Thanks Spurs! Wenger happy as Arsenal close gap to Man City

A draw would have been a good result for Arsenal as well, but if either of the top two teams was to win I think that the best thing from an Arsenal point of view was a win for Tottenham, even if we really do not like our north London rivals, and it appears that Arsene Wenger feels the same way.

The 2-0 win for Spurs at White Hart Lane does mean that they stay in second while a draw would have seen us leaprog them, but with the Pep Guardiola revolution taking instant effect at the Etihad I think it was important for something to knock them off their stride sooner rather than later.

The Gunners are now withing touching distance of Man City and just one result could see us overtake them at the top, which is why Wenger and his comments on the Arsenal website sounded thankful to our local rivals for giving Arsenal the chance to close that gap to the leaders and why he feels the late goal against Burnley was so vital.

The Frenchman said, “It’s a big win because City lost today. We were five points behind them and when you are five points behind a top quality team, when you have an opportunity to get a bit closer you cannot miss it. And that would’ve been the negative aspect of our game today had we not won.”

The other big plus point from the spuds beating City is that it ends the chances of Guardiola matching Wenger’s feat of going unbeaten through a whole league season. Tottenham remain unbeaten so far but we don’t really think that will last do we?

So was this a massive weekend that will play a big part in the destination of the EPL trophy next May?


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  1. For all this talk of City have been amazing and Arsenal lacklustre, it’s just a couple of points between the teams. That is the harsh reality of the EPL for Pep. Too many teams will be around top spot as opposed to one or two he has previously experienced

  2. The EPL is the toughest league in the world,you go from playing Liverpool to playing Swansea but have the same amount of difficulty in the differing games,there are no 6-0 scores like in la liga

    1. Umm… while I do agree with you that EPL is the toughest, and in my humble opinion the most entertaining league in the world (I also follow Serie A, La Liga, and Bundesliga pretty closely), there are some exceptions to the rules in England as well. I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but we don’t have to go far to find a 6-0 result that you were just talking about. Just look at Wenger’s 1,000th game in charge. That game will forever be etched in my memory. God, how I want Arsenal to beat Man Utd and Mou by the same scoreline this season.

  3. Tott is a difficult ground to go to, esp after a CL game. Sou, Sto, Swa, Lei, there are many grounds that are difficult after a CL game, esp when you play three in 8 days and away on last day. I wouldn’t read too much into the tott win. Bur away you could argue is more difficult in these circumstances, they had no midweek game, they are so organised, and our legs were just about spent. A home match under those circumstances is different, you have the crowd to give you adrenaline and there isn’t any traveling involved.

  4. Man City looked very suspect vs Swansea already so a Sp*rs win wasn’t unlikely at all. I do feel teams play way less defensive against them (in general) than they do against us so it’s a little less complicated for them to score, think Burnley will prove to be a good example of that.

    To me, Liverpool is a bigger threat to the title than Man City. Klopp has made them play some eye-catching football so far and no Europe is a huge factor in their advantage.

  5. Spurs look scary. ATM they look the best team in the PL. Our game against them in November will be massive. Win it and we will make a big statement, lose it and they might gain even more confidence. Their manager is the real deal. But he has been given time, I think people thought Pep only needed a few games, this is not so realistic.

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