“That is just utter rubbish,” Sutton rubbishes Arteta’s claim

Chris Sutton has slammed Mikel Arteta after the Spaniard claims that the last 10 to 14 days were not the easiest of his professional career, but they were the best.

The Spaniard has been under pressure in this campaign after Arsenal went on a three-game losing streak and scored no goals.

They ended their dreadful run with an uninspiring 1-0 win over Norwich at the weekend to finally earn a league win.

They would be keen to follow that up with another win when they face Burnley in their next league match.

After the win against the Canaries, an overly positive Arteta claims the last few days were the best of his professional career even though they were difficult because it is in difficulties that we learn.

Sutton was unimpressed by that assertion and doesn’t believe the Spaniard and claims he cannot say that when there have been better days like winning the FA Cup.

“Being sort of cynical, that is just utter rubbish,” Sutton said on BBC Radio 5 Live as quoted by Football365.

“How could he have had the best 10 days, come on. The best 10 days? Better than winning the FA Cup?

“I just found those comments, well I didn’t believe him. I don’t think I’m the only one, how could that be possible?”

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  1. Although I dont rate Sutton as much as other media pundits due to his bias towards Arsenal, maybe he has a point. The manager cannot have the best 10 days of his life when his team is struggling for breath, conceding 9 goals and scoring none. In fact, one should be tensed and just waiting for the next match to be played so that he can make a winning start. Unless, of course, Arteta meant the best 10 days of his personal life, the family and friends support, but professionally those must be the worst 10 days of his life after such a dismal start to the league and the Norridge win must have bought some sort of calm to him. Just my opinion though.

  2. Arsene Wenger gave 3,000 interviews as Arsenal manager and never actually said anything.
    Pro Managers and Pro footballers, never tell us anything as they are always in career mode.
    What they say is scripted, well rehearsed and limited to protecting the brand.
    Even the least educated street kid can be trained to answer questions and say nothing.
    In the USA the NFL players are only allowed to say one thing at interview time. “We are training hard every day to get better”
    Any one thinking a football manager or player will tell you anything you don’t already know during an interview is going to be waiting a long time.

    1. fairfan, listen to an Ange Postecoglou interview at Glasgow Celtic. You will be pleasantly surprised. He answers not ducks questions and calls a spade a spade, even admitting his mistakes.

    2. Precious reality and such a true post.

      SOME of the naive and unthinking posts on this thread are a sad disgrace and laughable in their ignorance of life and show a marked lack of intelligence in their so called “THINKING!

  3. You accurate forlife, common sense…

    We at bottom spot, and he talks family support?

    Best 10 days ever because of a goal win against Norwich et home?

    Man is totally lost in, caught up in failure.

  4. Protecting the brand or protecting their jobs? Arteta’s claim is nonsensical but denial comes with the territorial. As Fairfan mentioned Wegner spent at least the last ten years of his tenure insisting that everything was on track.

  5. I hope he has learned from the “mistakes” and those epic 10 days will propel us into the top 4 and Champions League football next year! Watch this space!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The obvious question to Sutton arises, which is how the hell would HE know!! He is not within the club and even we fans cannot argue with any degree of certainly against what MA said.
    So how can Sutton possibly claim he knows ! He cannot of course and has embarrassed himself by making such a plainly false claim.

    1. Probably because he gave an interview on sky and said exactly what this article wrote ,
      So Sutton knows exactly what the rest of us know because we read the interview .

          1. DAN, I am talking about not taking as 100% gospel truth, all public statements made by football people, ie managers , coaches, players owners and media people. Wise people ask themselves what is left out of that statement and why !

            Wise fans also know that private matters in this world obsessed with knowing everyones elses business, are kept discreet by a form of media training talk used by all the folk -or most of them anyway – who I list above.
            Lots of matters OUGHT to remain private but so many feel they have an automatic right to know everything about any player. They do not have that right! ALL PERSONS HAVE A RIGHT TO PRIVACY IF THEY SO WISH!



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