“That place would have been toxic” Pundit says Arsenal has benefited from the absence of fans

Jamie Redknapp believes that the absence of fans from the stadium hasn’t been a positive thing for Premier League teams, but Arsenal will be happy with that.

This is because their dreadful performances in this campaign would have seen the crowds at the Emirates turn against them.

Mikel Arteta’s team started this campaign by winning the Community Shield after their FA Cup win.

The fans had been expecting their team to have a fine campaign after those wins, but this season has been underwhelming with the Gunners now facing the prospect of not playing in European competitions next season.

Redknapp says Arsenal’s football has been terrible this year and it would have invited fan fury if the crowds had been permitted to attend a game at the Emirates.

‘Still disappointing, whatever way you dress it up. Not good enough,’ Redknapp said on Sky Sports before their win against Chelsea, as quoted by the Daily Mail

‘To be in 9th position, 52 points, I don’t think it is the greatest squad in the league but they should be doing better.

‘He has been helped by out by the young players. Apart from them I can’t see many players looking in the mirror and saying I did my bit this year.

‘They are very passive when they play. They are not an enjoyable watch. I think it hasn’t helped any players, any team, not having fans in the stadium. 

‘But to a certain extent to Arsenal I think it is a bit of a result because that place would have been toxic watching the football they have this year.’

After beating Chelsea last night, they will face Crystal Palace next before a home game against Brighton.

They will want to perform well because some fans will be permitted into the Emirates Stadium for the encounter.

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  1. I can safely say Arteta would not be Arsenal manager now, if fans were in the stadium thats for sure. That shouldn’t excuse anything though, it shouldn’t be fans that always have to be listened too. You need people in the club, who first of all can see the problems and then second have the balls and ambition to act.

  2. Yep Reggie- let’s remember Kronke realised the feelings of the fan base when he sacked both Wenger and Emery. And this season would have been exactly the same,
    Arteta will be manager next season for sure, but this time he will be judged by a Emirates crowd who will demand a massive improvement from the off. He has been allowed to talk a good game in his press conferences of late, seeming to put the blame on anyone and everyone but himself. 60,000 fans will very soon let him know that it is he, and he alone, who is responsible for the pile of rubbish he has allowed this season, and he will not be so lucky from now onwards.
    And before anyone starts trying to defend him with all this rubbish and feeble excuses of who he inherited, unbalanced squad, etc, please remind yourself of the performances you have witnessed and think of those of us who will be vert soon hit with season ticket renewals for next season that will be expected to be paid by the end of this month. 99.9% I believe will be renewed, and therefore be intitled to expect a lot lot more than this novice has delivered this season

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