge the man 18 months from now when he has led the team over an entire season.

          He is a good fit for them because they need to at least win the FA cup or at least League cup, but a worse fit for us who are looking either for long-term improvement or more exciting team play or hopefully both. An FA cup win would not do for us and if you think Mourinho can do much more without massive investments, you haven’t been paying attention to football’s development.

        2. Well said. Then why didn’t UE win by 2-3at home if he is that good? Does Maureen have his 3 points or not, in his fast match? Remember for Arsenal His appoint as Tot manager is bad for us Gunners.

  1. Maureen is usually great in his first season, but he usually stinks after two seasons

    He is definitely a winner, but I don’t want to watch his football style at Arsenal

  2. I agree with you .
    Spurs under jose will be tough to beat as tough as Bracelona to us its a fact hate it or love it .
    We started to play 3 CB against midd and low teams and we still manage to get Hammered
    What a shame .

  3. Manu won 1st game of premier league 4-0, what followed is history. So don’t judge anything with one game. If Morhinho was that good he should have done better in Manu. He was just a master of failure at Manu with all the budget he was given. Arsenal need more than Morhinho, who can orchestrate really good pressing game.

  4. Cool. Klopp’s first two Liverpool games were draws to Spurs and Rubin Kazan. Little to no point to be made off of one match.

  5. Well said. Then why didn’t UE win by 2-3at home if he is that good? Does Maureen have his 3 points or not, in his fast match? Remember for Arsenal His appoint as Tot manager is bad for us Gunners.

  6. My point in this article is about Spurs bringing in a winner and the fact they were 0-3 at half time but ended up 2-3 just means he got his team over the finishing line after being in charge for a few days. They’ve been as bad as us this season but would we have gone to West Ham and been three up at half time? Never. I just mean Maureen is a winner, his record is testament to that. Spuds have decent players like us but Maureen knows how to deal with most players. To be fair at United he had Pogba and Lukaku to deal with. Chelsea couldn’t make Lukaku work so that’s no biggie and Pogba fancies himself way too much for most teams to accommodate. He’s like that clown Ballatelli where football is second to being a celebrity for him…..Emery is like a Luke warm bowl of porridge… uninspiring and bland. Poch In ASAP and our fortunes will change overnight. By the way sorry for being rude earlier … I saw the spuds half time score and I had to kick my dog twice

  7. Interesting comments – especially about winning ugly and whatnot or not liking Mourinho’s style of winning. I would like to see Arsenal win ugly, winning pretty would be great too, but just winning.

    I don’t like Mourhino either, but he will have Tottenham finishing above us and Emery is not going to get us moving up the table. Dynamite is needed now for this club – they are in a massive rut and they do not seem to be coming out of it. Emery has lost the team, and we can complain about effort and whatnot, but the only way to change the narrative is to change the manager.

    We can’t swing massive trades or signings in January, we don’t have the cash and I am not sure we have the caché either right now to attract top players.

    End of day tomorrow we are 8th. Yes, 8th. And Tottenham is one behind with better goal difference. The team is not playing for Emery – when Ozil is a defensive dynamo there are problems. Emery’s faith in the Sokratis/Luis combo is infuriating.

    Right now though there is only one way to make a change and that is manager. This team is awful…

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