That was fast! Mourinho tears up truce with Arsenal boss

We all know that the Arsenal and Chelsea managers do not get along, or at least they do not when Jose Mourinho is in charge at Stamford Bridge. But despite all the bad blood and comments in the press about each other, Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger tried to draw a line under it as they shook hands before the two clubs faced off in the Premier League last weekend.

That uneasy truce has lasted less than a week. Mourinho decided to launch into yet another personal attack on his rival during the Chelsea pre-match press conference yesterday, reports the Daily Mail, when asked about the pressure on managers in the EPL, especially Steve McLaren whose Newcastle side they face this weekend.

The specialist in snide comments said, “In this country, only one manager is not under pressure.

“Every other manager is. I am under pressure, Steve (McClaren) is under pressure, Pellegrini is under pressure, Brendan (Rodgers) too. We cannot be below par. We have to meet the objectives.

“I have sympathy with all of them, because it’s a difficult job. There’s one outside that list, but good for him. I have sympathy for Steve.

“You know. The one who can speak about the referees before the game, after the game, can push people in the technical area, can moan, can cry in the morning in the afternoon, nothing happens.

“He can not achieve, keep his job, still be the king. I say just one.”

Why don´t you say what you think Jose? You know what I think? Mourinho only said that about offering his nad for Wenger to shake before last week´s game because of the situation at Chelsea, with the team playing badly, the whole sorry Eva saga and rumours of players and staff being unhappy with the manager´s behaviour. So I very much doubt that he would be spouting off this week if Mike Dean´s and Costa´s antics had not handed Chelsea the points.

It seems clear that he has no interest in showing Wenger any respect and his actions last weekend were only intended to take pressure off his own shoulders. Should Wenger just ignore the latest slur from his rival, or hit back hard?

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  1. He’s a very rude nasty man and not many managers like JM. If AW had millions and millions like he had to buy the epl AW and Arsenal would be top. Yes AW won’t spend but I do think January and summer he will saying that I still wouldn’t want to buy silverware. When he was in charge of one of the best teams in the world he couldn’t beat pep could he so he left because of that and that no one liked him

  2. Just goes to show that some people never ever grow up!
    I’m sure that Mo got bullied alot in his juvenile days,
    I know that I would have probably slapped him every time,
    I saw him ???

    1. HAHA Mo must be so jealous of AW just think where do you get a job security like AW has these days no where, the man is gutted his been hinting he would like to have all the arsenal players if that’s not a hint of tring to get a job at Arsenal I don’t know what is

      1. I think the main reason he always targets Wenger is because he’s desperate to have a rivalry that will be remembered like the one our manager had with Fergie

  3. Q: What do you call a Chelsea fan on the moon?
    A: A Problem.

    Q: What do you call 100 Chelsea fans on the moon?
    A: An even bigger problem.

    Q: What do you call all the Chelsea fans on the moon?
    A: Problem solved

  4. He is soo jealous of Wenger.. He is acting like fool. Not just arsenal fans thinks like that, everyone in d world can see is affection towards wenger..

    1. Not fair tbh £10.000 fine god where do they get theses fines from? Costa should be banned for 6 games because he is always doing this crap. What next will he bite a player. What do you think tiny Adams would have done to him lol

  5. smh, JM kinda right, AW not under any pressure to win anything, unlike other managers hes got no set target to meet up with, may be the target set before him is to make top four, that’s y he is still keeping his job

    1. No, this is the 3rd season where top 4 is not good enough. Prior to that he could have walked and gone to a team that was bigger than Arsenal. Loyalty works both ways. He sacrificed a huge part of his career for Arsenal and now he signed a contract for 3 years and they won’t sack him.

      1. At 8M a year I would be loyal to Pablo Escobar! The guy has free rain of the club, he hasnt achieved anything with it. We are the same sh*t today we were when (supposedly) we had no money, 3rd or 4th year after year always 8-15 points off the top. That is the team that we have become. I dont like Mourinho at all, but nothing he said about Wenger is false.

  6. This should be Arsene Wenger’s response to Mourine….
    Press : Arsene, what do U make of Mourine’s latest attack on U?
    Wenger : When normal people talk U may wish to respond, But when a “Mad Person” speaks, take him to d psychiatric hospital.
    As much as I don’t Luv the way Arsene treats us the fans, I can’t endure d pig “Mourine” insulting him.
    Anyways I want a manager that will beat any Mourine-led team silly. That obviously isn’t gonna be Wenger. So Wenger Out with Giroud!!!!!!

  7. I can’t stand Mourinho, but one can’t help agree with what he said. Wenger is under no pressure what so ever, because if we had a board with just the slightest hint of ambition then Wenger would have been gone by now. Wenger will only leave when he decides, and no one else.

  8. The sooner that egotist disappears from the PL the better, and I’m talking about Mourinho!

    Where he used to be amusing, he has turned into a nasty bitter manipulative little boy.

    I seriously hope Chelsea under perform this season so they have an excuse to get rid and banish him to a crappy league somewhere like Russia and then he can be bitter with a reason, and we won’t have to be subjected to his pathetic little rants.

    If I was Wenger I would ignore the twerp. Don’t feed him.

    1. Bingo. He is pure poison to the league. Fans will not able to enjoy football as a on-pitch sport until the poison is flushed from the league.

      He only survives because he creates controversy which feeds the media and helps them sell publications. It is ALL about money.



  10. When Mourinho complains about football issues…….. he is simply voicing his frustration with the obvious injustices he and his players are experiencing.

    When Wenger complains about football issues….. he is whining again!

    1. Joozhey is simply a horrible human being. He is likely psychopathic. How else could he act the way he does and still sleep at night.

      But I blame the EPL for allowing this nightmare of a human to continue as a manager. Until he is banned the EPL will still have culpability oozing from it’s core.

  11. To be fair JM is kinda right in terms of managers having pressure on them,let’s be Honest,what’s the objective set for wenger to achieve this season? On the other hand,JM is trying to poison this league and I hope it doesn’t rob off on the FA,why charge Gabriel with additional fine? Costa should have been banned from 6-9 games,that’s standard for violent conducts,Pepe,sergio Ramos and Suarez is the perfect example.

  12. I’m not gonna take up for Mourinho about his craziness to Wenger but his right if someone always behind your back saying all kinds of s*** to you all i think you should do is for you to fight hard and try to get he/she the f*** off your back but this is what Wenger lack to do to this mother F***er every body knows that Morenho his b***h i doubt if Morenho even know his biological father so you won’t be surprise if his behavior is always like that.

  13. Jose Mourinho blasts Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger: ‘He can cry, lose games, not achieve, keep his job and still be king!’

    All the above words are true. He is not lying. Every team has an ambition, some want to stay up, others want top 10, others want top 4, I thought Arsenal wanted to be Champions.

    If there that is not our goal then we should not be told that it is. Simple as that. Ivan and Arsene should tell us our goal is the top 4 we are not competing for the top place. But they dont say that, they tell us we can win it all and then, spend 10M in the transfer window and expect us to believe that our ambitions are the same.

  14. jose said that arsene is doing all of that and still stay the king.

    mourinho under big pressure, wenger isn’t
    everybody likes wenger, not everybody likes mourinho
    mourinho said arsenal are the big spenders, but since than they bought pedro and more, while wenger only bought cech, from chelsea!!!!
    mourin said we dont get silverware, now we are with 4 in two years
    long story short



    now bring us the damn championship 🙂

  15. AW build his own reputation at arsenal, bring the club to the strong financially & known worldwide, branding his own philosophy. fake spender kill the talent

  16. Is Wenger unsackable?
    That is a honest question, is Wenger unsackable?

    He keeps hitting the targets he is given by the board but what if Wenger missed out on UCL a couple seasons in a row? Would Wengers job be safe then or would Wenger step down saying he is no longer the right man to lead Arsenal?

    Jose is QQing over this like a spoilt brat but what he failes to say is how Wenger hasn’t failed the board in what he has been asked to do, do any of us think Silent Stan puts a target of EPL title on Arsenal? Or is it more likely to earn profits so he can keep taking money out?

    I am not saying it is right or that it is good that Silent Stan is greedy, just pointing out the obvious. Wenger makes Silent Stan money and while making money, he is unsacable… if that stops though, business is business!

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