“That is relegation form” Arsenal tipped to go down after latest defeat

Arsenal is on a worrying run of form at the moment and it is beginning to look like they might have problems staying in the Premier League.

That is a statement that shouldn’t be made about a top team like Arsenal, but their current run of form suggests that just about anything can happen.

The Sun writer, David Facey, watched on as the Gunners suffered another defeat in the league and he said that they can get relegated at the end of this season if their current form doesn’t get better.

In the last 10 league games, Arsenal has lost seven and won just one of them.

Arsenal is a “big six” team, but that run of form that you just read is worse than a team that might get relegated and if that continues, then Arsenal fans should start preparing to watch their team in the Championship next season.

He writes: “This latest defeat at Everton means the Gunners have managed just one win in their last ten Premier League Matches, and lost seven of them.

“So forget the talk that Arsenal are too good to go down.

“That is relegation form, and unless Arteta turns things around – and quickly – he will find being a revered former player will not save him from the axe.

“Even the few crumbs of comfort for Arsenal fans have been disappearing recently.

“They had not conceded a goal from a set piece this season until the Southampton game last Wednesday.

“Now their opponents have found the net from those positions in back-to-back matches.”

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  1. Usually people learn from experience. If things don’t work they change methods. Sadly Arteta is repeating the same mistakes week after week. It is clear that he could easily lead us into relegation. Better to act immediately and put the club first….not Arteta first. This club is my love and Arteta is damaging this great club. A better manager would keep us up and start from scratch next season. This season is lost and Arteta will lead us further down as he seems to be unable to change. He has to go now….before it is too late. We need a class manager.

    1. Mate, I’m sick of watching this pants team play, not in my 50 years of going to games have I ever been this depressed, disheartened about the team.

      I just cannot bring myself to watch them play and that breaks my heart.

      It’s time to let go now!

      1. Val
        It’s heart breaking. Things can change though, but it needs sharp action from those higher up. If they love Arsenal we would get a top man to lead us upwards.

  2. Just watched the Brighton game and my heart was in my mouth at the end. How they failed to score the winning goal in the last minute is beyond belief, lucky for us!

  3. Ateta must go asap or we will go down.
    I was in favour of him a year ago when was appointed but it is obvious his man management skills are poor and he is stubborn.
    No club is too big to go down.
    Board has to act.

  4. In October of the 2015-16 season, if Arsenal were as bad as Liverpool (10th instead of 2nd), then Klopp would be a gooner today.
    Whist others at the time were questioning Wenger’s links to aliens, I personally believe that his puffer jacket was actually an alien entity that had formed a symbiotic relationship. Despite giving him the tactical powers of 8000 paul the octopii, the creature fed on hope and belief and Wenger grew unable to feed it’s needs. It was thus inevitable that the entity would move to a new host.
    Wengers magic puffer jacket seems to have latched onto Klopp these days and Artetas must be from another planet.

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