That was quick – Arsenal now targeting a different player to Yannick Carrasco

You have to love transfer windows, just a couple of days ago Arsenal was on the verge of signing Belgium international Yannic Carrasco but the latest rumours suggest the club no longer wants him and have instead turned their attention back to Bournemouth assist king Ryan Fraser.

Judging by comments on this site opinion is divided over whether either player can do a job for Arsenal but that is not the focus of this article, that debate can be for another time but the futility of accepting anything until it has been signed sealed and delivered has never been more evident than right now.

My mind is such that I was on YouTube earlier today and there was a live stream of Eden Hazard in a Real Madrid shirt kicking balls into the crowd at the Bernabeu and it was only then that I said to myself, “So, they have signed him then.”

I am not saying Carrasco or Fraser will not join us, some rumours have to come true, it is the law of averages after all, but until I actually see them sign a contract I will not believe it.

The sad thing is that even high brow media outlets are putting their credibility on the line with all these rumours, so are so-called famous journalists and those said to be close to Arsenal.

I will continue to report on rumours, they cannot be ignored and transfer speculation is dominating the news but as in all cases, I would urge you all to take every piece of gossip with a large pinch of salt until it is official.

But yes, like everyone else I am addicted to the gossip and need to practice what I preach about being cautious over what you read and hear.


  1. Its always the same at Arsenal during the summer. Lots of rumours that eventually evaporate into thin air and we end up settling for “the cheap option”!

    I won’t get my hopes up about any rumours this summer just like i didn’t last year. Been there and got the t-shirt!

    Aim the sights low and you may just get a reward!!

    1. I don’t think the board know who they do want they want to get off their arses and do some business I am fed up with rumours different one every day was signing him and him and him where is all the rubbish coming from

  2. Arsenal talk big but short on delivery. I would rather get 2 solid players that bring quality into the team than 4 maybe quality players.

    We can’t afford to make mistakes, literally, we have to get it right.
    We won’t fix our mess in the Summer, so let’s get 2 players that matter this Summer, 3 if we sell Mustafi.

    Next year get 2 or 3 quality players and we may just have a solid team.

    Get Fraser and Tierney, and CM if we can sell Mustafi, Ospina, Kos, and Monreal. Then next year get a CB and a 2nd Winger if Nelson isn’t clicking.

    1. I’d rather we get center backs this yearand the other positions next year. Our defending is atrocious.

    2. Good shout, your comment is far too logical for us readers.

      It makes sense as realistically what club is going to change an entire squad in one transfer window. We only ever sign 5 first team starters at the very most and that’s rare for us. Yes last year was 5 but Guendouzi wasn’t intended as a first teamer really nor was Liech. I reckon we will only sign 3 players due to budget.

    3. We should get serious as a club. We are going backwards. I don’t believe that a club of this size has a budget of 45m pounds to invest. Unai, get Carrasco, Thomas Partey and Javi Martinez. 9m pounds will get those 3. Our current midfield is a mess. Weak midfield. Play 433 next season. Midfeild 3 of Partey, Torrera and Xhaka. Play a counter attacking football next season. Guendouzi is still raw. Can’t be relied upon. Sell Ozil, Kos,Elneny and Mustafi. Recall Chambers from loan. Four Central Defenders: Martinez, Holding, Mavropanus, Sokratis..AMN to move to midfield. And we are sorted. Chambers an utility player. Can Play DM, CD and RB.

      1. Skills1000 What do you think they are trying to do nobody wants them shows how good they are

  3. Even Fraser has said he expects he’ll stay at Bournemouth for another year!! All of the rumours are dying… along with my optimism ?

  4. Get Tierney (LB) & Saliba (CB)
    Get Pellegrini (CM)
    Get Malcolm or Carrasco (Wing)

    If Torreira is not keen to move, could the club do a swap with Atletico for Thomas Partley. Would be a good swap if he wanted to go. I love Torreira and want him to stay though.

  5. I don’t understand why we aren’t going for kenny lala, had a great season in Ligue 1, and has a release clause of 13 mill

    Onto winger out of the 2 I would prefer Carrasco, Fraser is a good player but Carrasco is a player who can make something happen, has a good work rate, very good dribbler and can assist as well as score, he should be our top attacking priority especially if the fee is between 25-30mill, and I think he would bring a different dimension to our attack. Obviously our 2 top priorities should be a cb and a powerful box to box to play alongside Torreira

  6. I cannot personally see the point of reporting on every player being linked with our club, just because the media want to create speculation and clickbait from the fans.

    Your own title shows just how nonsensical it all is and until the official statement comes out, it is just a waste of time.

    It also makes the number of articles too many to read and digest properly in my opinion and all the work being put in on “sensible articles” loses its value.

    Let’s look at three posts a day maximum, unless of course one of the countless rumours of players signing actually happens.

    Jon Fox, as you can see, the problem now solved…will catch up later.

    1. @Ken1945 I agree with you this site devalued itself by the flood of rumour articles it has published recently.

  7. No news whatsoever.
    I assure fans that if you see us missing out on Carrasco, then we are daft. Just imagine Spurs is going for Ndombele and for us? Nillllllll.

    1. Yep! And for £60M… that means Spurs are blowing 1 and 1/2 times our rumoured budget on one player! I think the North London power shift already happened ..

      1. QD, let see if they will sign him. They were linked with tons of players last year and they signed no one. If they eventually signed him that means they have saved enough to get a 60m player plus cl money. They are not getting Messi or Ronaldo so no worries ☺️☺️☺️☺️

    2. How sure are you spurs is going for Ndombele and we want Carrasco. We are part of the problem and we never blame ourselves when all these rumors turned to be false. We will list the kind of players we want club to sign and when media pick on them, we will get excited. When the club don’t sign such players, we get dejected and criticize the club of lack of ambition and all sort of things. We will never blame ourselves for creating a wish list, never blame the media for their lies and never blame ourselves for being so gullible. And we look at other clubs and say look at who they are signing without considering all the factors involved. The club has never come out and say we are signing so, so and so. It is only realM that does that.

      1. Mobella, I’m always one who believes in worrying about the status of the club I support, Arsenal, rather than thd competition. However, in the case of Tottenham Hotspurs there are a number of factors which will impact upon them. Firstly the stadium debt they have incurred is much greater than Arsenal’s even allowing for inflation. This debt has to be serviced.
        The second factor is that many of the Spurs’ players are lowly paid compared to players for other teams. As well as higher wages, some may seek success and trophies elsewhere. Erikson’s mooted move to Real Madrid is a case in point.

  8. Last season we were early starters, but now it’s down to Raul Sanllehi and Vinai Venkatesham. Venkatesham knows nothing about football players and Sanllehi sits on his butt and can’t get anything done. In the days of Dick Law we were handicapped and now that Sven Mislintat the doer has gone, we are in trouble. Nothing can get done. We will be lucky to get a couple of players over the line. It will most likely be PANIC buy August. Bring back any memories?

  9. Anderson, salina. – cb £30m, £25m
    Tierney – lb £25m
    Fraser – lw £20-£25m
    These are the players I feel are doable and needed.
    I have gone for Fraser over carrasco as he may not have a higher ceiling or as much flair but is the workhorse we need to also help the defence.
    This would be £100m spend. Jenkins on going to celtic part exchange would off set dome of that cost.
    Monreal would maybe get us £10m.
    Chambers another £10m.
    Even if reports are right of £45m this would leave us around £25m short with just the players I have mentioned which I think we could cover.
    I don’t think xhaxa or ozil will be going anywhere this year as much as we would like them to.
    Miki is the other I would like gone but also doubt we could shift him.
    Therefore next season would look like this.
    Gk. Leno
    Def. Bellarin socrates Anderson tiereny
    Mid. Torrera xhaxa ozil.
    Att. Abu laca Fraser.

    This would be more a 433 with Abu playing right side ozil sitting in the hole.

    This would not be what we all want but arsenal need more changes than can be done in 1 window. This would be enough for this window.
    Next window we can look at selling mustafi xhaxa and ozil then we would have good money to buy some quality replacements.

    Just my thoughts.

  10. Good morning gunners, about transfers I think there will be non til the new addidas kits are launched. I believe there a couple of agreements reached but waiting to be announced after the unveiling of out new kits. Fingers crosses its gonna be a good summer.

  11. i have a horrible feeling that Xhaka not good enough, Ozil prima donna, Michy too inconsistent,Mustafi gaff prone are all still going to be here next season and new signings if any are going to be few and far between.

    1. All the said players can improve with hard work but Ozil has no such things in hi as he still live in the past. Left for me alone I will sell Ozil, Mhiki, Mustafi, Koscielny and buy 3 quality players of about 25mil average.

  12. All the said players can improve with hard work but Ozil has no such things in hi as he still live in the past. Left for me alone I will sell Ozil, Mhiki, Mustafi, Koscielny and buy 3 quality players of about 25mil average.

  13. I do hope the Koscielny rumor is true! If they manage to get ten million for him, that’d be amazing. If only they could find a suitor for the Flopstafi and ship him off for anything between 10 and 20 million, we can start hoping there’ll be more than one or two players coming in.

  14. Ryan Fraser has decided to stay at Bournemouth for one more season anyway they didn’t want to sell him!

  15. It’s ok to list players we should get rid off but there does not seem to be too many other clubs who are interested in signing our overpaid under performing so called players.

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