Thanks Wenger, but either change or get out of Arsenal!

No Arsenal fan can be happy with the performances NOR the results by KM

After being slaughtered every time I put Arsenal’s faults down to the manager, he comes out once again to prove my points correct. Happy birthday Arsene, there are your three points. Taking the points was massive, because it means one more win and we will most likely go through.

But bar the points, the only positive I can take is Alexis Sanchez. What a player we bought there! Bar the undeniable quality, his lightning pace and his finishing, we have a fighter. His spirit and commitment to the game are undeniable. He saved our point against Hull and he was our only threat going forward.

The usual problems are what is more and more concerning. We don’t address the defensive problems. We don’t have a keeper. These problems are there for what 5 seasons in a row ? If Giroud didn’t get injured this would’ve been the X year in a row we have only one striker. But the worst problem of all…

….The manager is OK with that. He is okay that we are not competitive, that we have obvious holes in our squad. No defensive midfielder. Mertesacker is awful. I mean I like the BFG, but come on, he is literally terrible. We have no back up right back and we started the league timetable with just six defenders!

What is worse. We are rich. We have so much money it’s ridiculous. We can easily spend as much as PSG and Man City. We can be the rich spoiled kid in school which is showing off its fancy new toys, instead we choose to be in decline and blame everything else for our own self-made misery.

We have to go out and throw a 30 million pound bag at Dortmund’s front door to buy Hummels and another 20 to Leverkusen for Bender. We are in the same situation United is, with the fact they have a solid keeper and a fearsome attack. We are just hanging on the skin of our teeth every game.

Some time ago 1-0 to the Arsenal was 99% a certain victory, now we concede from every header in our box. This is ridiculous and unacceptable. Ivan Gazidis needs to take some blame here too. Where is the guy to tell Wenger to get the squad right or he is packing his bags.

Wenger is 65, for a comparison B. Rodgers is 41, Diego Simeone is 44, Jurgen Klopp is 47, Mourinho is 51, Ancelotti is 55, Guardiola is 43. I would have all of those managers (with little doubts about Rodgers) managing our team. They have a vision for the modern game.

Wenger is a good servant of the club, maybe the best we ever had, but times change, and people need to change too. Sometimes you adapt, sometimes you are worn out. Where are the excuses? Results like yesterday give breathing space but it’s papering over the leaks. I’m not buying the “this group has spirit, resilience and blah blah”. We need big spending in January to quick fix our season and a new vision from some new faces…

Konstantin Mitov

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  1. Start playing attacking football again, we are at our best going forward. Plus stop telling the defenders to bomb forward. GOYG

      I appreciate Wenger for all he has done for this club especially the last 9 years but WE JUST CANNOT CARRY ON THIS WAY.
      During the period of paying for Emirates, he gave that as an excuse. It is now clear he is lacking tactically and is too slow or unwilling to adapt. To be honest I will never understand the man Wenger
      1) He has had 3-4 seasons to get us DM, CD, STR (If not Girouds injury we would have Sanogo)
      2) He rejects an accomplished midfielder on a platter (Fabregas) and sees him go to a rival. Did this with van persie (who insisted to leave because wenger would not strengthen the squad)
      3) Buys few good players and plays them out of position – Arshavin, Ozil, etc rather than playing to their strengths.

      FOR £8M A YEAR (targetting 4th place and 2nd round in CL)THIS MAN IS MASSIVELY UNDERACHIEVING. I dont want him to go mid season BUT HE SHOULD LEAVE AT THE END IF HE HAS ANY DIGNITY

      1. i once said the day a sam allardyce team plays better than a wenger team- pigs will fly. babe 3: pig in the emirates

      2. FFS not the stadium debt AGAIN!
        The stadium debt is exactly what it was from day one, 34 ,million a year, will be the same to around 2033.
        Why do so many fans think we were strapped for cash? We weren’t, Wenger just wouldn’t spend money?
        We sold Highbury, how much do you think we got for that?
        Clue it wasn’t sixpence and a packet of crisps!
        There were no financial restrictions on the club, certainly not the type that appears to have been built forged into a fact by a lot of fans.

        No need for a dignified ending, that boat sailed with 8-2, 6-0, 6-3, 5-1.
        Time up Wenger can pi$$ off anytime.

  2. Asking wenger to change is just waste of time, 10years is not 10minutes. So I say thank arsene but am sorry its time to say goodbye #WengerOut #COYG arsenal first!!

  3. It would be a breath of fresh air if Wenger said we played crap, and also said we will do our best to sort it out. I am also fed up with hearing the players say we can do this we can do that. JUST F-CKING DO IT.

  4. Let’s do something a bit different today, shall we?

    ____Podolski Sanchez Campbell
    _________Ramsey Arteta
    Gibbs Mertesacker Chambers Bellerin

  5. Awesome pass by Song, great pace from Valencia.
    What a suprise that muppet Mike own not a mention for Songs pass!
    Owen – “that goal was all about Valencia”

      1. exactly the idiot wenger could have brought him back with fabregas but no we have ramsey arteta and flaming so no problem…. i cant see us getting even a top four place if wenger stays beyond xmas….he is damaging the club but refuses to acknowledge it

        1. @rkw
          Yeah, but you and a few of your brother muppets where screaming that Song wasn’t good enough to hold our midfield and how he always went too far up the pitch etc, etc…lmfao

          1. not me mate always liked song…also it seems muppets have a better grasp of basic football knowledge than 4th place junkies happy to see flaming mert ramsey et al perpetuate the dilusions of a mediocre french bs artist

  6. @twig. I like your style/line up!
    We’ve been so predictable lately, let’s mix it up a bit! COYG!

  7. Event some of the commentators are saying that wenger should be out..he is passion to chance we compete with the top 2 if he stays on..

    Have observed although wilshere puts in effort … his runs are too predictable..and always goes for the 1-2 near the edge of the box..when he is substituted ..there is a different pace to the game..
    something for him to the manager/staff is not going to point it out to him..

    1. Wilshere is the problem ATM. It’s no coincidence then when he’s off we play better. The job of the no 10 is to thread quality balls through to the forwards. He just holds onto the ball until he either gets fouled or the ball taken off him, by which time all the oppositions defence are back and in position, and he’s broken up any momentum we had. Takes a madman to play him in that position when Ozil is tailor made for it. Anyway I’m just repeating the same thing.

  8. @thando. How a few signings cant work for you to revitalise a team.
    WH – Valencia and Song, Downing and Amalfitano come alive.
    SHampton – Tadic, Pele and Betrand the whole team step up.
    Arsenal – Sanchez, Chambers and Welbeck and the whole team drop their game whilst watching Sanchez in shock/awe! 🙂 In fairness Danny Boy will get better and better 🙂

  9. SONG is on a song..threading the passes thru..manning the mid-field greatly..but we needed a more defensive minded flamini/arteta/diaby

    1. Diaby isn’t defensive minded..
      Neither was Arteta, until Wenger forced the conversion instead of buying a suitable defensive midfielder

  10. Exactly. Most fans really have wanted Wenger to stay. But they also want Wenger to wake from his ego-driven slumber.

    1. because after 10 years of wenger peddling his shit to explain a decade of failure there are too many 4th place junkies around this club including on the board who fear going through cold turkey…but the reality is that with wenger its cold turkey…. or should i say dinde froid… for ever

  11. @rkw. Exactly my patience with a few select players and Wenger is basically up.
    Wenger just doesnt seem to learn from his mistakes or try different things, he’s lost most of the fans, the ex players, the current players and the media think he’s a joke.

    We really really need a performance today and ideally a win, it’s sh*t or bust time!

  12. The best and most genuine posts on this site, agree100% change or leave, become as passionate and loving as the fans you serve, go and buy the players required to make us invincible again

  13. @thando. Fair play to Jenks the confidence is rippling through the whole side!

    On wenger and Arsenal, it’s likme being married for years, it’s okay but not exciting, you feel somethings missing but it’s comfortable, in fact so comfortable you start to fear change even though you realise the grass may be greener on the otherside if you are brave enough to jump.

    You reading this Ivan?

  14. thumbs up wenger had the option to resign Song but didnt want to.
    thumbs down Song was approached but didnt want to come back to us.

    The guy is everywhere, what a difference he could have made to us this year!

  15. You guys better be supporting City. Unless you want Mourinho to walk away with the EPL trophy by the end of November :/

    1. Yeah right as if us supporting a team will bring the best out of the team. We have been supporting Arsenal for forever and have won a banana in the last 10 years. LOL

  16. @ronny331 lol im just happy for the kid and wenger stories are another day because i always cry when talking about the guy,we are going downwards

  17. “What is worse. We are rich. We have so much money it’s ridiculous.”

    100% agree to this. Also one counterpoint. This is due to whose carefully executed plan and management?
    Yes. You know it.

    Arsenal just spent 86 million this window, without counting the January window yet. So the “decline and blame” analogy doesn’t work here.

    1. Yeah it was all Wenger’s plan , so he must be given exclusive righta to waste them / not get any return in terms of success. Fans payin the most expensive ticket prices dont f#king count. It is Wenger’s personal money after all. And he is gobbling up 7 mil a year from that stash of his. Just 7 mil. So much austerity. I gusss he will leave AFC to his son/daughter/wife in his will after it is all his money.

  18. I have always regarde Song a good player. A good forward minded strong physical player. But not a
    good CDM . But today he looks like a beast of a CDM bossing the midfield and anchoring the play. Maybe Wenger failed to get the best out of him. He prefers forcingly converting Arteta and Diaby to DM rather than creating a CDM out of Song. Guess we will never know.

  19. What a goal from silva! But more to the point wh omg! Sakho, jenkinson, song, kouyate, (linked with us), valencia now that’s what I call a successful transfer window. Two many new players disrupts a side really!?

  20. @invicibles49. More proof that wenger isn’t the geeat manager we’re led to believe. Song of today’s game is exactly what we are missing.

  21. Glad We are playing two in front of the back four not keen on per and monreal as cbs again though. Like the front four 🙂

  22. Tactics for today keep it tight then ramsey/walcott to come on and win the game for us? Wanted city to win to push Chelsea but credit wh superb gane and win for them, 3rd place?

  23. Just goes to show you. Any team in the EPL, no matter their table standings, are capable of either winning or losing.
    Guess AW was to blame for that ass whoopin City just took…lmfao

  24. @nygunner. Course wengrr cant be blamed for city’s loss -:) it does demonstrate how any team can play well, beat anyone when they are correctly motivated and all playing 90 mins for each other. As per said we are not playing motivated at the moment, do our team and club have expectations and goals other than try and win every game, try not to get injured etc. I agree when your struggling for form or confidence with the old saying ‘one game at a time’ but a club of our stature needs bigger goals to be portrayed to the players otherwise they are just thinking, “when do I get paid? 4th place battle again this year? Should be comfortable for us start playing around xmas time maybe” anyway onto the game now, coyg!!!!!

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