Thankyou Emi Martinez – Arsenal back on top after late Villa win

Unai Emery may have thought he had Arsenal under control after outplaying Arteta’s men in the first half, with his side leading by two goals (Watkins and Coutinho) to one (by Saka), but how things can change. The Gunners came from behind to win, as Champions do, with two late goals after the 90th minute.

Thank you, Emi Martinez- Two errors by the Villa goalkeeper award Arsenal three points and a spot at the top of the league log (a spot they had lost since Wednesday’s loss to defending champions Manchester City).

They are still waiting for the Manchester City result to see where they will be in the league table this week. Will Arsenal fight until the bitter end, or will Manchester City take it away?

Of course, they will fight until the bitter end, and Arteta’s post-Villa victory statement says it all, as he admits he and his team know what it takes to be at the top.

“Well, if you want to be at the top, you have to win games in many, many different ways. You’re going to have to score goals in the 94th minute, sometimes play with 10 men, and have comeback results. To do it against this team in this stadium, it’s a real credit to the boys,” Arteta said in the postmatch press conference.

Once again, Arsenal leads the table after an excellent performance that provides a bright spot at the end of Villa’s emotional storm.

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  1. A late drama in a miracle form has even happened at the City Ground to the favour of Arsenal. When Man City were forces by Nott Forest to relinquished the leadership of the Premier League back to Arsenal today. In a twist and turn manner Kind in the League. When Nott Forest equalised a first half Man City 1 goal lead taking in the match. Which now leaves the Citizens 2 points behind the Gunners. Who as a result are now sitting on top of League and with a game in hand. What a twist and turn in less than 72 hours has happened.

  2. Serial time wasting is a cancer in the game that refs generally ignore entirely. Indeed they themselves cause a lot of time wasting by the ridiculously long time it takes them to let a free kick be taken.

    I will soon be writing a JA article giving my own solutions to this time wasting disease that so infects our global game.

    I will also be suggesting that keepers who regularly step outside the box while still holding the ball, when preparing to launch it upfield, be red carded and refs who ignore it and refuse to take action are demoted too.

    At Villa today Martinez should have been red carded six times for this offence ands Ramsdale once .

    If and when refs start doing their job properly and red carding offenders, aided by linesmen, it can be stopped.

    1. Not that I disagree with you JF.

      But if it wasn’t for the time wasting yesterday we would have walked away with only the point.

      Just saying.

    1. SueP, I think it is a bit stiff to blame Martinez counting as an own goal, as Jorginho’s strike deserves to directly go in. Matter of centimetres.

  3. Outplayed us in the first half? Unless I was watching a different game. We controlled the game throughout. The first goal was a result of a mistake from Zinny, the second a flowing move starting from their keeper.

  4. I thought he was more at fault for our 4th goal. The 3rd was unlucky for him – but it gives us a sense of schadenfreude so we’ll enjoy it.

    Even his manager criticised him publicly for the 4th.

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